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  1. hey, are you still around? Your Long 15 Reborn mod is really cool and I think that if you've decided to leave modding, you could leave an update that people are free to try to impove it themselves
  2. You mean when you pick up this key a message box appears or a note is added to your inventory? Well you Need to make a script amd apply the script to the key. ScriptName KeyNoteScript Begin onAdd If GetContainer == player Showmessage messageName. Player.additem notename 1 Endif End You will need to create your message under the Message section in the GECK and use its ID you create in place of Message name Likewise with the note you will need to create and use it's ID. This will show the message and add a your note to your inventory however you can just do one or the other. If this doesn't make sense i will make it clearer when im on my computer (on phone atm)
  3. Thanks for the Post, the ideas you have there about the Ravine Worldspace and ambush were similar to what I was thinking of after your first post much like in the Moonpath to Elsweyr Mod.But your ideas are really good and I would love to implement them once I have finished a majority of the workload however Would need advice with the scripting and quest element to your idea as it is not a strong point. I will add you on the nexus so I can PM you in the future about this :)
  4. Yeah that sounds like a good Idea , I won't be able to add it in just yet as I've got a lot of other things to finish but would be keen to hear your ideas :)
  5. Long 15 Trainline Was thinking of linking the trainline at the Long 15 with this Unused train tunnel in the Mojave Wasteland it is already in a fitting position.Opinions? http://i325.photobucket.com/albums/k389/HONEYB4DGER/Train_zpsbf812ae5.png Marked on the map here: http://i325.photobucket.com/albums/k389/HONEYB4DGER/trainline_zpsa83f37a8.png
  6. Began Work on this again after a long while of touch and go,couple of image updates on the mod page folks. http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/54961/
  7. Sorry nothing is being done to this at the moment been really busy the last month with revision exams in 2 week :O:O After i will be able to crack on and finish it.
  8. Oh right I gave him power armor to make him a stronger opponent in case you wanted to just loot the armory ahah :P I will see about the pond, but i kept it smaller because its a fresh water spring or supposed to be so keeps filling up with more water slowly but its being constantly drained for usage so wouldn't be very large.That's my opinion anyway :P
  9. This Wasn't the latest progress but also was intended to be complete. Colonel Royez is still currently a placeholder. Also I had intended for the quarter master to be wearing Power armor. The truck's tire clipping is hard to avoid especially when trying to edit land around them. Im not to sure about the casino yet I was going to turn the back room into a bar type area but It didn't look right I will see what I can do. I believe the missing meshes must be static collections I created.Will upload a new file with them. Near the spring there will be collision meshes preventing you jumping over the rocks, im not really sure what you mean by bigger? There will be creatures in the area but I had not got round to it for the alpha. Anyway thanks for all the feedback :) Will try sort most of it out p.s the tumble weed ... I don't even know it just hates people XD
  10. Well there should only be 1 inaccessible interior, that being the large L shaped building.I would but I can't use the grating as it is part of a large mesh and is not on its own.
  11. Sorry all haven't been able to work on this hardly at all recently due to revision etc.I have uploaded an alpha file.It is not the latest progress.It will allow you to see the general exterior area and most interiors.It is not a completed file. http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/54961/?
  12. For changing the screen color you use image space modifiers or ISFX's not the effect shader. I believe so anyway.If you want a base to work on look at the poison iSFX under image space modifiers.It previews in the render window.
  13. Nope and there's no reason why i see the mod would be dependent on them .. its a mystery :L
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