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  1. You still need the resources in the override folder I believe (erf files materialobjects, modelhierarchies, modelmeshdata_fdp and the gda's). I have done this and tested and it worked.
  2. This might come across ignorant but I really do not see the logic of improving accessibility for a group to in turn cause eye pain/strain in another group when you can still have accessibility without causing eye pain/strain. But that is me. @polymorphic2346 I really wonder about this nexus reluctance on compromising with this theme. Is because it is their colours? That they feel obligated to accommodate only one type of accessibility group over another more? Or my theory is more leaning towards looks better in mobile and just happens to also somewhat check other boxes. So far it looks like that high contrast can affect those with no known existing eye issues at all but also those with myopia, astigmatism, halation, dyslexic, etc. So saying it is for "accessibility" despite the cost of actually causing pain/discomfort to a variety of people and telling us to figure it out on our own with an extension seems insult to injury. I mean we don't even have 300 unique posters in this thread yet giving feedback and high contrast issue is a top concern in this thread by about 9% of the posters. Profiles "About me" and it's editor are not a high traffic place; I'd be more interested on the response when this hits mod pages/articles. I think the bump of high contrast complaints will rise and get worse as those are force to stare at it for hours setting up mod description pages and articles. But it may never actually be a majority group but it will most likely be noticed by actual modders stuck editing these high contrast edit pages. I just hope it is fixed/compromised out before forced on us. This really grinds my gears "to go more mobile focused" on a site that you need a PC to upload/download the mods... but I am not ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet. Some people will not notice the eye strain unless they have previous bad experiences with it or spend enough time on those pages to notice discomfort. And a compromise can accommodate both concerns pretty easily; it is not like a re-coding nightmare to fix/adjust the CSS when enough people complain. But I will be very disappointed if the complaining group over the high contrast increases to 15% or more of the feedback and still no compromise is made. I think even if it was only 5% of nexus modders complaining; I think a compromise would still be more than reasonable over something actually causing pain. The fact they straight up said no—is frankly insulting as a modder. I feel forced from the site due to the high contrast and by saying "figure it out with an extension" as their response feels like salt on the wound. Sorry I didn't intend for this to turn into a rant XD
  3. Yes, the actual text on the "about me" page and the editor display does look like it is #FFFFFF on a near blackest black. I was rather upset when it was insinuated by both devs/moderators I was counter-productive in the conversation for insisting on this.
  4. You can always add your tattoo via chargenmorphcfg.xml file or add your custom .mor via .das file (that is what I do to add custom earrings in beard slot). edit: but the problem with a custom mor via .das file is it messes up the shapeshifting forms in the fade (so I remove the custom mor just for the fade: lost in dreams).
  5. So far it looks like they don't care the new colour scheme with the high contrast is causing eye strain in some, just like the forums new darker theme (but for now we can revert but they said it won't stay). I very much liked your compromise grey example earlier in the thread, darker than classic but still easy on the eyes. Some of us are being very vocal and insistent that this is something they need to reconsider; it is just too high of contrast. There are about 6 top concerns on this thread and one is the high contrast/eye hurt causing colour theme. So far not enough people have complained but I'd say about roughly 9% of the feedback in this thread agree the high contrast is either too much and/or eye strain/hurt causing. But I have a feeling when this theme moves to mod pages/articles (or full on forced) it will increase—since mod pages/articles are text heavy. I personally spend hours on mod pages/articles editing, I simply will no longer be able to do that under this current beta colour theme.
  6. I think that the character creator sometimes forces default tattoos (if it is a race that has a default tattoo Dalish Elf/Dwarf Commoner). I think I had a similar problem with Dalish elf when trying to use the DA2 Merrill tattoo, it kept forcing the default but I could select it in the tattoo section afterwards. I always get that error it has never been an issue.
  7. The new placeholder images are a better contrast/match. But the primary images still look tacky as heck without the crop scaling like classic. Sorry this is still a downgrade to me and I doubt I am the only one who will think this—it just will be more noticeable on mass. When you expand this to search/mod lists for games all the mismatched image sizes will drastically lower the professional look of the site (the blur is not exactly a fix nor makes it look much better), especially from those now inactive here to not correct the look of their primary images—who originally scaled their images to fit the original image scaling setup. I'll have to re-crop all images and I have no idea how to ratio it out to not look like carp . Previous scaling was much easier for me to work with setting up primary images. I only have just over a dozen primary images; I can only imagine those who have countless mods they have to rescale to fix this. But I guess it looks great on mobile which is clearly your priority. Not that the dev team seems to care about this, since eye strain that causes actual discomfort to a range of people providing feedback means nothing to them; so why care over image continuity and visual harmony in display.
  8. The rings? I made a mod to remove self and combat rings (others may have too). Just replace files with blank/transparent files instead.
  9. Windows' blue screen of death is pretty intense, and I am only nearsighted.
  10. If I could give a *hug* reaction I would. I never intended to upset you. I just still want you in the conversation because you still are an opinion worth weighing in the conversation. I still want you to have some something you want—despite the growing concern over the high contrast. But it is something we can stop talking about between us if that is what you want.
  11. Sorry, it is just from the feedback on the high contrast. As you pointed out it was the only option for you. I was hoping if we could find an option that could work for all of us then, I'd feel better rather than those of us simply campaign against it.
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