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  1. I must ask. Did you ever find a solution? I only ask because while this forum topic was stewing I went and spoke with the TTW Team and managed to get a copy of Tesannwyn. The only problem with that is that the tool itself is ten years old and while I can get a bmp and raw file created... its jank. Soooo if you found another solution I'm all ears because I'm trying to avoid "the hard way" of fixing this.
  2. So, I made a very large mistake and am having trouble finding a solution if a solution is even possible. After about a year and a half of work I realized that Alaska isn't orientated North and is instead oriented West when it comes to cardinal direction. How did I get this far without noticing? Well, it was a low priority and it just slipped notice until now when I started to navmesh things. So yeah, how can I rotate the world cell ninety degrees so that it is facing true North? Pretty much, here is a visual aid on what I need to fix.
  3. So, I pretty much reached 'the end' of a project, have everything all nice and tidied up, and will be getting the videos done for release sometime in the next week. Problem, I noticed an unwanted ESM loaded onto the esp, and I want to get rid of it. Now, I've tried using F04Edit and F04EditQuickAutoClean, but the Esm remains. Soooo... I kinda would like someone to help with this small problem. I can release with the unwanted master file attached, but it really would be better to keep the dependencies limited just to the main game DLCs instead. If anyone is interested in helping just comment here or message me directly. I just need to remove the master Esm, somehow, someway, and then this should be ready to go.
  4. Hello, I don't normally post a question here, but I've encountered a rather mind-numbing issue for a project that I'm currently working on. I was wondering if there was a way to copy/paste text into this box right here without me manually typing everything in. I ask because... ok... perhaps... I'm an idiot... but there doesn't seem to be? https://ibb.co/w7BzRP8
  5. Well... ok... I had this idea for a Soul Cairn Mod that I thought up a while back. The idea was to convert it to a sort of vertical floating island map, but in order to do that I would need to design the floating island things, or figure out away to repurpose the existing map without large chunks of the ground. This just sort of moved it along into that direction where I could use the existing worldcell and just remove the ground to get the desired result. Originally, I asked how to do this in the Skyrim Forums, but didn't get a response because Skyrim is kinda old, and so I asked here and got a response because Fallout 4 is kinda new, or at least new in comparison to Skyrim.
  6. Jackpot... exactly what I needed. Time to get started on that Soul Cairn mod now.
  7. Hello, I asked in the Skyrim Forums and thought that I would ask here as well. I had an idea for a mod, but in order to build it I need to remove parts of the ground... as in the ground mesh itself from an exterior world cell. How do I do that? Can it actually be done. The creation kit won't let me just delete it.
  8. I have a weird world cell creation question. Um, for an external world cell... can I remove part of the ground and have no terrain there, just a giant 'fall through the map' hole? Normally, I think this can only be done as a land tare from trying to manually raise the default terrain height, but those are accidents. I want to deliberately remove a large chunk of the ground for mod creation purposes. Can that be done, and if it... how would one do that?
  9. I figured out what it was. It was HDT, but mixed in with a lot of other things... >_>... pretty much a collision issue because I had Immersive Weapons mixed into the pot with HDT, SOS, and a host of other mods; and I didn't clean the save of old scripts when I deactivated Immersive Weapons. So, the game was considering the scripts active, and between that HDT, etc... like... weirdness ensued because my characters boobs were considered as activators. So right, if anyone else runs into this problem... install and use this mod to resolve. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64541
  10. Right, so I'm 99% sure that this is some sort of bug with HDT... hair, body, or something of the sort, but I'm not fully sure. So, I have invisibility potions and when I drink one I'm invisible for about two seconds and then the effect fails, pops, and I'm visible again. Sneak, don't sneak, crouch, not crouched, move, don't move. The effect lasts a few seconds and fails, and no... the effect isn't supposed to last three seconds. Player brewed potions or the default in-game potions. They both fail after a few seconds.
  11. I have an issue which actually just started happening tonight. My Fallout 4 Creation Kit no longer is loading its ESM's after I tick them off for activation. Was there some sort of update that I'm unaware of which needs rolling back, or is this something else? I ask because this is super weird... never had this issue before. And before you ask... yes... the other creation kits are working. I just tested the Skyrim one and its working perfectly fine. There are no errors and no crashes. I attempt to load one of the ESMs and it doesn't load at all. Then I check the option to load and its no longer checked off as if the Creation Kit decided on its own not to load it. I've already confirmed the cache using steam so I know that's not it. Maybe... I just need to reinstall, but this is a super weird thing to randomly pop up.
  12. Put simply... download size. My object counts are... in the thousands.
  13. I'm looking for some help to polish off a few of the models for the Cube 2 Designs. Namely, I need someone to simplify some of the SCOLs I'm generating so that they aren't so freaking massive and consume so much processing power. The first big one, and trust me... it's a big one... is the Nif for the main cell. I'm going to upload an attachment to a Mediafire download here so that anyone interested can take a look. Download Link. This piece is one of 5 for the main cell in which Cube 2 resides. In addition to this are the ceiling, floor, arch, and the Cube itself; but this nif will be the most space consuming due to its complexity.
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