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  1. UPDATE: I used this Vortex extension by mihaifm to temporarily solve the problem until Vortex officially provides one: Broom - The Loose File Sweeper I created a custom .broom file that hides any *.ghost file in my load order. Spectacular extension btw, totally worth checking out!
  2. @1ae0bfb8 @Pickysaurus Thanks for the feedback.. I was starting to think I was crazy and just not seeing what I was doing wrong. I'll submit a ticket via the app. Thanks again folks.
  3. Vortex v1.4.14 Skyrim SE 900+ Mods Installed Windows 10 x64, latest updates (7/27/21) Cyclic Rules from Ghosted Plugins I use multiple profiles for the purpose of merging plugins, and once the plugins are merged, they're then disabled and ghosted for the sake of ensuring I don't accidently toggle them back on erroneously. Once the merge is complete, I then switch back to the primary profile. EDIT: I have 303 Ghosted plugins currently, all involved in various merges, I noticed some cyclic rule errors, and began troubleshooting like usual but noticed that I was receiving cyclic errors from plugins that are flagged as Ghost. I'm hoping that a ghosted plugin is treated as if it doesn't exist, thus their temp rules wouldn't apply to the greater load order. Is this not the case and I'm simply using the new Ghosting feature incorrectly? My solution is to wipe all of those rules that were used for the merging profiles, and/or move the ghosted plugins into a different subfolder... but I'd rather not for obvious reasons. Thoughts? Suggestions? Am I missing something? Thanks! :smile:
  4. Honestly, FNIS is kind of a thing of the past at this point. Nemesis is far more robust, thorough, and vastly less limited. I strongly suggest checking it out. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/31667 PCEA from Nexus and latest Nemesis software from Github-- all described in the description in the above link.
  5. I know I'm really late, but I'm gonna say it anyway. Make sure Particle Patch overrides every mod in this list, except for Reduced Glow FX. So the order should be: [all mods] Particle Patch Reduced Glow FX FYI, High Poly Project recommends that you let it overwrite the Particle Patch. A lot of outdated info in this thread, which is why I'm chiming in. We should be archiving this thread as being outdated and no longer a proper source of modern load order information. Too many discrepancies to make it a credible source of load order insight.
  6. A lot of trolls on this forum so I'm going to reiterate the original poster's question because I don't think you guys understand WHY he's asking: He has a lot of esp's loaded because he's likely doing a large bundle guide like Lexy's LOTD mod/merge guide, and he's looking for something similar to plugin "MERGE PLUGINS HIDE" plugin for MO2 that allows you to load up a ton of plugins slated for zEdit merging, and have MO2 automatically disable (hide) those plugins that once they've been merged and made redundant. When merging massive amounts of mods (like I do) you'll want ever little quality-of-life advantage you can get when setting up complex profiles for the purpose of different functionality--- now that you guy understand the WHY, let's go back to the original question... because I also want to know the answer.. Does Vortex have a plugin/addon that will allow us to auto-disable specific .esp files (not the mod itself), sort of like the above "Merge Plugins Hide" plugin for MO2 does. If not, then we should petition to add rule-based functionality for auto-disabling/enabling esp files based on a criteria.
  7. ModPicker:09320B90
  8. Technically, posts are never really deleted or eliminated-- they're just set to "hidden" by the page author. Admin can always see/review hidden posts at any time, despite the community at large not being able to see it.
  9. Dark0ne does not believe in having any more "must do" items in order for authors to publish their mods than absolutely necessary. Authors are not required to tag their mods at all. Nor to categorize them. Nor do anything other than provide a working mod who's description accurately reflects what the mod does. Anything more is completely voluntary. So you can "ask nicely" and hope more authors take the actions you want, but that's about it. hey Thandal, thanks for chiming in bud. And yeah, I totally get what you're saying, I just think it would be cool to get more "opt out" options from seeing mods that are unknowingly circumventing the filter system. Not a deal breaker, just an annoyance. Edit: Drake answered my question pretty directly regarding the tag system. Much appreciated! Cheers!
  10. Addendum: Yup, people simply aren't tagging their content appropriately, the following mod as one example: Kynreeve Armor Turkish Translation People have been manually trying to tag it appropriately as Turkish, (I added my +1, making a total of +2) but the author still needs to approve said tag, but the author only tags it as "Translation" and not a specific language. I unfortunately can't filter out "Translation" as an available option because that might filter out foreign content that was translated into English. How do we go about increasing more awareness for uploaders to tag more accurately without coming off as being unfriendly?
  11. Hey Pickysaurus, I really appreciate your reply. :smile: Unfortunately, I already had the languages blocked on my profile, however I did notice some additional ones that I skipped-- sadly, those languages were not relevant to the mods still being shown on my HOT/More Mods menu. I've since blocked everything except English, and yet they remain on my HOT/More Mods splash page. I don't think tags play any role in what gets shown on the HOT/More Mods menu unless you go into Advanced Search options. If tags ARE supposed to be taken into effect on the splash page, then I must inform you that it isn't functioning as intended. What else have you got? :smile: EDIT: I might add that a big issue is that uploaders are not doing their due diligence in properly labeling/tagging their content. If the tag functionality does in fact get blocked like you said from the splash page, then it's likely that a large amount of non-English translation uploads simply aren't tagging their content appropriately.
  12. I know this sounds like an English speaking entitlement request, but when I come to the HOT Mods and More Mods section of my favorite game, looking for what's new, I hate having to scroll through piles of translation mods just to find something new. Alternatively, I imagine some of our non-English speaking community members would like to filter and see only their preferred language translations that are newly added. REQUEST: Please add a language filter button like you do for the Advanced Search menu, or allow us to specify in our profile that we only want to see content of certain language types/origins. 11 out of 20 showcased mods on my Hot/More Mods splash page are for non-English translations for the same stuff I already have, or have already seen. That means 55% of the showcased content being recommended to me isn't even in my native language. :sad: FIX: Add a Language Drop-down to the main splash page?
  13. Wanted to address this in case a newbie reads this and doesn't realize you can already do this. I personally download all of my downloaded mod zip files onto my Archive drive, but tell Vortex to install the mods into a Vortex mod folder on my Games drive along-side my Steam and other games. No need to place your mod download folder on the same precious game drive, you just need to make sure the installed mod folder is on the same drive as your game. This is all done in settings, like others have explained.
  14. 1) Renaming mods and adjusting categories: - You can do this, double-click on the mod once installed in the mod menu, which brings a side-menu to scroll out. This side menu has all sorts of stuff, including the ability to change the displayed mod name and category designation. 2) Dragging mods into the Vortex mod folder. - You can do this, but Vortex wont refresh it's menu to show the folders (mods) you copy/move into the Vortex mod folder until you restart Vortex, I do this all the time, takes only a few seconds to restart Vortex and then voila, all of those folders are now visible on your Mod menu. After you've restarted Vortex, go to the mods menu, find your newly added mod, double click on it to bring out that side-menu again-- then hit the source dropdown, select "Nexus Mods", which should populate some other stuff automatically, (you might have to select the "Game Section" dropdown, but in most cases you wont have to) then hit the "guess" ID button or enter it in manually if you already know the ID. After you're done this, go ahead and select all on your mod menu again, and hit the "Check for mod updates" button on the top toolbar. This should go through and further sync your mods up with the appropriate nexus page. EDIT: Alternatively to the above method of dragging mods into the Vortex mods folder, you can drag stored zip files for the mods you've downloaded in the past directly into the "Drop URL(s) or File(s)" box at the bottom of the "Downloads" menu. Hope this helps, let us know if you need any more tips on finding stuff, we're all here to help! :smile:
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