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  1. Oh, don't get me wrong, I am not pushing you, I was just waiting for notice :tongue: okay, just release the complete version when you finish them, then. You will infrom me via p.m when you finish, right?
  2. Quests with new worldspaces sounds good enough. Please also limit all those new equipment to those worldspaces too :P not nice to see original vanilla immersion broken.
  3. Well, if you want everything to be so realistic, what will you do against dragons, then???
  4. Geez, can't you just work up your imagination yourself? Yeah, imperial army is multi-ethnic, so what? Does everyone know what exactly they are fighting for? Was it their choice that they took arms to put the rebellion down in Skyrim? Or were they simple soldiers/guards originating from a city of Cyrodiil, and they got picked from a lottery which would determine who would go to Skyrim by emperor's orders? Was it indicated in the game that EVERY member of Imperial Garrison was mindless robots who would follow the orders of Tullius and Emperor? NO. Which means, a party from Imperial army supporting player's leadership in Skyrim could easily be done as well. Jeez, can't you think these things for yourself? Okay, an another plot. Let's say if you join Imperials, you don't have to climb to top in a violent way. Let's say every Legate, commander, and Jarls were invited to take part in the moot. And you have to work your way up to the top in a political manner, gaining favors of many participants? Or even a sub plot inside that, alternatively you win Jarl Elisif's heart and eventually marry her, which would assist your cause greatly. There are countless possibilities guys, you use your minds yourselves... It is nothing but unfair to limit being High King of Skyrim to only Stormcloak path. Work your minds yourselves. I gave the basic ideas...
  5. Why wouldn't there be? Maybe some of the fellow soldiers and officers come to realize that you are the right one for the throne too? It could be done in a thousand ways... I think it should be adapted for Imperial questline as well. Why would a player be obliged to join Stormcloaks if he wanted to become High King? As some of us loathe stormcloaks, we wouldn't want to join them.
  6. Why only Stormcloaks? This doesn't make sense to me. If there would be a questline and a feature like that, then it should support Imperial Civil War as well, along with Stormcloak Civil War. You Stormcloak lovers are so selfish.
  7. Oh, I see. I didn't get that you also wanted to make a "dual arrow" mode. Fair enough. How about making every dual arrow shoot cost stamina? Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. Just asked so as to get an idea of approxiately when it could be released.
  8. Chained bolts. Actually, on the contrary, I don't like mingling with a lot of powers, you see. And I didn't like the idea of shooting cones for a duration of time, whenever I choose to make a shot with the bow. Would waste arrows unnecessarily. Only the first shoot and a short cooldown on power would suffice. How is it going? When are you planning to launch the mod/topic?
  9. Oh thanks for all the information regarding crossbows. I was about to ask you if you could do a similar system for crossbows as well. I mean, similar but different at the same time. My idea is, let's say there's a different new kind of bolts, and when you shoot, first bolt launches as normally, and after a very short delay (let's say 0.25 second) a second bolt launches from your crossbow to where crosshair is pointed. A sequential double shot, both are accurately travelling to where you pointed your crosshair at the time. How does it sound? A question out of curiosity: will all the arrows launched in cone maintain their magical property if the used bow was enchanted?
  10. Hmm, I would pick the first choice, since it sounded more realistic. We should determine the number of arrows that will be shot in a cone, though. Also, I think the shout/power should only make the first shoot a cone of arrows. I mean, player uses the power, and only the player's first shoot after he used the power should be a cone attack, and it should revert back to normal after that shoot. And power should dispel if player switched to another weapon. So to accommodate this, power/shout's cooldown should be relatively short too. This would be more player-friendly and more useful, in my opinion. As player might not want to launch a cone in every shot after he used the power. I have a question. I have Dawnguard but I didn't play it yet. Is there any difference between bows and crossbows in game? Which is better, or more advantageous at certain circumstances?
  11. Oh, okay. Good job. I really appreciate it, thank you. But what if player doesn't have enough arrows for a cone attack? And player loses same amount of arrows as arrows he shot in a cone, right?
  12. I actually would like to see the health of my followers on the corner of screen. Anyone know anything about this one?
  13. Okay, then how about this... I actually wanted the arrows to launch in a cone (like how archers do in those Lord Of The Rings conquest games), rather than being shot in an adherent manner. I guess that is something even harder to do. Then how about this, let's make a bunch of magical arrows (and maybe make them even craftable? or just simply purchasable). And when you shoot and hit on something with that arrow (either ground or some NPC/creature) a random hail of arrows rain down from the sky around the spot that the arrow hit. And hail of arrows should only trigger when it's cast on outdoors. Is this easier to make? Please, someone?
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