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  1. Are there any prerequisites for being a tester? Honest Hearts and Someguyseries.esm. Additionally, I prefer for testers to have at least a passing knowledge of lore and mod management.I suppose I qualify then. I'd love to lend a hand.
  2. Yeah actual graphic sex in it's entirety is always a candid issue. It worked in Lady Chatterley's lover, but that's one of the few examples in classic literature in my opinion.
  3. Seems I'm the only one who liked the Romance. Sure, it's hard to even attempt "depth" in that relationship, with what is given to you while you are doing the main bounties questline, but I still liked what was left of that questline in the mod. I attempted to get the quests to work by spawning the quest related NPCs and even got to the "more intimate" part of the relationship but when you (SPOILER ALERT) are betrayed by Brookshire and the whole town is shot to s#*!, Felina survives and nothing else happens, everyone just stands there in silence even if you kill the NPCs that are meant to die by console commands, nothing really happens. Anyway, just an observation of mine. I do think Marko killing Felina (while she was pregnant too) would have added even more to the Courier's suffering but in the end maybe it's better and more wholesome without the romance and NVBIII is absolutely amazing as it is.
  4. Keep staring. Repeatedly.Is it even better than when he calls you a deranged necrophiliac? How to you get him to call you that?Say you will skullf*#@ him and won't be gentle.
  5. Do you have Wild Wasteland? If so, keep clicking. It will become available... eventually. Holy s#*!... I don't even know what to say to this. Someguy, you really outdid yourself this time.
  6. Well, for some reason I can't get any reaction out of Marko, no matter how often I stare :/
  7. Keep staring. Repeatedly.Is it even better than when he calls you a deranged necrophiliac?
  8. Just a friendly piece of advice from someone who has finished the mod. Leave them at home.
  9. Uh, let me get back to you on that one. I'm adding some additional recordings for the slideshow this evening.Absolutely, take your time. No need to rush in any way. Again, really looking forward to the mod and seeing how it all turns out. Also, I'm really excited to hear you want to make one last mod for New Vegas.
  10. Someguy, do you have an approximate idea as to the size of the mod in MB or KB and at what time you will upload it. I just wanna make sure to be one of the first ones to play it. Completely stoked for the mod!
  11. I've been personally thinking the same about Marko. It's much less a personal quest for revenge (though I'd feel inclined to do it for Randall) but more of curiosity. Looking at all the things we've heard of him, Marko seems like no character we've ever seen in the Fallout series. The fact alone that we've never even seen Marko, yet everyone wants to get his head is testament to how great someguy's storytelling is. Am I the only one who's ever asked themselves what "realistically" drives the Courier? I love how Autumn Leaves delt with it, basically implying that the Courier's psyche suffered from his brain injury/made him what he is.
  12. Someguy, do you have any estimate as to how large the mod will be in terms of MB/KB?
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