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  1. Hey guys, I have a problem and I can't find any fix for it, maybe you guys can help me. I am not new to modding, I had skyrim installed previously already, and got it running at stable 50+ fps with 89 mods, so i'm not lacking any modding knowledge. My preoblem is, that I reinstalled Skyrim because I resetted my pc, set everything on highest settings and get around 200 fps everywhere. Then I wanted to install ENB, and tried out around 12 different enb's, also some which say are performance friendly, but my frames drop to 30 fps as soon as I turn them on. I also tried using the same one I had installed Previously, but It's the same thing. I disabled all other mods and used enb on a clean install, but it's still happening. I mean 40 fps drop is okay but 170? What the f*#@? My rig is: I5-2500 4x3.30ghz gtx960 4gb OC 12 gb 1332mhz ram Please help me
  2. Forgot to mention, i have a i5-2500 3.3ghz, a gtx 960 4gb vram and 12gb of ram
  3. Hey guys, i thought maybe you could help me, because i've spent more than 15 hours now looking for conflicting mods or mods which require DLC's, and reading the papyrus logs, but i can't find anything that helps. I have nearly 80 mods installed, and get random CTD's. Sometimes on loading screens, sometimes when going to sleep and sometimes even just walking around. There is no similar activity i am doing when the crashes occur, and there is no algorythm. Sometimes i can play for an hour without a single crash, and sometimes it crashes on the very first loading screen. I already tried disabling mods to see if it doesn't crash, but just as i think i finally found a conflicting mod because it didn't crash for a while it crashes again. The things i did already are: Clean my save with the save cleaner tool, Install ENBoost for my installed ENB, install several startup memory patches, install LOOT and sort the mods in the right order and clean all "dirty" mods with tes5edit. Yesterday i thought it could be a ram issue, as the game can't handle more than 3.1 gb's of ram usage (correct me if i'm wrong), so i installed a handy program that shows and tracks my RAM and VRAM usage, but none of them were fully occupied when it crashed. I started installing the mods with a clean save. I can't tell if the crashes are just around Whiterun, as i haven't really been anywhere else yet on this savegame. The esp's and esm's from my plugins.txt are: All my installed mods from Nexusmods are: One of the papyrus logs is the following: Of course SKSE latest version is installed, just like latest skyrim version. The ENB i am using is Real-Performance ENB I am one of these people who can't play skyrim without tons of mods, so "just uninstall everything" is not an option. LOOT said COT and Sounds of skyrim need compatibility patches so i installed them. Thank you for every help, Woulve
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