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  1. you are a beautiful individual, thank you so much any idea why skyrim would just decide "ehh you don't need controls anymore"?
  2. Hey all so I literally cannot activate anything in my skyrim game I tried loading back to my earliest save but after a certain amount of time it just stops letting me do anything at all I tried to console: player.tai but that didn't work Here's a list of what I can't do: Active anything (things don't even highlight for me to press e on them) draw my weapon open up my inventory open up my map open up anything really Here's a list of what I can do: Open up the Esc menu (to save/load and whatnot) Run and sprint around Cry I can't pick things off of tables, talk to anyone, open any doors, open any of my menus There are tears and screaming help me kind sirs/madams Also yes I've got mods, they've been looted, they've been cleaned, they've been bashed, haven't added anything new in awhile soooo not really sure what is going on
  3. lol, oh yeah I forgot to mention... NEVER use Steam Workshop mods. They're almost always outdated, and Steam has a truly terrible method of mod management. Never use them, and just use the Nexus version instead. I can play finally... its... so... beautiful...
  4. HOLY WOSDUJGLKSADHFA:OSIFHPAOISDFHSAUILFASH:FIADHFUAHUSDPUP I FIXED IT! I AM GOD! Also I guess this means I have to marry my middle child and give myself a goat... but anyway I haven't singled it down to a single mod yet BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT It was one of thirteen orange's mods which I got off of the steam workshop... lesson learned... I got rid of all of them and hey: MY GAME NO LONGER CRASHES AAAAAHHHHHH AAAAAHHHHHH I CAN'T STOP THE SCREAMING!
  5. Grr I wish it was this! I tried it to no avail, I even did a complete uninstall of immersive creatures and cleaned my saves and still crashes in that evil space... why u do this Skyrim!?!?!
  6. Ok so here is a list of the mods I've uninstalled, cleaned game, then tried that same area and still had the crash, as far as I can tell these would be the ones that actually affect the area I'm walking into: Skyrim 2k Texture-LandScape Amidianborn Landscape Skyrim Flora Overhaul Skyrim Lush Ogmund's Tomb Enhanced Camera Skyrim 2k Texture-Misc Also there is a bunny that I always see... I don't think the bunny is the problem but I always see that little hell-bit...
  7. Oh ok thank you =D, what should be at the bottom, the merged patch or the bash patch?
  8. Such... Such Sad... I still can't get it to work I need a blanket for my tears... on another note, the goat is till up for grabs
  9. KK thank you for the responses, I'll try undoing SOS (lol) if the other doesn't work out first. And the only ones i've optimized are the texture mods, is this bad? Tried this once and I didn't get it to work, should be noted that it affects all of my save games and not just this one, will continue to finagle
  10. Thank you for the post friend, sadly this did not fix it, I was hopeful but alas
  11. Just cleaned the scripts and loaded into the game, crashes at same place... Sad day...
  12. Its actually just after Bleak falls Barrow, I exit the barrow and as soon as I start heading down the mountain to the river CTD, I also tried to teleport riverwood and approach that same area but still crash and sadness. Thank you for the cleaners though I am applying them now and will post the results. Do you think I'm hitting the 3.1gb limit? I have a lot of 2k textures but they are all optimized and it is only in specific locations.
  13. Hello my people, I am getting CTD's outside certain areas and cannot. for. the. life. of. me. fix. this. crap. I'm going a little insane and it hurts, I just want to play Skyrim with my happy mods. First I use Loot. Then I used that one program that optimizes all of your textures. Then I used TESV Edit, followed all of Gopher's instructions to clean my mods and my masters. I then made a merged patch (making sure to delete the leveled lists out of it). I then made a Bash Patch. Used loot again to sort everything. For the most part my game works. Except outside certain places (the exit to Bleak Falls Barrow for instance, Also I can't start a new game due to crazy carriage but I saved right before character creation so whatever). But I need to go to those certain areas that cannot. Its really annoying and I'm hoping one of yall can tellme why I'm an idiot and what I need to do to fix and get my game running correct. This is the loot sorting... I just want to fix whatever it is that I need to fix, please someone help me, I will give you my middle child and a goat as dowry. Be it said I've tried to troubleshoot everything I've looked at all the mods and they should play nice according to the readme's unless I'm missing something horrendous. Skyrim.esmUpdate.esmUnofficial Skyrim Patch.espDawnguard.esmUnofficial Dawnguard Patch.espHearthFires.esmUnofficial Hearthfire Patch.espDragonborn.esmUnofficial Dragonborn Patch.espApachiiHair.esmRSkyrimChildren.esmClimatesOfTamriel.esmSchlongs of Skyrim - Core.esmSexLab.esmSPERG.esmSkyUI.espAMB Glass Variants Lore.espBetter Dynamic Snow.espAuto Unequip Ammo.espClimatesOfTamriel-Dragonborn-Patch.espClimatesOfTamriel-Nights-Level-2.espRaceMenuPlugin.espHothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.espAzarHairPonyTail 03 - Havok.espdD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.espSPERG-DG.espWetandCold.espDifferently Ebony.espEnhancedLightsandFX.espELFX - Exteriors.esp3DNPC.espFCO - Follower Commentary Overhaul.espHARODATH_ImmersiveSoulgems.espHDT Female Hairstyles.espKawaii Face Presets.espChesko_WearableLantern.espSOS - VectorPlexus Muscular Addon.espHelmetToggle2.02b.espSMIM-DragonbornTernFix.espRSChildren - Complete.espFreckleMania.espSkyrim Immersive Creatures.espRebirth Monster.espethereal_elven_overhaul.espELFXEnhancer.espClimatesOfTamriel-Dungeons-Hazardous.espUndeath.espMeara_follower.espNo More Glowing Edges.espRaceMenu.espRebirth Monster - SIC Patch.espResplendent - The Races Package.espResplendent - EEO Compatibility Patch.espRSChildren_PatchUSKP.espdD - Enhanced Blood Main.espSMIM-DungeonsCliffsIceSkirts.espSOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.espSMIM-FurnitureChestSnowFix.espSOS - Smurf Average Addon.espClimatesOfTamriel-Interiors-Cold.espWATER.espSoS - The Wilds.espCivil War Overhaul.espDeadlyDragons.espGDZZJJDH.espSkyrim Immersive Creatures - DLC2.espHebrock_Der Schatten von Meresis - EV.espHothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.espBee_V.espWATER DB Waves.espInconsequential NPCs.espBohanFollower.espHeimfeigr.espRun For Your Lives.espCloaks.espquest_thebiggertheyare.espmaleskirts.espquest_nomercy.espSkyrim Better Roads - All In One - Merged.espImmersive Patrols II.esptos_laintardale_hf.espSFO - Dragonborn.espquest_seaofghosts.espSMIM-FarmhouseFlickeringFix.espSoS - The Wilds-PatchCoT.espSPERG-DB.espSPERG.espSupreme Fog - CoT.espThe Dance of Death - Ultimate Edition.espTheEyesOfBeauty.espTKDodge.esptos_oakwood_hf.espSMIM-ShackRoofFixes.espNuvanja.espInigo.espAmazingFollowerTweaks.espImmersive Weapons.espaMidianborn_Skyforge_Weapons.espSchlongs of Skyrim.esptos_amber_guard.espSkyrim Flora Overhaul.espSMIM-ShackRoofFixesDragonborn.esptos_granitehall.espquest_pitfighter.espXidix Follower.espquest_sorcery.espWorldEaterBeater.espSofiaFollower.espquest_andtherealmsofdaedra.espWIZARD.espBonapart Classic.espBonapart Summon.espCompanionArissa.espTESV MERGE.espSC_KhajiitMorphs.espSpousesEnhanced.espUltimateCombat.espWATER DG.espWATER Plants.espThe Paarthurnax Dilemma.espMzarkWonders.espPP_OgmundsTomb.espRitual Armor of Boethiah.espApocalypse - The Spell Package.espIMAGINATOR - Visual Control for Skyrim.espquest_pitfighter_dlc01.espIMAGINATOR - MCMenu.espKnight Of Thorns Armor.espApocalypse - SPERG Compatibility Patch.espMedusa and Drakul Armors.espBashed Patch, 0.esp
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