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  1. I would like to see a mod that makes all the characters and npcs not look ugly af ..also a mod that replaces the creepy locked dialouque puppet animations
  2. Yeah.. months later..still barely any updates to the game with so many bugs.. it has zero re playability..you can only do procedural generated stuff so many times before being bored, I have no doubt there will be a few good mods for the game..but im certain that the game will not get anywhere near the types, quality, and sustainable mods that past titles have gotten...you simply cannot fix boring...you can mod all you want but if noone plays the game..meh..whats the point? I even thought I might create a few mods myself.. but i really dont want to put time into mods for a game that i cannot stay awake playing.
  3. as the title says ..the nCaptcha thing is so annoying.. and it even says that your oragnization has been flagged for violating its terms of service? maybe dial it down a bit? just a suggestion.
  4. lol in past title where you could role play i would agree..but this title there isnt much to do after you complete the factions and main story.. just alot of empty planets ..and ship tinkering. im about 12 powers away from having completed nG+ 10 have been for weeks..but just cant find the motivation to finish it..did all factions and most side quests..nothing left to do.
  5. Yeah i get it .. btw you mentioned EVE online hahaha...i loved that game havent played in years tho..I suppose i was just ranting about the replay value this game has and wondering if modders will even try due to lack of players after they all beat the game.
  6. I doubt modders will be able to do much with this game other than your usual nood and s#x mods.. the game has no replay value and is quite frankly boring during and after you beat it...also microsoft purchased the studio and we all know how microsoft is the disney star wars of the video game industry..I think all future releases from this company are doomed to fail because with microsoft there is just too much politics, totalitarianism, and messaging/censoring/gaslighting/propaganda etc (we cant even have an evil playthrough to kill NPCs or factions) its ludicrous..even the Nexus is censoring mods now :sad:...I hope im wrong but doubtfull..Im even worried alll the pc and wokeism will also carry over into the next elderscrolls game (dont get your hopes up).. its so sad to see such greatness be subverted into failure. Just look at how years ago when microsoft started talking about aquiring activision blizzard...suddenly COD started removing in game chat and trash talk, severely punishing aggressive playstyles and pampering the weak, then proceeded to seperate people from lobbies after each match .and now every COD for the past 4 years has been abysmal.. the future looks bleak for gaming. we need a miracle/savior...or to just go out and touch grass for a while...speak with your wallet and time...or maybe just read a book or two for escapism.
  7. you are awesome...tysm..I figured it out ...thanks for your info...i would have never guess to look at that part of the nif...thanks again... i just reassigned both partions to 131 and it worked ...
  8. Thanks for the reply..Ok i checked the wig mod im using it uses slot 31 ... i also checked and edited my nif in nifskope to 131 for some reason it was set to 141..I also checked in game and when i equip the helmet the hair is visible but only under the helmet (not sticking out) .. however there exists 2 partition under my hair unlike the pic you shared one is called Part Flag PF_EDITOR_VISIBLE\PF_START_NET_BONESET body part SBP_131_hair the other is part flag PF_EDITOR_VISIBLE body part BP_TORSO Does the second partion have something to do with this maybe? even after i changed from SBP_141 to SBP_131 the problem still exits. also should i change the hairline setting to 131 also?
  9. Hi i made a custom follower and NPC replacer and everything seems to be fine except when i go to give the follower or NPC a wig to wear in game they equip it on top of the default hair i gave them...the default hair doesnt unequip. any advice appreciated.
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