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  1. I was thinking maybe one of the Fallouts? We could make a guessing game out of it.
  2. Don't give an idiot six words. The result may painfully annoy you.
  3. A: Of course not. Have you been out drinking with leprechauns again? Q: The first evidence we have of the concept of zero dates back 5000 years to the Sumerian culture. If that was the concept's inception, how did we indicate nothingness before zero? As an aside, it could be argued that the Sumerians created nothing.
  4. A: The capability of doing so will only become apparent once we become one with the matrix. So saith the oracle. Q: Do sound waves slow as they transmit over a valley?
  5. A: Alzheimer's is his first name. His last name is Disease. Q: Uhhh... Where are my scissors?
  6. Humming birds are an extraordinary sight. I'm so pleased when one appears. Fascinating creatures though rare to see. To me, a totem of luck. However, I can't help but think, Metaphorically, similar to the modern consumer. Consume to live, live to consume. In this case, not so rare.
  7. A: A better question would've been: How much time would you like to invest into researching the copious amount of dragon games created since the idea's conception? A quick DuckDuckGo search brings up Dragon Age, Dragon IO, Dragon City, Dragon Mania, Dragon This, Dragon That, Best Dragon Games of 2024, Best Dragon Games To Get Stoned To And/Or Play. Okay, I just stuck that last one in there. But there's so, so many. Q: Speaking of getting stoned, where's my papers?
  8. Perhaps. I've lived long enough to learn that folks do things for a variety of reasons. Their agendas and motivations being as unique as a fingerprint. People are indeed strange sometimes. I find it amusing yet sad and highly interesting. I'm a weird guy. I'm not an AI either but rather an OI, as in Organically Intelligent. Or full of myself, one of the two.
  9. You forgot because we've discussed it before but no worries. As for Pagafyr, he messaged me soon after this thread and I directed him towards some OpenMW install documentation. Hadn't heard since, but it's late. He'll be back.
  10. No one's playing Shadow of War, huh? I noticed in the Nexus store that it was out of stock of the respective game key, so someone's playing it. Which one of you lurkers is it? Come on, chime in and convince me to play again because yesterday I vowed not to after I was ambushed and killed for the second time by the same captain. Tough bugger, that one. Granted, it was a level 13 captain, now level 15, and I probably should've avoided it altogether the first time with my level 6 Talion, but here I am. After it defeated Talion the first time, I decided it was time for a little practice. Get away from the action and become more familiar with the character's movements. So, I'm over in a relative safe area away from any captains. I was getting better with the bow, practicing on low level Orc grunts when out of NOWHERE, Amug the Brander grabs Talion by the throat and tells him, "I could hear you from a mile away.", and then proceeds to call in reinforcements. Since Amug is also a Commander class Orc, those reinforcements are emboldened by Amug's presence, making them tougher to kill. So they caught me slipping and kicked my ass. Amug's flaming mace didn't help either. It kept lighting Talion's cape on fire, constantly consuming HP. Even if I scaled a wall in retreat, the damned cape still burns for awhile. Stupid flammable cape! Then there's the elusive captain Khrosh Lucky Shot, who has cheated death three frigging times now by escaping right before I run it through. The bugger keeps ambushing Talion with the line, "Still ALIVE!" Frustrating, to say the least. This Nemesis system is something else, I tell you.
  11. You and at least one more person, my ex-girlfriend, thinks that Windows 98 was the last great version. Windows XP was the latest when we were together and I can't tell you how much grief I had to endure when she went on one of her rants about how 98 was soooo much better. I was satisfied with XP so I just kind of listened and nodded. But that was before my defection to Linux and now I say screw both versions.
  12. Hey, but check this out. The Morrowind Scripting For Dummies has some relevant information. I believe what you seek involves modifying game settings. However, I don't know how they would be implemented with a mod. But see the screenshots below. The screenshots are small, I know. They are just there for demonstration. But do ask on Discord. At least this may give you some direction. --Edit-- I forgot to mention to take note of the highlighted blue areas, if it wasn't intuitive.
  13. I just got it. A synth! Or an AI, of course! I just got baked so a little slow on the uptake at present.
  14. I don't even know what a synth is so that's probably untrue. Fair point. Cheers.
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