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  1. There shouldn't be any differences in the software. Both options have their pros and cons. If you choose to go digital, I'd suggest GoG.com because the Galaxy software is optional once you have installed the game, unlike Steam which has to be always on.
  2. Check out pale_rider's mods. He is a fan of Gothic 2 and I saw at least three Gothic inspired armour sets there.
  3. Seconded. Windows has security features that prevents most changes to the Program Files folders. Wrye Bash would not be able to do its thing in there.
  4. It compiles and saves fine for me when using CSE, but not using the vanilla CS. Are you launching the CS with OBSE? If so, it's possible that the mod is dependent on CSE.
  5. Maybe try something like this just to see exactly what is breaking: if (GetStage povssbravilquest == 20) set SleepingStatus to povssdroshanjiref.GetSleeping messagebox "Stage is 20 and Sleeping status is %.0f", SleepingStatus if (povssdroshanjiref.GetSleeping == 3) SetStage povssbravilquest 25 endif endif
  6. If you want a simple mod that gives you a permanent scamp that follows you around and fights on your side... I can whip that up for you. :)
  7. To ensure all possibilities have equal chance, simply roll again if the result is 96 - 99. From a practical perspective, would any player actually notice if some options are 1% more likely, even if they tally results with a pen and paper?
  8. Ah, I didn't realise this needed to be OBSE free. In that case, rather than dividing, I'd just stick to integers: set n to GetRandomPercent if n < 12 (fire damage) elseif n < 24 (frost damage) etc Each possibility has 12/100 chance of happening. There will be 4/100 left over which you can distribute to whichever result you want to be slightly favour.
  9. I noticed that you're dividing by 12.5 - shouldn't you be dividing by 8 since you have eight possibilities? To answer your question, while GetRandomPercent always outputs an integer, you could divide the output and store it either as a float to retain the decimal places or a short/long for it to be rounded (not sure whether down or nearest). Float will be more accurate, but you are going to have to use < instead of ==. Short/long may have rounding errors so not all results will have an equal chance of happening. A simpler option might be to use rand instead: set n to rand 0 8 if n < 1 (just fire damage) elseif n < 2 (just frost damage) ... etc Probably the simplest would be for Fire, Frost and Shock damage each having a 1/3 chance of occurring, independent of each other. :)
  10. Ah, but then I'd be missing the new locations, npcs and items added by it. Most of the new locations can't be accessed without doing the questline. There is literally nothing to do in the few that you can access. Except for a handful of generic priests, none of the new NPCs will appear without doing the questline. Vanilla enchanted elven battleaxes are the only item that is available without doing the questline. Seriously, just deactivate the DLC if you really dislike it.
  11. I think someone a long, long time ago said don't start your EditorIDs or scriptnames with a number, and nobody has questioned it since. The only explanation I can find is in the CS Wiki: If it's just your own personal scripts and everything is working fine, then there's no pressing need to fix the naming scheme. But if it's something for release, best to update them. :)
  12. My CS shuts down instantly. It may have something to do with the Construction Set Extender.
  13. You mean those rock-looking containers that contain ore? Put this script on them: BEGIN ONACTIVATE PLAYER if ( GetItemCount [Pickaxe] > 0) || ( GetItemCount [Recently Used Pickaxe] > 0 ) Activate else Messagebox "You need a pickaxe to mine ore." endif ENDI typed this out at work so I haven't got the Editor ID for "Pickaxe" and "Recently Used Pickaxe", nor has the script been compiled to detect possible typos or errors.
  14. There's no weight limit - you're just opening the chest at Chestnut Handy Stables remotely, giving the illusion that you're accessing saddlebags. That chest doubles as a failsafe in case something goes awry with your horse - e.g. they run off never to be found again. I don't think wild horses can be mounted without mods. As for your random teleport idea, I could easily write a script that teleports you to two or three random markers placed in the world, and then you can expand that by adding as many markers as you like since you know how to use the CS. :) It *might* be possible to generate random world co-ordinates to teleport to, but this will require significantly more R&D and testing that I have time for at the moment.
  15. Done :) https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/37744 I've tested it a little and it appears to work fine. Let me know if you encounter any problems with it.
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