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  1. Anybody having problems getting the game to run with F4SE? I have "f4se_0_06_15" installed but I get the CTD without even getting to the loading screen. Wonder if it's my setup or the F4SE guys have to catch up. I haven't played F4 in weeks.
  2. The way things are looking with FO76, you may get some people going back to FO4 or whatever after 76.
  3. Straight ports of the Capital Wasteland of FO3 and Mojave from FONV into FO4 have never occured, so doubt FO76's Appalachia will make it. Some have tried to recreate the worlds of FO3 and FONV into FO4 but have not succeeded / simply died. It looks like a massive undertaking. The FO76 world is big. It's devoid of friendly NPCs, settlements to interact with, but it's still a pretty large game world. Recreating that from scratch? I don't see that happening.
  4. FO4 modding doesn't need re-invigoration because it's always done fine. Bethesda isn't in any rush to push out the mod tools for FO76, but that's the norm for them. They did the same tools delay with Skyrim and FO4 also. Not sure if the same was done with FO3, that was a long time ago.
  5. Ha, as a kid in the 80s, I remember my Dad had a Beta player. I remember going with him to video rental places. I'd wander the place and I look at the cool movie covers while Dad picked out what he was going to rent. I remember many times there'd be a movie I'd ask him to rent (for the sake of laughter, I thought the cover to Megaforce was awesome and so it should be an awesome movie) but he always said no. The reason was simple. VHS had a monstrous library of movies and Beta had a lot less. All the cool movies were on VHS, not Beta. Eventually in a few years, Dad got a VHS player. VHS had a pretty good run.
  6. Fallout Miami and I think there is another : California ... plus, SMB92 with a group of modders is about to finish the new mod : Spawn of the Commonwealth that will replace the current WOTC ( War of the Commonwealth ). We also need to add the new Super Mutant Redux and as far as I know, the Raider Overhaul mod's author is working on its replacement. For me, Fallout 4 is not dead with the two DLC already announced and all of those upcoming mods, except for Super Mutant Redux that is already posted for us to use it. But even though we did not have all of the above, I am not interest at all to play ANY online game. Online games never called my attention and will never do. I like to play alone, at my own pace and do whatever I want with my mods, etc. so, one less user for the upcoming FO76 but I am happy for those that will enjoy that game. Perhaps in the future we will have another DLC for Fallout4 : New York. If somebody or a group of modders develop this type of DLC, it will be very interesting to fight in New York, surrounded by buildings, ambushes, different type of factions from all type of races, different enemies and obviously, a different landscape and environment. I just think New York to have a radiation layer that will kill you if not protected so you would have to fight probably with a mask, a suit and you would have to fight under a very difficult environment, almost blind and being attacked not just by humans, but by synths and more important, creatures ( or super mutants ) that are able to live in radiation without getting killed by it. No, Fallout 4 is not dead and modders and offline players will not abandon it till we have another kind if Bethesda ( doubt it ) decides to create it or another company comes up with another offline game that will be much better than FO4. I find it very unwise not to take advantage of the big ( unmatched ) fan base that Skyrim and Fallout series have. Developing another DLC or game, will put millions of dollars in the pocket of the company / group that create something extra and charge for it. FO76 fans will not get even closer to hundred of thousands that are playing now ( and will continue ) FO4. Fallout by Interplay, the very first version, is a treasure with all parts of the U. S. map. I haven't played it in years. The change of company people controlling how Fallout was made happened and Fallout 3 was the result of people's egos who took over the build. If you haven't played Fallout point and click version you might find you like it. Or not! Interplay Entertainment (founded as Interplay Productions) is the company that published Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. In my opinion they are the owners of the Fallout franchise. They were the minds behind the Fallout series creation and always will be the greats that put it into our lives. Bethesda's doing a great job with the way they play the market. The atmosphere in FO1 & 2 are IMO more bleak, but it still drips with character, style. Ambient music and the slick conversations you could have. The dialogue with The Master in FO1 is still great to me. You can actually understand why he did what he did. I of course didn't agree, but I could understand. I liked to think that he knew what he was doing was f--ked up, but in his eyes, it was to save mankind from the continuous cycle of destruction that it engages in. As long as there was differences, there will be conflict, and in his eyes, The Unity and Supermutants would stop that. In sharp contrast you got President Eden in FO3 and I couldn't relate to what the Enclave was trying out in the Capital Wasteland, so it was very easy to just blaze away. The Enclave plan just made no sense to me. The more limited world / random encounters in FO1 & 2, after enough playtime, you've seen them all and there's no variation, regardless of where you traveled. Only the main story map locations had the real variety. But that's 1990s video gaming and I let that slide. However, after playing FO1 & 2 again, I was immediately reminded of one thing I absolutely hated... The UI and Inventory system, how clunky and annoying it was to go through your own gear. Even for the 1990s it was IMO, cr-p, and in today's standards, it's even worse, and no amount of nostalgia would redeem it. Anyways, it's still all good to me though. In FO1 & 2, you see Southern California, up to the San Francisco Bay Area. The Brotherhood of Steel as they originally were... The BoS in FO3 is actually a wild anomaly and not typical of the organization. The Enclave. There was no NCR in FO1, everything is still complete sh*t out in the wasteland. I still like the death animations in the old games. From the bullet death dance, lasers neatly cutting people up, plasma melting flesh off bones, and the comical disintegrations! It would be interesting to revisit the West Coast, say in the FO3/4 era but back out West. See the NCR, but also the conflict between the NCR-Brotherhood of Steel. Last I recall, we don't know of how it got resolved, if at all. It was very much still an ongoing issue when we are playing FONV.
  7. Some FO fans had trouble transitioning just from the FO1-2 style of isometric RPGs of the late 1990s - 2000, into FO3. Personally it was kind of hard for me to do. I really did miss seeing those comical text descriptions during combat. FO1-2 had a lot of character to them. Eventually, certain characters in FO3 as well as the freedom to travel won me over. The radio helped provide atmosphere. The movement, travel in FPS and seeing the world as you move was a big step up from FO1-2 where you get into a small map area for the random encounter. Only POIs got the full, big map treatment. The same thing that worked out well in Morrowind, Oblivion worked out for the move into 3d in FO3. You travel along and see something in the horizon. "What's that? I'll walk over and check it out." We just didn't get that in FO1-2. I'm not sure how many hours I put into FO3 because it was the old school disc install, not from Steam. FONV was real cool, I put 302 hours in. FO4 I've logged 1241 somehow :laugh: The hours I put into FO3, FONV would have been more, but they came out in a very difficult, extremely busy time in my life and career. I didn't even get and play the DLCs for either. There were many times I'd have a long day, try to play FO3 / FONV, and find myself waking up at the computer from a long sleep, my character moving not far from where I loaded the game. I do still recall how modding started by the community in FO3->FONV, and then skyrocketed with FO4. I think the closeness due to the engine with FO and Oblivion / Skyrim helped in that? Maybe...
  8. The game has numerous contradictions if you dwell on it a lot. A good one is the lore conflict of X-01 Power Armor being the most advanced pre-war PA when by traditional FO lore, it was T-51. But my favorite is actually very significant. You hear Paladin Danse and various Brotherhood members bashing FO3's Elder Lyons for his charitable, unfocused ways. Danse even goes so far as to liken The Minutemen to how the East Coast Brotherhood were under Elder Lyons' leadership: Unfocused. They talk smack about Lyons for Capital Wasteland patrols clearing out Super Mutant, Feral Ghoul concentrations, etc., and costly to Brotherhood resources. Basically trying to make the area safe for the general Wastelander. This wasn't "Tech Seeking, Tech Hoarding Brotherhood." In Elder Maxson's Brotherhood foray into the Commonwealth they do the same thing, and more. In the Commonwealth you'll eventually find: Brotherhood checkpoints. Brotherhood patrols in some of the most dangerous areas of the game. Lyons committed the Brotherhood heavily against the major overall threat presented by the Enclave. Maxson commits the Brotherhood heavily against the major overall threat presented by the Institute. Brotherhood members of Maxon's era will send the player, now a member of the Brotherhood, on missions to clear out dangerous concentrations of Raiders, Super Mutants, Feral Ghouls, etc. Brotherhood members are found combating the common threats that endanger the typical Wastelander: Feral Ghouls, Super Mutants, Raiders, etc., in both the DC Capital Wasteland as well as the Commonwealth. Maxson commits the Brotherhood's Vertibirds, technological know-how they inherited after their war with the Enclave in FO3. The Brotherhood definitely will lose some Vertibirds in their many ventures into the Commonwealth. When the Institute threat is dealt with, the Brotherhood remains, doing the same things still. It's the exact same thing Elder Lyons did as leader for the Eastern Brotherhood. Just a different threat, and the Eastern Brotherhood bashes him for it! Mind you, by tradition in FO1 and FO2, the Brotherhood had been very isolationist and preferred to mind their own business. Yet in both FO1 and FO2, the West Coast Brotherhood broke their isolationism when a major threat arises and helps the player character against them, i.e. The Master and his Super Mutant Army in FO1 and the Enclave from FO2. The East Coast Brotherhood breaks this norm by not only doing the regular tech hoarding stuff, but doing every day helpful things for the local population. That's what they bash Lyons for, yet that is exactly what Maxson does in the Commonwealth, and they throw praises on Maxson.
  9. Not sure what the pop cap per server is, but yes, no friendly NPCs. It's other players. Consider also the game world is supposed to be huge, Bethesda said it's about 4x larger than FO4.
  10. I'm not going to lie, I'll likely check FO76 out. Whether I stick or not depends. The idea of an even larger world is enticing. OTOH, the previous FO3 / FONV / FO4 can be highly customized to player tastes due to the mod community, and your content is not necessarily restricted purely by what Bethesda puts out, which is what FO76 is going to be. It makes me wonder what Bethesda has in mind with FO5. Because an Elder Scrolls title is down the line also.
  11. $60 or so of a game when it's new. $50 or so for Season Pass If not Season Pass then varying costs of Official DLC, for FO4 it ranged from $5-$25 with 7 DLC packs whether you get them all or not Then nickle and diming after all that, eh? What a time to be a video gamer.
  12. After reading around about not doing it soon enough, that's what I was afraid of. So I ended up cheesing it out using console commands. Thanks for the gouge.
  13. I've got the radio signal for Shipbreaker and I run it down. I can get it to 95%, 99% but he's never around. When I get it to the very high 90% I'm looking and there's nothing and the counter then goes back to 80% or lower. What's going on? I even tried the console command to have him spawn at me and it's at 100% and still nowhere to be seen.
  14. Patching bugs in an attempt to fix them. THE NERVE OF THOSE DEVELOPERS!
  15. Darned simple solution: DODGE. :tongue: Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive... Dodge!
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