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  1. In response to post #92334408. #92334578, #92335188, #92336563, #92338233, #92339743, #92340123 are all replies on the same post. @BigBizkit - Spore is alright, Best stages are cell and creature. Tribal and civilization stages are "meh" and Space stage can feel more like work once you have colonies established. They could of definitely of done space stage better.
  2. Not a bad idea, although it should be noted that Vortex does not have a Linux release (yet!). That's the point, Steam's proton (aka Steam Play) is a compatibility layer based off of W.I.N.E. that can run a number of windows only games (not all work but a number do). If it can work via proton, it would buy more time and give linux users something. A Linux version would most certainly be best, but until one is made and released.. I'd figure pushing to steam would be quicker and easier for the time being.
  3. An idea, why not upload vortex to steam in addition to having it available here? For those using steam it makes the install maybe a little more easier, but even better it would provide a much easier way to install on Linux and the like via Steam's proton.
  4. Update: Turns out the answer was no. Had to handle it all within terminal selections.
  5. No, because my question is about wether or not a script attached to a terminal item will still run/re-run if you access that terminal item as a submenu. I just later explained what I was trying to do.
  6. So my question is, will scripts attached terminals still get ran if you access that terminal as a submenu from another terminal? I'm trying to setup a thing in my Obscurum Revised mod where you can add the workbenches, lab, etc but the house bot has to have some materials first (because the equipment being added is broken or incomplete) and your commanding the bot to add the stuff from a terminal in respective store the idea being you give the bot the parts and the terminal submenu script checks the respective inventory for said parts and determines available options. I'm hopping to attach a script that runs onActivate (with the success options going back to the main menu area for the bot's options to recheck intentory/refresh) to perform the checks as oppose to having each option run it as part of a screen refresh each time you successfully add something. I hope I was clear enough.
  7. Yea I ended up having Name selection (which is automatically the first thing that gets run, not sure from where atm), Sex selection running before transition/fade into vertibird. Race Menu and Tagskills and Special menus are triggered after the crash sequence.
  8. I abandoned that script and opted for something different so i never actually figured out the problem. My Edit of my last post was relating to rigging the new thing so that skill tag isn't coming up at the same time as race menu anymore. It's clear to me though that there is something wrong with the timer checks for the menustage stuff as it runs without the timer stuff (skill tag just overlays with race menu with that too, thus was going for a timer thing with it in a attempt to prevent it). I just don't know though why though the setup wasn't working. Oh well found alternative way of handling chargen, though a less efficient then a one script solution but ya do what ya gotta do.
  9. I ended up doing a thing with a back to back quest progression for it. Only problem I'm having is timing the racemenu sense it's a different animal then the other menu's, been having a issue with tag skills coming up on top of the race menu screen since it's too darn slow to come up versus the other menus so trying to figure out how to bring it up without tagging coming up at the same time. EDIT: Worked it out, for this at least. Will have to work on script timing for the future as well as work out how long to set a delay for the racemenu, for now got it rigged up to work as it needs to.
  10. "Also, your use of getseicondspasses is suspect." - Not really, before this, I had the getsecondspassed for the racemenu part and it failed to load.
  11. Trying to do a somewhat revised version of Obscurum, atm working on fixing the chargen, but with what I have so far it won't go past the Race Menu, obviously I'm missing up with the delay timing somehow but dunno what I'm doing wrong. Here is the script: scn 0SexSelectionScript short buttonVar short awaitingInput Short DoOnce short MenuStage short timer Begin GameMode if DoOnce == 0 Set DoOnce to 1 showmessage CG00ChooseSexMessage set awaitingInput to 1 elseif awaitingInput == 1 set buttonVar to getbuttonpressed if buttonVar > -1 set awaitingInput to 0 if buttonVar == 0 player.sexChange male 1 Set DoOnce to 1 player.moveto PlayerMarkerVerti removeimagespacemodifier MQ08AllBlackedOutISFX set MenuStage to 1 elseif buttonVar == 1 player.sexChange female 1 Set DoOnce to 1 player.moveto PlayerMarkerVerti removeimagespacemodifier MQ08AllBlackedOutISFX set MenuStage to 1 else endif endif endif if MenuStage == 1 ShowRaceMenu set timer to (getsecondspassed + 1) set MenuStage to 2 endif if MenuStage == 2 && getsecondspassed > timer SetTagSkills 3 set timer to (getsecondspassed + 1) set MenuStage to 3 endif if MenuStage == 3 && getsecondspassed > timer SetSPECIALPoints 45 set timer to (getsecondspassed + 1) set MenuStage to 4 endif if (MenuStage == 4) && (getsecondspassed > timer) SetInCharGen 0 addachievement 3 player.cios 0CrashStartSpellSpell set MenuStage to 0 StopQuest 0SexSelectionQuest endif end
  12. Ok turns out I just needed to get/do the Intel HD Graphics Bypass (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/17209) and the problem went away for me.
  13. Whenever I try open up a weapon or loadup some cells I get a error like this with it just closing the Geck afterwards regardless of what is selected: http://i68.tinypic.com/2hpja1i.jpg This is with stuff from vanilla too. Tried just loading the fallout esm and this occurs. I don't know how to fix this. Using a manually installed GECK updated to version 1.5. Tried with normal and Geck Extended. (Using Windows 7 btw)
  14. I didn't see this on the forum, so I guess I'll mention it. It's well known that when you make a new open helmet/hat/head accessory that uses a existing mesh, whether it's a simply a clone or a retexture, it tends to equip sideways. The fix for this is pretty simple. Make sure you save your esp/esm file in question and exit the GECK and open up FNVEdit, if you haven't already. - Load up your esp in FNVEdit and go to the item(s) in question. - Go down to "Male biped model" and at the empty section next to "MODD - FaceGen Model Flags" right-click and select Add. - Select "Head" or if you using a older version of FNVEdit (for some reason) replace the default zeros with a "1" (Repeat for the female biped model section if applicable). - Exit FNVEdit (with it saving the esp of course). Done. Figured I'd post this for those who still don't know.
  15. Same, I want to have adguard turned off for the nexus, but won't while there are pop ups, especially ones like this stream/video thing the popups on almost every page you go to. They want people to allow ads but then allow crap like this and wonder why people block the ads. Silent banner and silent side ads is fine, though having video ads period can help lag the page.
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