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  1. Here is how I see it, they didn't mention production time so it means they probably only spent three years or so on it and they are no Obsidian. That's a hard fact. 100% online means no single player you will have solo play but you are going to run into other players. Runs on their Servers they could not even handle the traffic last night creation club went out, their Bethesda.net Launcher could not handle the load, that is not a good sign for launch day. The fact they want you to purchase the game first to get into the BETA as a bonus... They only want those who are loyal to a fault to put out anything to the game. It being 100% online, not listed on Steam, The creation Club, The Bethesda.net launcher seeing more development, that only means one thing no third party mods, the only mods allowed will be though the creation club and they will cost $. Fully monopolized by Bethesda. Todd Howard's Troll at the end him saying it just works only shows his ego has gotten out of control. He has forgotten that it is the modders and the communities that have made it so their games even 16 years old still sell for 9.99 while on sale to 19.99 today almost two decades. That would not be possible if not for the modders fixing their bugs, look at all their games they really do need the unofficial patches. Also have a feeling all the people they have managed to piss off programming fans, modders that code we are going to see some crazy cheats for griefers. God Mode, Unlimited Ammo, Kill on Demand, and Nukes on Demand. The whole paid mod thing Valve walked away and was like ok we want no part of this, Then Bethesda even after the outrage did the creation club in both new editions of Fallout 4, and Skyrim SE and VR. Now we have this Fallout 76 another middle finger if you will. Notice on Steam pre-order is not up? I have a strong feeling they will be pushing their launcher even harder, the creation club of them controlling and profiting mods, and their own platform if you will for distribution. They already handed over all the past Fallouts and Dldar scrolls games to GOG to do none DRM because they are just done with them. They got a taste of greed, Pete Hines is also there, Todd Howard has forgotten what made his games successful due to his ego and they like that money. I do not blame them for it they are a company, but do not forget your roots, do not forget the fans that elevated you up to the top.
  2. Just wondering as the topic title states. Gameworks is an abomination if you are on anything bug nvidia. Just wondering if someone made an alternative yet with the script extender, and GPUOpen.
  3. Remove all modes I hope you used the nexus mod manager, or know where you put what, delete all Fallout 4 ini files in Documents>My Games>Fallout 4, In the steam directory in the Fallout 4 there is an ini file with the name fallout on it delete it, then there should be folder called Fallout 4 in your Fallout 4 folder, delete the ini in it. Start the game let it scan everything and you are good to go, any save games you have that had mods not much you can do to fix those. As for going back a patch not sure on that one you might have to use google Fallout 4 patch download or Fallout 4 pc patch download. There is also the other method above that someone beat me too, delete the game and re download and install.
  4. This guide is to help those with AMD that have cards that should be getting a nice steady 50-60 FPS, but keep hitting a wall. First lets cleanup and get the latest drivers Crimson 16.1.1 Hotfix Latest AMD Crimson Drivers 16.1.1 Hotfix Before you install the latest drivers I would suggest a clean install use both the AMD Clean Install Utility followed by DDU *note if your gpu is not supported on the supported gpu list, you will not be able to use Crimson, this guide will help but you will have to get the latest driver for your GPU/APU that are available, you will also have to know what GPU you have so you can manually select the right drive for your video card manually since Hotfix amd gpu drivers are normally not in the WHQL list for the auto detect* Between using RadeonPro, Shadow Boost . First you need to set the game to use 4 cores or however many cores your cpu has and priority using the Fallout 4 Configuration Tool I am getting about a steady 57-60 FPS. If you want to try shadow boost"I highly suggest it" its a big help make sure you set your shadow distance to Medium in game launcher, then in the shadowboost INI my sweet spot for my hardware ill post below. Unless they make it use multi/cores and threads or done on the GPU no one will be able to run Ultra Shadow Distance nor get 60 FPS without shadow boost to help with the transition dynamically changing shadow distance. So if you want to maintain a nice 50-60 FPS and still have your game looking good Shadow Boost is a must. Set tessellation in Crimson Global to override, set it to 6x, have not tried setting it back to AMD optimized or 8x or 16x again yet. God Rays unfortunately we cannot turn off in the latest patch game puts them on auto low. Using HBAO+ seems to increased my min FPS over the other method. The shadows unfortunately are tied to Bethesda's old method... but for many it will hinder performance AMD side, and it will increase your load times. We need to bombard Bethesda to implement GPUOpen honestly better than gameworks, opensource, and both AMD and Nvidia gpus can use it, with it being open source it will let Bethesda make performance improvements directly for both Card Manufacturers. Those that wish to use TAA because it takes care of the major AA issues in the game but the texture blurring is drive you crazy you will need to get Reshade Then follow this reddit post to apply LUMASHARPEN - SweetFX to unblur the textures. Download the ReShade Framework package and extract its contents. http://reshade.me/#download Launch Mediator.exe under the main ReShade directory. Click the Add button, browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4, and select Fallout4.exe and click Open. Make sure Direct3D 10/11 is selected, and click the Confirm button. Now close the Mediator utility, and launch it again, then select Fallout 4 from the drop-down box. Select the Pipeline tab, then tick the 'LUMASHARPEN - SweetFX' box. Click the 'LUMASHARPEN - SweetFX' text itself to open the sharpening settings. Raise the 'sharp_strength' slider to 2.0 and click the Apply button at the top right. You can come back and re-adjust the strength of the sharpening later to better suit your taste. ShadowBoost.ini [MAIN] fTargetFramerate=57.0 fDistChangeSpeed=5 fShadowDrawDistMin=2000.0 fShadowDrawDistMax=7000.0 Now for Radeon Pro setup to keep your gpu from downclocking in the game increasing performance inside and outside. Here is the Original Post I've found a workaround using RadeonPro: http://www.radeonpro.info (may work on other applications as well) Quick How-To: - Download & Install RadeonPro - Open RadeonPro and create a new profile pointing to Fallout4.exe - In the 'Overdrive' tab check 'Enable graphics overdrive' and 'Always use high performance clocks while gaming' (<< this one actually forces the proper clock speeds onto the GPU) - Apply these settings - Launch Fallout4.exe with RadeonPro running (NOT the launcher, you need to run the game executable or else this workaround won't work has to be done each time you play) *note you may have to restart your pc after installing/making changes like this for them to take affect in game. Only should have to restart your PC once. Remember for now on always launch the game using RadeonPro or you will get downclocking, lowered performance and fps. This is pretty much manditory just like shadow boost, but in a sense more so since this method lets the game utilize our gpus fully with overdrive.* If the game is crashing remove all your game changing mods, like weapions/armor/settlements/game mechanics. Next depending on what version of windows you have you will need to remove the Fallout 4 config files. Documents>My Games>Fallout 4 Remove all INI files in that directory, now go to your steam folder Steam>steamapps>common>Fallout 4 You will need to delete the Fallout4_Default.ini then there should be a Folder called Fallout 4 in your Fallout 4 directory go into it, now delete the Fallout4Prefs.ini as well. Once you do this Launch the game via steam, let the Fallout 4 launcher scan and configure the game, Once it is done go into options, set your Shadow Distance to medium, turn Godrays to low, set the depth of field to low, uncheck motion Blur. I just had someone who has an AMD R9 390 do all of this and his game is now running butter smooth just like my Fury X. This should help a ton of you out there. I found out about Radeonpro on the AMD forums for Fallout 4 the missing piece of the puzzle in my own and others performance issues. There will still be minor FPS drops in game that will last a split second or so due to of course shadows, and the LOD manager not working correctly in game that we brought up in beta and got ignored. But for the most part as long as there are no LOD issue spots, this guide will greatly improve your Fallout 4 gaming experience on AMD video cards. I think the Nvidia side is also suffering from the gpu downclocking, I have heard if you go into your steam settings>In Game> Enable the overlays FPS counter AND HIGH CONTRAST color it should help you guys using Nvidia gpus to some degree. That was discovered during the beta. Just confirmed with my 980 TI. Titan and 780 TI. It does work but only if you use Shadow boost as well. I will try to keep this updated will be making the jump to 1440p and Freesync soon on or after the 4th, already have an idea how to get it working fully with Fallout 4 but not going to post it until I do it myself get it ironed out then I will share how to setup the game for it to help others. Yes I know there are more methods from the texture mods, and so on, but this is to address issues with those that have issues for the AMD R9 series gpus that are running into big fps dips that should not be with mid to high range AMD gpus.
  5. I think they cranked all of those up since launch, I remember being able to read signs, folders and so on in the Vault at the start, since the new patches have come not so much, also notice many places have their lights blown out.
  6. You could always try to get the low res/optimized texture pack mod for low end systems here on the nexus Get the Fallout 4 configuration Tool make sure you tell it to use both of your cores in iHWThreads and also in the performance tab tell it to run the game as priority. Tell it to save and exit. Then get shadow Boost here on the nexus, I would set it to run from 2000 to 4000 at a speed of 3 or 4. DO NOT USE THE BETA PATCH... Then run the Fallout 4 launcher go to options. Set your resolution, AA you can try none to fxaa, TAA is not much of a hit but you will need to use ReShade and a sharpener so textures are now blurry. Anisotrophic Filtering you can proabably get away with 16 Samples. Click on Advanced Texture quality I would run it on high "if you have the modded low end system performance texture packs mod" Shadow Quality run it at medium or high Shadow Distance medium Decal Quality medium or high Lighting quality medium or high God Rays Quality turn it off Depth of field standard (low) AO you might get away with SSAO, but if not set it to off will give a nice boost in fps. Screen Space Reflections off Wetness off Rain occlusion you can probably leave that one on Motion Blur off Lense Flare On Under the View Distance Tab Object all the way to item fade set the sliders about in the middle. Distant object detail set that to low medium Object detail fade set that to low medium
  7. Odd because on startup, that is the only thing that will cause a stutter from the intro video to the garage shots is having too many save game files in your save game folder. I'm not quite understanding what you meant. I'm not having stutter or have ever had stutter during the intro video. It's only in game and random at that. "notice that there is a slight lag or stutter to the video" Thought that is what you meant startup of the game the video that is in it at the start with Perks to the camera panning, also I do know that the latest beta patch broke sli and crossfire for some, might want to check. Even with a good system and cpu of more than 4 cores the shadow renderer for distance only uses 1-2 cores... you could have one of intels new upcoming 10+ cores cpus that are priced at 1500 and it will still happen. Make sure SLI is working, and make sure you are using Shadow Boost.
  8. No preload or beta patch. As for armor mods, i do have the various cbbe conversions of armor sets and armor parts but i have not read anything about the issue i have on the pages for those mods. I have read on the Bethesda forums this happening to some people that's why I brought it up, try removing those mods. Any time you are playing a modded game, you should remove a mod one by one until you find out what one is causing the issue.
  9. Did you get the game before day one the preload? If so you might need to uninstall, back up the saved games folder, delete Fallout 4 preferences folder then the fallout 4 directory in your steam folder. Are you using the Beta Patch? If so, you will have to revert back it causes more problems them it fixes. Are you using mods? If so some mods with updates to the game can break the game, there is one mod that currently does this it does something to some type of armor. Best to wait for mods until the game is fully patched.
  10. They didn't know, not even Bethesda knew... bad stuff happens in Beta patches that's why its called a beta.=/
  11. Odd because on startup, that is the only thing that will cause a stutter from the intro video to the garage shots is having too many save game files in your save game folder.
  12. Since you said lag at the startup of the game. How many save games do you have? I do know when you first startup the game, the game scans all the save game files in the Save directory, once you start getting into the high MB close to the GB range the game will do that. Best thing to do is to go to all of your characters and make a new save for each, then exit the game, then go to your save game folder sort by date as a list, and delete all the old save games keeping the ones you just made. This should increase performance. I also know with nvidia forcing target framerate has helped with some mixed with windowed boarderless. Do not touch the steam beta patch, once you do your save games are ruined NPC's will no longer respawn in the world. Any games with the steam beta patch you will have to go back to a point you didn't play and save in the beta.
  13. If you want to game at 2560x1440 and if you are going to be playing fallout 4 you pretty much have just one option of what side of the fence, nvidia. cards 2x GTX 970's or 980 TI or a GTX titan... otherwise I would stick with 1920x1080 and go with a GTX 970 or a GTX 980 if you can get one under your price limit. You could even say get a big LED TV that does 1920x1080 of 50"+ and be very happy.
  14. Yeah did that and so have other people no response from Bethesda because not enough people have noticed and or are in the Beta. Kind of too late for that now on the saved games, have to wait for Bethesda to figure it out or someone on the nexus to figure it out.
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