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  1. Title. The bloom effect is incredibly obnoxious in this game. It's most noticeable in the Coral Highlands.
  2. it can be done via memory editing with cheat engine. i had it working but updates broke the values, i will reacquire the addresses and post a table here. note that the values only effected camera distance, not fov edit - here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/file/35clhqjd6ax99d1/Cam.CT/file attach the table to monster hunter, go into a quest/expedition, toggle the script and change the camera values to your liking. turn the script off while in the hubs and when a hunt is complete, the game will crash if the script is enabled during a loading screen. doesn't break anything to my knowledge, tho i'm not sure how stable the script itself is. you will almost certainly need to have the "stealth edit" plugin for cheat engine, but i'm pretty sure i'm not allowed to directly link to that so you'll have to google that one
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