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  1. Thank you Roman and Pellape! I'll get back to work, with your advice. Also, Pell -- I use Notepad++, it shows line numbers, but I will definitely look up your tutorial, too. Everything helps! Having OBSE as a requirement doesn't bother me. My kids (oh lord my thirty-year old kids... I am old!) basically use the same setup that I do, so they use OBSE anyway. EDIT OMG YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! It worked! It worked, it worked it worked! Thank you both so MUCH!
  2. If this sort of thing has been asked and answered, I couldn't find it, so links to such an answer would definitely be appreciated! I have sorted through every "Oblivion Scripting Tutorial" known to humankind (here, as well as TESAlliance, TESNexus, TESCSWiki, and others, looking for instructions as to how to make this work.) (It's depressing how many links are now "Page Not Found" and "Domain for Sale") I can do this sort of thing for Skyrim, but for the life of me, I can't seem to do it (or remember how to do it, actually) for Oblivion. The Construction Set saves the script with no warnings or exceptions, so I thought the script worked. But it doesn't. When the player clicks the Drinks Pitcher (an activator) it should pop a message : "What do you want to make?" "Cider, Grape Juice, Nothing" It DOES that. If you pick "Cider", it should find out if you have 2 apples + 1 Firesalt. If you do, it should remove them from your inventory and add Cider. If you don't, it should say "You don't have the stuff for that." It does NOT do that. If you pick "Grape Juice" it should find out if you have 2 grapes + 1 Frostsalt. If you do, it should remove them from your inventory and add Grape Juice. If you don't, it should say "You don't have the stuff for that." It does NOT do that. It also never allows the Drinks Pitcher Menu to display again. I made the Drinks Pitcher Activator; I made the Cider; I made the Grape Juice. At the moment, the pitcher, a bunch of apples, grapes, firesalts, and frostsalts, are all sitting on a table in an otherwise empty test cell. I play-tested this with only Ob and SI loaded (well and OBSE) so I know there's no mod conflicts or anything. The trouble, I am positive, is my script -- Even though the Construction Set saved and compiled it with no problem. This is the script: Any advice, corrections, suggestions, or even commiseration would be more than welcome! Thanks
  3. Okay, I feel better. If a modder as experienced as you are feels that way, I no longer feel as dumb as a rock. I'm going to give your instructions a try now, though with my slow computer, we both know how long that'll take. Thanks!
  4. I'm about to scream. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding your instructions. I still get the BYOH model and it still has the wrong crap with it. *sigh* Email incoming -- maybe you can dissect it and discover what I've messed up. My stuff's easy to find; it's always prefixed with "Alla"
  5. Yes, thanks be to Zenithar. Or Sheogorath, maybe. Seriously, all this requires is something to parent the bed, table, dresser, yellow rug, and yellow dishes TO. My trouble has been being able to make my item the Parent. I'm not sure I understand. Originally I used "search replace" to turn the goblet (okay, so it wasn't a tankard, my brain is goo), bowl, wallbasket into "gemAmethyst", because deleting them entirely made Skyrim blow up (sort of.) So what I *should* do is duplicate the corner shelf in the render window, along with the goblet, bowl, and basket....? Then I replace the goblet, bowl, and basket with MY goblet and bowl, and turn the wallbasket into a gem (since I don't want the basket; the gem drops to the floor like any other item and you can pick it up. LOL I should replace it with "Nails" actually, since those are more useful than a gem) Then I make "AllaMyShelfWithStuff" recipe, the Created Object of which is AllaNobleShelf, with the conditions having the global you outlined, plus the condition copied from the actual BYOH...whateverPart023ShelfCorner recipe Then I parent my goblet, bowl, and box of nails to the AllaNobleShelf or am I *still* being dense?
  6. Hmm okay something still is going wrong for me. If I duplicate the corner shelf, etc, everything works great, BUT -- It always has the existing rusty tankard and bowl on it, no matter what else I parent to it. And if I get rid of the rusty tankard and bowl for MINE, they're also gotten rid of for the vanilla. I tried making my own workbench keyword "AllaFurnishSmallHouseKW" I added that to the workbenches for that room (primarily because I couldn't actually figure out which was the "House" and which was the "Entryway", but anyway...) and everywhere else the keyword from the duplicated item had been, such as the form lists The item no longer showed up in the crafting menu So I put back the vanilla keyword, and it showed up, and I could one-click furnish the house, BUT I still had to leave the tankard and bowl alone, or they didn't show up in vanilla either. Then I tried duplicating the corner shelf in the render window, parenting only my stuff to it -- same result. Either the tankard and bowl were gone for everything, or present for everything. I tried placing a "NobleCornerShelf" in the right spot and -- CK wouldn't allow me to "select reference in render window" or any other way. What super-obvious thing am I missing? (Other than my mind, but I lost that about three saves in to this mod attempt.) EDIT -- The trouble seems to be, no matter what I do, MY object is not the one created at the workbench. My "misc item" shows up in the crafting window, but what it creates is the vanilla version with the cup, bowl, snowberries, and wall basket. The bench insists on creating the BYOH noble shelf, NOT the AllaNobleShelf. Why?
  7. holy crap it worked finally! LOL well, onward now.... ETA -- Now, if I remember from the first time I almost got this right, what I do now is.... Place all the stuff in that room, such as the shelf, a static bowl, a chair and table, a retextured bed, a bookshelf, and a non-respawning strongbox (just for examples) Set all those things to "initially disabled" Make the shelf the "Enable object" by clicking on it in the render window for each thing And if possible, change the name from "Corner Shelf" to "Furnish Small House" Right?
  8. You know, I'm almost to the point where I would do my own workbenches, provided I could have a way of doing "Enable Alla's Bench OR Enable Vanilla Bench". Let me try redoing the KW , and then if it still dun't play fair, I'll pop you the esp (it's boring at the moment, no fun textures, just . the . dang . shelf and my NIF for the main hall.
  9. Didn't see your answer, Ishara... That'll teach me to hit Refresh Page first. Okay, what I have so far is AllaBYOHInteriorPart023ShelfCorner - MiscItem, with the BYOHBuildingObjectInteriorScript and my own keyword AllaBYOHBuildingInteriorPart023ShelfCornerKW in their proper spots (Basically, I duplicated the corner shelf item, then added my keword and deleted its original keyword) Recipe (COBJ) - Created Object = AllaBYOHHouseInteriorPart023ShelfCorner, Workbench Keyword AllaBYOHBuildingInteriorPart023ShelfCornerKW and Conditions are Target = PL (player), Function name = GetItemCount, FunctionInfo = MiscItem AllaBYOH...Shelf, Compare is == , value 0, variable AND I added mine to the same formlists as the one I duplicated (there were like 6 of them) annnnd I'm still getting nothing in the workbench menu in game. Now, that could possibly be because I need to do something to the script itself. I'm a bit antsy about doing that, because I can't compile scripts. No matter what I do (and I've tried every solution there is), my Windows10 won't enable the .Net Framework 3.5, which is what every dang compiler, including the CK's own, uses to work. Heck I've even tried reinstalling Win10 and letting it update or play with anything it wants, and it STILL won't let me enable that thing. It always says it can't find the files, and so I download them and then it says it can't find the files so I give up and scream.
  10. I should maybe mention I already have the NIF for the three floor plans (Alla Basic, Alla Towers, Alla Porches are their working names) so the game would only have to add and place one thing at a time for exterior and one for interior, kinda like each of the infinite "build this piece" clicks do for the vanilla house and its insides. It's always seemed to me that whoever coded HF went a little stupid. I mean good gods, "Build Small House foundation, wall support, walls, roof beams, roof, partridge in pear tree, and stuff" versus "Build Foundation, Walls, and Roof". And it's always irritated the living daylights out of me that the stuff is called "BYOHHouseInteriorThingPart0001000101010" instead of "BYOHInteriorCornerShelfwithStuff" and numbered 01,02,03 instead of Room01Plan99Piece47OtherDesignator55, without ever telling you what the heck it is, which means you have to open every dang thing in the CK before you can see if it's the bit you thought you wanted, because it's probably not that corner shelf, it's probably the pear tree for that partridge.
  11. Actually, kinda both! I'd like to use the HF crafting system to do this: Make the "Small House" blueprint Build the "Small House" Now, once you have the "Small House" built -- Back to the drafting table, and instead of just "Main Hall", you now see "Main Hall" and "Alla's Hall" (or whatever, you get the idea) Back to the carpenter's bench -- you can either build build build the vanilla main hall and turn the "Small House" into the Entryway OR You can build "Alla's Hall" which builds the whole thing at once. (One build-click instead of the elventy-one you have to do for the vanilla main hall - but you would still have to do the "Turn house into Entry" separately.) Inside, you can either click click click furniture vanilla style OR You can click "Alla's Ground Floor" and furnish the whole downstairs, then click "Alla's Upper Floor" and get all the beds, toy boxes, rusty tankards at once. So, basically -- At the carpenter's bench, One click builds "Main Hall".... or Main Hall with 3 Towers or Main Hall with 3 Porches At the work bench, One click furnished upstairs... or downstairs... or North Tower... or East Wing Does this make sense to either of you? Or am I being overly ambitious and wanting to do the impossible?
  12. Thanks, Max, that's good food for thought. And heya Ishara, great to see you! No, I don't mind using a different but similar system to craft stuff -- that's not a problem at all, and it's a good idea! What I wanted to do (for example) is build the house as usual. But in the Main Floor, I don't want a dining table and chairs, I want oh... say a bar and stools. And one thing I'd like to do is build the whole house, all at once -- Entryway, Main House, North Tower (again, for example). I figured what I'd do would be to duplicate the "main floor" thing from HF, but add the tower to the description -- increase the required items so you still need the total logs, nails, rabbit's feet, or whatever, but be able to construct it all at once. That part actually seems to be fairly easy (tho I haven't made a character and tested it yet.) It was the insides, the furnishings, that's messin' my little head up. But thanks to both of you, I may be able to figure things out! Yay, much appreciated.
  13. I'm pretty sure this has been asked and answered before, and I'm pretty sure there is a tutorial out there somewhere but I can't find it anymore. (I've just spent four hours "googling" and searching here... I have no life, apparently!) How the heck do you use the workbenches to create or add your own items to a HF house? I know you can stick something -- let's say a table -- into the cell, place it where you want it, and then make it enable-able (is that a word?) from the primary item you select at the proper workbench. But how the heck do you extrapolate that to, for instance, having the table ITSELF be the primary item you create? If anyone has a tutorial for this, that isn't a video (I can't hear, so vids aren't an option because they make no sense without, well, the instructions lol) or if anyone knows how to do this, I'd love some links or info! I'm *not* looking for a mod to do this for me, I just want help to figure out how to do it myself. Thanks!
  14. Link for the HF Multiple Adoption mod tutorial added to front page. Keep in mind -- that tutorial is for use with a specific multi-kid mod, but it works perfectly.
  15. I realise this topic is sort of necro'd, but -- Remember, you have to be LEVEL 22 for Skald or Brina to send you after the giant -- which is the quest you have to complete along with WN, before you can be thane.
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