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  1. AWOP is currently undergoing the biggest update in years (maybe ever). Here's a list of the changes made to AWOP & The AWOP Monster Patch for in progress updates for both mods. I have a lot of plans for both mods so the updates may take several months to complete entirely. I'll check back here every now and then to relay what has been completed so far for reference & anyone else who is interested and to check on any comments. The Monster Patch for those unfamiliar currently adds about 20 large "Rumble Zones" filled with enemies and a named boss & reward box. The original version requires Monster Mod. The new vanilla version does not. I'm slowly working my way through the game and adding stuff to both mods as I go. When it's all complete I plan for both mods to add about 200 locations in total. 05 Sept 2019 EDIT: Just working on an update for the Monster Patch at the moment. I'm adding lots more detail to the older locations and making some a bit bigger. Also I'm dropping in some notes/story to make the areas more lore friendly and immersive. These notes will eventually lead to a new area with the Rumble Zones creator. It should not take long and work on the main AWOP 7.0 update will continue once it is complete. A World Of Pain 7.0 New Locations: -Goodsprings Mine -Biohazard Disposal Site -Bunker Test Site -Searchlight Underground Hangar -Novac Sewer East & West -Tech Bunker -Ghost Town South -Robot Fight Club -The Devil's Eye Cave -The Devil's Eye Complex Areas Modified/Expanded: -Infested NCR Bunker Lower Level -Searchlight Bomb Shelter & Sewer -Fiend Hideout All AWOP locations from Goodsprings to Novac (and beyond) have had a significant reduction in loot. Some enemies modified to prevent instant death kills on the player before Novac. Ghost Town Gunfight Powder Gangers rebalanced (it's now a bit easier). Rogan has a bit of new dialogue & Arkus has a new map marker to reveal. Frankie & Reed now have much more ammo. Lot's of general rebalancing to make the mod fit in better with the base game. Rose sells a new 4D Storage. Some minor aesthetic changes. AWOP Monster Patch (Original MoMod Version) -All invisible enemies removed. AWOP Monster Patch (Vanilla) -Full conversion of the AWOP Monster Patch designed to run with only AWOP. -New Rumble Area "The Fire Pits" -New Rumble Area "Searchlight Storage Bay" -New Rumble Area "Nipton Sewer Rumble" -Heavily modified the layout of Vault 44 -Expanded Repcon Basement -All areas have had a massive reduction in loot to match the base game and AWOP 7.0. -Rumble Area Conversions Completed: Goodsprings Sewer Sunnytime Cigarettes Forgotten Tombs The Fire Pits Poison Labyrinth Infested NCR Bunker Ant Caves Searchlight Storage Bay Vault 40 Vault 44 Repconn Warehose Repconn Robot Lab Lakelurk Nest Nightstalker Kennels Howler's Mine Nipton Sewer Darklight Mountain Death's Caverns The Devil's Arsehole Collapsed Underpass
  2. Fixed now. The ONAM Records were not appearing in FNVEdit. Thanks Roy
  3. Thanks for the advice, I tried toggling Archive Invalidation and starting a new game but the problem persists. Checking the area in the ESM file it looks fine there too, so it looks like it copied over from the esp ok. This has not been an issue before and I have been through that area loads of times without converting the esp which I use for edits into an esm as mentioned above (other than the main esm that gets uploaded) I'll give it a try later if need be. Will FNVEdit work?, I've changed files to esms in the past with it.
  4. I'm working on the AWOP update and was playing through The Redoubts when I stumbled into Hidden Valley bunker from the Redoubt only to find that the rubble i moved ages ago is back. It blocks access to the bulk of the room. Not sure why it's back. In GECK everything is in the correct position. I ran a conflict filter in FNVEdit which found 1 other mod which edited that area. I removed the mod but the problem persists. Can't see any other mods that would obviously effect the area. Am I missing something simple here?
  5. Thanks for the info Ethreon. That sounds quite complicated, with any luck it shouldn't be too hard though, though I guess I wont know until I see the problem/solution and how it all works in the Creation Kit and In-game.
  6. Roy pointed out a couple of things that I have not heard mentioned before, namely a pre-vis issue which impacts performance if you change anything in cells or worldspaces (how severe the effect is or why it exists I don't know right now). Also two mods cannot edit the same cell, only one mods changes will take effect... which will obviously cause problems with a mod like AWOP and will require some strategic pre-planning as to what areas are edited. I tried to do a bit more research on these topics but I have not found any related message boards yet. I edited the main post to reflect these new problems. Keeping exterior edits to a minimum is not a problem and keeps in line with previous AWOPs, so that's not a massive deal so long as my minor edits are not too much for the game to handle. As for the two mods not being able to share the edits to the same cell, this could be a much bigger problem., though I wont know how big until I see what other mods are out there and where they have edited, how big the individual cells are in the worldspace and probably other factors.
  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone :smile: After giving it some consideration I have decided not to include any NPCs with dialogue. There are a couple of ideas I had for FO3 based on "SPCs" (for anyone unfamiliar an SPC is a paranormal anomaly and there is a fictional agency known as the SPC who deal with these phenomena). I had a lot of ideas based on various SPCs that would work well in the Fallout world such as certain buildings, monsters and ingestible items. Two of these were a couple of unusual vending machines. I wont go into much detail here (though I'll leave links to the videos that inspired me at the bottom), but they basically never run out of stock (much like those in The Sierra Madre). So I was thinking a similar vending machine system could be incorporated into FO4, maybe even several versions of the same machine spread throughout new AWOP areas. This could be used to replace vendors (to a certain extent) in those areas. I'm not yet sure how to set up a system for selling/returning items in FO4 but I can picture a way (using terminals) for FO3. Hopefully it will be simpler than what I have in mind though. Thanks for your comment about expanding FNV Firty. I'll keep that in mind. I have two ideas for new FNV locations. One is in the lower mid section of the map but the other would work well in the North West region somewhere. I lost a lot of work on an FNV update well over a year ago and did not want to go back and create the same locations again so I used most salvagable ideas in the current FO3 project. Besides those and improving the Monster Mod (and maybe adding more detail to The Underground) I don't plan to do much else to FNV, but ideas may come over time. Thanks for the mod tip Moksha, but due to the lack of current voice acting in AWOP (and good actors who have come forward to offer help) I do not have a lot of faith in accomplishing the same as Takahashi. I also do not relish the prospect of having to learn how to actually add the dialogue alongside lip-synching and similar. If stuff like that gets added, it will probably be to fill out the mod after the major locations have been added. VENDING MACHINE SPC INFO: [WARNING - Potential Spoilers Ahead] The following is taken from a message I sent to Roy Batty explaining certain ideas I had for FO3 AWOP: SPC-294 Appears at 2.55 Seemingly a coffee vending machine with a keyboard attached. Type in the name of a drink, in this case add 50 caps and the machine will dispense said drink. However as stated in the video if you were to type in acid or the name of an element/metal you would still be presented with a cup filled with a liquid version of what you had ordered. This SPC in game would be limited to certain options but may be a good source of scrap metal. The only downside will be it's location, possibly on the beached Cargo Ship or in an alternate dimension in one of the other room portal based SPCs. SCP-261 Appears at 29.25 This is a vending machine that vends random items of increasing value depending on how many caps are inserted. The player should have the option to insert 10, 50 or 100 caps with a random object being vended specific to a list for each value. E.g. 10 caps could net you a tin can, empty Nuka Bottle, Pre War Food (maybe even fresh), lockpick or other low value item (with food being the "prize" for this list) 50 caps would be Conductors, Sensor Modules, middle range stuff with the occasional bulk ammo drop or stimpak. 100 caps would be Stealth Boys, expensive ammo drops, alien ammo and other rare items.
  8. Narmz: I'm not sure why I was not getting any subtitles. I definitely turned them on, but only stuff NPCs say indirectly (such as commenting on a room or smell or whatever) seemed to have subtitles after. It was happening with just the vanilla game, I never got around to installing many mods. I have not played it in a while though and have not seen the same effect in Youtube footage from FO4 so I have no idea what was going on there. One other issue with the dialogue is the player's dialogue options seem to be limited in text. Hopefully there is still space to add longer sentences in the GECK otherwise the over-simplified options may be another hindrance. I think the Vault 75 caves should come in handy. I can picture those and they are about the same size as an eipc piece from the FO3/FNV sets. My only concern there would be I'm not sure if they can be arranged to cover all angles without gaps. Caves in FNV/FO3 were tricky and required certain pieces to go in certain places, otherwise gaps would show. However, if that does happen I'm pretty sure I can bodge the gaps with generic rocks & rubble. I'm still undecided on expanding vanilla areas. I thought about it for FO3 but dismissed the idea in favor of a big list of other stuff that takes higher priority. Kodiak: Big thanks for the compliments and feedback , I'm doing well thanks :) I'll see what I can do with the subway assets. I'm not sure if they are as good as the FO3 set mainly due to the lack of the large station platform areas, in favor of smaller, standard height platforms. I'm glad you liked the notes from AWOP (I have been getting a lot of inspiration for new story lines recently, which is nice). Angel Park too, that was one of my favorite story lines (or Sy's & The Collector's notes at least), it's a shame not many people seem to be interested in that mod but it's existence has always been slightly problematic in one way or another. I think I'll come up with some kind of hidden or lost treasure stashes as an excuse to explore the sea. Like the message in a bottle quests but with no marker (and probably better loot). Putting a fair amount of clutter into the sea should be pretty harmless with regards to mod conflicts, lag and the like. Thanks for your opinion on dialogue. At the moment I have not planned on adding any NPCs with dialogue (with one exception) and I'm thinking of ways to create areas without the need for communication with NPCs at any point. The one exception to this rule would be [Minor Spoilers Ahead] Tharg (son of Zeus from FO3) who would be the main boss and, by the time of FO4, will have become an advanced Robobrain. I want him to address the player before combat begins, though not with anything overly complicated. I wouldn't want to waste anyone's time (or let people down) with a small area or two. The base release of the mod will most likely be fairly big and will probably consist of several enemy strongholds/HQs (plus maybe some small areas if they are required to tell a story).
  9. Thanks for your input Narmz :) I'm glad you liked the AWOP story content, Ill come back to this in a bit. I'll take the conversation tips. The main problem with unvoiced is I do not get subtitles when speaking with NPCs, so I assume it's the same for others. No idea why they would not be included though and there may be an option to turn them on in the new GECK, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Thanks for the cave tips. If I remember correct the Mayor's Shelter's biggest room was a concrete basketball court, which may come in handy at some point, but I think it's a little short of cave assets still. Thinking about it there's some large circular caverns in Dunwich Borers, though I think the rock is white which may make it a bit impractical. I could always bodge a large cave together using exterior assets such as cliffs, but I can't remember many of those off hand (though there are probably loads). Gunslinger: There's a lot more notes to find in the FO3 AWOP for the 2.0 update. I spent the last couple of days adding and refining notes in various locations without a solid backstory and I'm pleased with the result so far. It's making me itch to release it, but it wont be ready for a while yet. Unfortunately I'm stuck with a location I'm not keen on from a design perspective and it has been holding up progress on the mod coz I find it hard to motivate myself to get back to it, but I am certain it will get done eventually.
  10. Thanks for the advice :) I probably wont be using the DLCs, at least I plan not to, but if I can't create certain areas without using the DLC assets then I'll make a separate version that includes those.
  11. Thanks for the mod & location recommendations. I'll definitely keep those in mind. Unused assets are always popular with me so I'm looking forward to digging those out. In the GECK I sometimes order the asset lists by the number of in-game uses and find cool unused objects, then think of how they can be used (like the Crystal City metro signs that inspired that whole area in FO3). Vaults are somewhat trickier as I like to stick to existing Fallout lore where possible. There were just under 130 Vaults built if I remember correctly and I avoid using Vault numbers that exist in previous Fallout games, existing Fallout mods or general Fallout lore such as that found in the Fallout Bible. I googled most Vault numbers until I came up with 40 and 41 which I used in FNV AWOP and came up with a linked backstory that would bypass the need for objects such as numbered Vault suits (so I could get by with just the vanilla assets). Unfortuntely this trick can not be used repeatedly and there is the potential for all the Vaults to have been claimed already. Ways around this include general Vault-Tec built underground facilities that are not directly linked with the existing Vaults. Examples of these in previous AWOPs would be Zeus's Vault from FO3 which was a Vault-Tec Storage Facility pre-war, the Vault Monitoring Station from FNV (found via Fiend House) and Crystal City. So if I were to use the new Vault assets it would probably be for similar locations to these rather than a new Vault.
  12. Ethreon: I'll keep an eye out for the shipwreck & pipes and see if I can think of a use for them. I totally agree about the Glowing Sea. It has a lot of potential for new areas due to how far apart all the locations are. montky: Thanks for the detailed feedback :smile: The main AWOP mod would only require FO4, though I may make expanded versions using DLC content once the vanilla version is complete (but I also planned to do this for FO3 & FNV AWOP and I doubt that at this stage it will ever happen). I'm currently unfamiliar with most FO4 mods as there were not many released when I last looked and none I could find involved new combat/exploration areas (the only mods I had were simple ones like Easy Lockpick/Hacking, Increased Carryweight & Ammo crafting). It will probably be a while (after the FO3 & FNV projects) before I mod FO4 any further but I'll keep the mods you listed in mind for compatability's sake at least. An Under-Boston would be interesting. I guess it could all be interconnected like a vast sewer system as opposed to a series of large caves, with small settlement remnants spread throughout. No friendlies though unless they fix that dialogue system. I had trouble answering or coming up with theories to a lot of the questions you posed. I don't plan on modifying the Institute at all. I guess as a faction they don't really interest me that much. The Enclave, on the other hand, I would definitely like to add at some point. Most likely remnants who have formed their own army, much like Scowell's crew became the Tech Raiders from FNV AWOP. Your observation about the crashed post-war aircraft hinting at a large battle that took place a long time ago would tie in well with the Enclave. Maybe they were the aggressors (as usual) or maybe they were defending Boston and have been licking their wounds from the battle ever since. Given the lack of conversation options though, they would probably have to be entirely hostile towards the player for one reason or another. I'm not happy with the direction the BOS has taken in FO4. I hope that will change over time. All the factions kinda felt forced into the eventual ending of destroying or siding with the Institute, with little room for the player to unite warring factions (which was a nice touch in FNV) or have much of an impact on the end result at all. In fact, though I only completed the game twice (once as BOS and once as Railroad) I noticed I got the exact same, relatively short ending video, which I must say after the exeptional, variable, emotional endings from previous games this felt like a massive let-down from FO4. The Cabot's are very old, I believe from memory they were alive during the late 1800s and have been extending their lifespan with the mysterious serum. In this timescale and given their wealth and influence it is easy to see how they would have moved in the same circles as House. However the Cabot's story feels well contained and complete already so I would not like to add much too it. On the other hand I could picture a secret lab filled with alien tech that Jack has kept hidden from everyone. Having a Gary appearance would probably be cool, but again no way to add dialogue right now, so no conversations (as limited as they may be with a Gary anyway). Anyway thanks again for all your suggestions. :smile:
  13. Thanks for the reply Gunslinger :) I agree the Metros would work well in a new AWOP, they have a lot of good assets for those in FO4 and a linked system set up by the Government would be a nice touch and a good excuse to add them into unusual and potentially hidden areas. The mob remnants would also make pretty decent low-mid level enemies and would have been able to finance various shelters so that should fit in nicely. I'm glad you liked the story-telling in AWOP. I'm never sure whether I got it right in FNV or not one way or another, though I guess it varies depending on which location. I added most FNV notes for others rather than myself (I almost prefer the location to tell the story on it's own, but notes don't really harm the end product). I was happy with the FO3 content though so I'm definitely glad that it is appreciated, a lot of the new FO3 content being added has numerous in-depth back stories, so I'll definitely continue that trend when I move onto FO4 (where possible). Thankyou as well for the offer or assistance, I may well need it when the time comes :)
  14. Big thanks for the feedback already :) I'll definitely add some under-water areas. I would be nice to have more excuses to explore the sea and I remember thinking about it a lot while playing the game (though no specific ideas leap to mind right now). The mountains are always handy for adding new areas and I agree that the edge of the map could use a little work. Existing Metros are likely to be used by other modders. What I like to do where possible with AWOP is to add doors where there were none before, usually on previously blank walls or large cliff faces. This way I seem to have avoided a lot of potential conflicts in the past. I agree that in theory it would be fun to playthrough with the new combat mechanics especially. My main concern is the lack of new unique location ideas right now but, with any luck, those will come over time. As for unique items any suggestions here would be more than welcome. My only thoughts so far have been new weapon frames that focus on an auto build by nature, thus giving a buff to auto stats whilst potentially decreasing efficiency with single shot mode (most likely mainly in the form of accuracy). There should be a lot of room for similar AWOP items from previous mods like the Fresh Food variants from FO3 and the the recipes from both main AWOP mods, but anything that has not been used before I am open to suggestions for. I don't think I could be forced into making another AWOP. It would have to be because I want to, which at this stage, is definitely something I'd like to do, though my FO3 & FNV plans are taking priority right now, and in context with how they started, feel nearly finished (though FO3 is still gonna keep me busy for a while yet, probably several months, maybe longer).
  15. A World of Pain for Fallout 4 (AWOP4FO4) PROS & CONS As I get repeated requests for AWOP for FO4 I thought I'd make a post on my thoughts on this issue. [The quick answer is, yes it probably will get made, just not for a long time if you are not in the mood to read everything] PROS: -Current popularity. The current number of people actually interested in AWOP for FO4 is potentially much higher than the first two installments (right now at least) which would lead to lots of feedback which is my favorite form of payment. -Monsters. Lots more monster variation and potential for very high level encounters which suits the AWOP theme. -Good Building assets. Both interior and exterior building based assets are great, with lots of variation, big interior spaces and the option to add high rooftop battles, which in particular, is kinda unworkable in the older games. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the assets as a whole (and I'll come back to this later). -Misc Loot. The variety of random collectable items seems to be increased by, what feels to me from playing it, like about 50%. This will make cluttering each area with themed, rare or unique items much easier. -It's a great game FO4 was a lot of fun to play and for me at least, got most new stuff right, so it would most likely be fun to play through new AWOP themed content using this new platform. CONS: -New Dialogue System: Up until the point I stopped playing FO4 (a few months ago), I would not get subtitles for main NPC dialogue, even with the subtitles turned on in the options menu. The only subtitled stuff seemed to be incidental NPC comments made when not directly talking to them. I saw in some YouTube vids for FO4 that this problem was fixed but I don't know whether this has been fixed by a patch or a user mod. As I don't want AWOP to have any masters/mod dependencies and I do not add any voice files this would mean there is still a chance I cannot add new NPCs to FO4 as they would have no way to communicate with the player. There are ways around this for quests such as terminals and notes, but sadly not for vendors or general character interaction. If this was fixed by a patch someone let me know. -Learning a new GECK. I know the FO3/FNV GECK very well. I have probably over half the in game assets memorized by name and general height, length, brightness or whatever. I can build stuff fast and make it detailed (when I'm in the mood, but that's another story). Getting to this level has taken years and though it may give me a head start over others coming in new to the Creation Kit, I still do not look forward to having to memorize a new asset list. -Underground Interior Assets: From playing through the game I do not recall stumbling upon any large cave assets that would be required to add new areas like FNV AWOP's "The Underground", which is a shame to say the least. Even the DLCs don't seem to have added any large caves. This would mean all underground structures would have to be concrete bomb shelters/facilities and similar with small cave bits attached when required. -Need to build in the exterior landscape. Due to the lack of potential Underground locations which would have minimal entrances and edits to the worldspace as a whole, the obvious alternative is to add large buildings which can then house the equally large new interiors and make good use of what assets the game has to offer. Unfortunately, due partly to when I plan to start work on AWOP4FO4, I expect this would lead to numerous mod conflicts which I want to avoid as much as possible, not to mention potential game lag in heavily modded areas (new interiors do not suffer so much from this issue). Most boarded up doors and unused doors will have been claimed by then by mods like Beantown Interiors which I intend to check out myself at some point. One fix for this would be to build in existing locations and expand vanilla areas but this would prevent creating a lot of new AWOP lore and does not stick with the previous mod's style. -FO3/FNV Community help. There are many modders who are currently unwilling to work on FO4. A good example would be Roy Batty who helps me with a lot of bug fixing, scripting and many technical aspects of the AWOP mods, who is very busy with FNV/FO3 related projects such as Tale Of Two Wastelands. -New FO4 Ideas: I find it increasingly hard to come up with new original ideas for locations and though I have a few vague ideas for things I would like to add to FO4 (Rumble Zones leap to mind), in general, I just wont know what I can do until I open up and familiarise myself with the new GECK, so can't really plan ahead much. -Does FO4 "Need" AWOP as much? To me, the answer is no. FNV, which partly inspired the first AWOP mod has always felt, to me at least, like an incomplete game and just no where near as fun or well constructed as FO3. A good example of this would be how the game near enough forces the player to play through the early-mid game southern half of the map in the same way every time by blocking off access to the north with Cazdores and Deathclaws and areas to the East with infuriating invisible walls, which detracted from the games replayability (for me at least). Also I could barely finish FNV at times, I just kept getting frustrated with exploring huge areas of the map and finding noting of value apart from maybe a crappy star bottle cap. Due to the massive map in FNV and the relatively small number of interior locations I had to start work on AWOP before I even 100%-ed the game like I usually would do, to address these problems and continue playing. [EDIT: I feel I should point out that overall FNV was still a good game and I spent almost as long playing it as I did FO3, but to me I guess it reeked of missed opportunities. As a contrast I played the latest Doom game for about an hour before giving up in total frustration due to things such as checkpoint saving, over-simplification of the inventory and boring level design.] AWOP at first was not very detailed and mainly focused on two things, combat and finding stuff where before there was nothing. Over time it became more refined to fit in with other players requests and became more of an art-project for me to make increasingly detailed and (hopefully) realistic locations, whilst also adding a challenge for anyone like me who find "very hard" settings to be a walk-over. AWOP4FO3 I am especially proud of for it's general look, plot, playability and replayability. Due to my fondness of the original subject matter and inspired by DC Interiors in particular in terms of detailed clutter, I wanted to make it as good as it could possibly be, and it is this project that is currently taking up the bulk of my modding time. FO4 just feels like a much more detailed game already when compared with FNV's empty spaces and the relative age of FO3. There's a lot more locations to explore, including hidden, non-quest related areas, some of which I still have not found despite many hours of searching (though without any guides so far). The game is very replayable and offers a consistently enjoyable combat experience already. There is also a ton of loot in FO4 and on top of that it all respawns so again, in this sense FO4 players will not find much they don't already have in plentiful supply at any new AWOP areas. -Some Stuff I Don't Fully Understand Yet: Roy pointed out a couple of things that I have not heard mentioned before, namely a pre-vis issue which impacts performance if you change anything in cells or worldspaces (how severe the effect is or why it exists I don't know right now). Also two mods cannot edit the same cell, only one mods changes will take effect... which will obviously cause problems with a mod like AWOP and will require some strategic pre-planning as to what areas are edited. I tried to do a bit more research on these topics but I have not found any related message boards yet. As you can see the Cons seem to out-weigh the Pros, for the time being at least. I will most likely make AWOP4FO4 but I want to finish AWOP4FO3 (which I highly recommend checking out for any that have not already) first, then polish and expand some of the FNV mods I have released such as AWOP & The AWOP Monster Patch before I start work on FO4, mainly so the lore remains consistent throughout the AWOP series. Let me know if you have any thoughts on these issues or any arguments (pro or con) that I may have missed. Ideas for new FO4 locations are also welcome but I'll probably make a separate thread for those on a later occasion. Ideally over time either myself or others will come up with creative solutions to the various cons posed by FO4 which should eventually help a great deal with AWOP4FO4's eventual design.
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