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  1. No problem i will help the best i can for you also google & youtube any of your problems, issues or concerns plenty of good info on building for noobs & pro's. But yes it is almost cheaper to buy a pre built so called gaming machine at this time because of this price gouging for ram & gpu's but you lose the fun & excitement of building it yourself plus picking out exactly what you want. Also those places that will build them for you online with the specific specs you want are a complete ripoff, heck i saw one place saying they will put the good thermal paste on your cpu or gpu for an extra $20.00 lmao you can buy the whole tube of arctic mx-4 for $5.99 on amazon for christ sakes & they want $20.00 for a dab on it.
  2. If you were in the states i would hook you up with one today i always have two or 3 built & ready to go, but the best i have video card on a newer one is a new Gigabyte or Asus Rog 1050 ti. I should have loaded up on the gtx 1060 or higher & the rx 580 when they were normal priced last year. Also i forgot to mention if you can find a gtx 970 $200 or less, 980 $275 or less, or 980ti $350 or less used those are still nice cards for 1080p gaming.
  3. If your looking for prebuilt look around on Amazon, Newegg or other online retailers. I have built well over a hundred the last 10 years for people in my area & if you need some help i'll to my best to assist. But for now i would say an i5 cpu or ryzen 5 series, 8 gigs of ram & can always go another 8gb when the prices become normal again, gtx 1060 6gb if you can afford it because just like ram/memory they are price gouging us at the moment, 240gb or larger gb ssd for operating system & a 2tb hard drive or larger especially if you have a ton of games & mods. Also not sure where you live but look into maybe a good used pc with atleast a 3rd generation i5 or i7 cpu & then you can add a better video card & more ram especially ddr3 which is very cheap on ebay used compared to ddr4 prices.
  4. What is your budget? If you can wait till amd ryzen cpu's hit the market i would do that and compare the intel cpu compared to ryzen cpu offerings price wise. The new b350 amd motherboards will be a sweet spot price with the ryzen cpu. Also look to ebay for a decent used intel skylake cpu like a i5 6500 or 6600 non k if you do not overclock. Your gpu is ok but if i had the $$$ and was starting over i would go with a gtx1060 6gb or rx 480 8gb for 1080p gaming. Your cpu is and i'm sorry to say this but a dog by today's standards when it comes to gaming. Let us know which way you go and if you got any questions ask there are plenty of peeps here who will tell you the truth and not let you waste your $$$ by being a fanboy to certain brands.
  5. Power Color rx470 4gb $159.00 Newegg this week comes with a new game called Hitman or a Power Color Red Dragon rx480 4gb for $179.99 this week. Not bad prices. That gtx 680 is long in the tooth by today's standards. If the game does not mean anything i think the best deal is the rx 480 should last you at 1080p gaming for the next 4 years. Both also come with backplates which i love.
  6. Also one other question what is your power supply name and wattage you may think about an upgrade there. I have the corsair RMx 850w & a 1000w in my stuff and love them because just like the new video cards the fan does not spin up until the hardware hits a certain temp. EVGA, Corsair, Seasonic , & upper end cooler masters are my choice. A good power supply is as important as anything else you use if not more so if a lower end takes a dump it could take out many other parts.
  7. Let us know which direction you go i am always curious to know. I looked up the gtx 680 vs 1050 ti and the 1050 ti won in about every game mainly because of better driver support from nvidia being a newer card. Nvidia is known for abandoning support for older cards real quick after there newer stuff hit's the market. I had the MSI 680 4gb card then went to the msi 970, still have it the ME Edition plus my gaming rig has a msi 1070 x version only reason being is a guy on ebay was hard up for cash and the card was a month old out the door i paid $300 for it. If you plan on just 1080p gaming or less i believe the gtx 1060 with 6gb of vram will last you for the next 4 years or a rx 480 8gb vram. After that then upgrade it all. I have been building and repairing computers, laptops & etc in my area for the last 10 years or so, i feel like i know what i'm talking about i am constantly keeping up with the latest hardware & to be honest you will benefit far more with a new gpu then upgrading your whole rig unless there is any issues with your other hardware mainly being your motherboard or very rare but i seen it once a cpu take a dump on you. I had a amd fx4300 take a dump after 2 months on a person once. They were not a gamer and who knows what happened i just replaced it and moved on. Also if you do decide to start a new i would look at micro center if you have one nearby for a new i7 because of motherboard bundled deals when buying a new cpu from them & Ebay for used cpu's i picked up my i7 6700k for $275 new also a regular i7 6700 for $240 used but perfect shape. Also the new amd zen cpu chips will be hitting the market very soon & rumor is for around $150.00 you will get i7 performance, we will see if that is true. Also one other thing to consider when you see these so called gamers or youtubers saying you got to have this or that most of them are after ultimate graphics and fps i usually set my games to high setting never maxed out and maybe i'm old and blind but i see no difference, they still blow away a console for me & also a lot of games are not that optimized like a skyrim or fallout where a 1060 or rx 480 is more than enough for them at 1080p gaming
  8. IMHO i would just upgrade your gpu if your rig is still running good to atleast a gtx 1060 6gb or gtx 1070 or maybe a rx 480 8gb not sure on amd cards i have never used them. Compared to your gtx 680 these cards will be a breath of fresh air to your rig.
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