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  1. Nice! I missed the 2013 release, but I intend to get the 2020 release. Are IP and UA related (do I need to wait for UA to be updated too, or are they independent?)
  2. Yes, but more focused on tilesets or placeables. A search on "texture" (and NWN2 to filter the results) will give most if not all of the available sets.
  3. You mean, packs like these? https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn2/images/texture/all-nwn2-grass-desaturated-added-detail https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn2/hakpak/original-hakpak/kamals-texture-project https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn2/hakpak/original-hakpak/ugly-ducks-terrain-texture-pack-volume-1 https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn2/images/texture/complete-nwn2-textures https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn2/images/texture/all-nwn2-terrain-re-bumped-mapped
  4. That's a very good tutorial, more people should see this. Wow My man! You are a legend. I have been asking in every forum and discord I can find for something detailed as this. You're welcome! Thanks a lot! First things first: as the name implies, the override folder takes priority on the modules and campaign, but not on haks and saved games: hak > override > campaign > module. Well, actually it's not that simple... if there are subfolders, the priority is higher for the content with the longest path. Let's clarify: haks\subdir\*.hak > haks\*.hak > My Documents\Override > Install\Override > campaigns\YourCampaign\Level1\Level2 > campaigns\YourCampaign\Level1 > campaigns\YourCampaign > YourModule\Level1\Level2 > YourModule\Level1Dir > YourModule Also, *.hak files go to My Documents\hak folder, *.bmu to My Documents\music, *.mod to My Documents\modules. Modules shared in directory mode also go to My Documents\modules (normally, all this is explained by the builder). Now, why do you read comments about "don't use override"? The basic answer is: everything in the override directory will be used instead of any file with the same name and extension from all campaigns or modules. The good thing with this behavior is that it makes it easy to modify a creature or an item without having to change all modules that use it. On the other hand, it will also change it for modules that aren't necessarily compatible with the change. Let's take an example: the Balor whip (explanations here, fix there) was not working because of a typo in the name of the animations. In that case, it's easier to put the modified files in the override so all modules can benefit from the change. On the other hand, there are so many custom faces available that some use the same model number. In my case, I decided to renumber conflicting ones so I have the possibility to get all. But some modules use the previous number, and sometimes that leads to weird situations (hair not at the right place, descriptions not matching what you see, etc... not mentioning that it could even lead to invisible heads or creatures). Hope that helps
  5. For those interested by the answer, I quickly wrote a basic tutorial. See https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/8946243-how-do-i-install-mods-to-this-game/&do=findComment&comment=83561938
  6. I promised, here's a quick tutorial. I hope this is detailed enough
  7. OK then, I'll wirte something down. But gimme a few days, I'm not sure when I have time this week.
  8. I just had a look at the mods you linked, and the reason you can't see any new cloak or hood is because no blueprints have been created for these new items. If you want to have the new outfits available for any module, basically what you have to do is: 1) create the blueprint for the robe/cloak/hood you want, and save it in you override folder (by the way, you also need to get the override version of the mods) 2) in game, activate DebugMode 3) type "giveitem xxx" where "xxx" is the tag of the blueprint you created at step #1 If I'm not clear enough, maybe you can have a look at the links below: https://neverwintervault.org/forums/neverwinter-nights-2/nwn2-toolset/tutorial-create-armor https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/1010085-how-do-i-get-custom-items-in-game/
  9. Weird. I never noticed the eyes bulging out when equipping weapons. When I got this kind of issue, it was only for custom heads and during cutscenes. In most cases I could fix it after re-rigging the mesh. The creatures sliding instead of walking/running, yes, several times (I believe it's happening when there's not much distance to cover).
  10. They're in the "My Documents" directory, but you won't see them until you launched the game once.
  11. As far as I know, unless the mods use very specific custom content, NWN:EE will handle them normally.
  12. Right-click, then "Examine" will display some info. But not as detailed as you'd like. And while fighting, there's also some details about the saves, etc... On the other hand, the monsters won't tell you what is the most effective against them!
  13. Actually, the formula is SPELL_ID * 65536 + FEAT_ID. But this was true for NWN, not sure it really applies for NWN2 (if you don't have more than 5 spells coming from the feat, don't forget to fill the columns SubRadSpell1 to SubRadSpell5 in Spells.2da). That works for me (but again, I calculated the spell id numbers, just in case, but didn't check if the formula is really necessary or not).
  14. That's right, constants in an include file are accessed faster than opening a file, reading data, and closing the file!
  15. I see two easy ways of doing this: option 1: you split the properties in three sets of ten, and take one property only per set. But then some properties will only exist on highly magical weapons.option 2: before applying the selected property, you check if it's already existing on the weapon. If yes, you select another one (or increase the value? So a +1 will become +2); if no obviously you apply it.
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