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  1. In response to post #29778580. #29782865 is also a reply to the same post. Thanks for the suggestion Neroxify. However that doesn't fix it. The problem is in the Modkit r4data folder. Here is the workaround : 1. Go to your MODkit installation folder. 2. Open folder "...\r4data\scripts\game\behavior_tree\tasks\" 3. Delete the 2 files from : monsters\bttaskmaintainspeed.ws and reactions\bttaskisman.ws
  2. Something is wrong with it ... i have the steam version clean installed Now when i try to uncoock the game i get an error regarding 2 files that i do not have in the folders. Any modders out there that uncoocked the game with the new version and on 1.10 ? [2015.10.24 09:49:35][Error][Core] [script]: Error game\behavior_tree\tasks\monsters\bttaskmaintainspeed.ws[10]: Class 'CBTTaskMaintainSpeed' already defined. [2015.10.24 09:49:35][Error][Core] [script]: Error game\behavior_tree\tasks\monsters\bttaskmaintainspeed.ws[74]: Class 'CBTTaskMaintainSpeedDef' already defined. [2015.10.24 09:49:35][Error][Core] [script]: Error game\behavior_tree\tasks\reactions\bttaskisman.ws[4]: Class 'CBTCondIsMan' already defined. [2015.10.24 09:49:35][Error][Core] [script]: Error game\behavior_tree\tasks\reactions\bttaskisman.ws[15]: Class 'CBTCondIsManDef' already defined.
  3. where is that club ? :P For me its 100% CTD when i am going near Riften, close to the city gates, as you travel from the orc village . I am running Skyrim from RAMDisk. Also i moved the saves folder on RAMDisk and created a simlink . I am running latest skyrim, 1.3.10, and never saw the process going past the 2GB mark. When is near 2GB it just CTD . Tried clean install with default graphics ... etc No solution . The only way to get pass is to reduce uGridsToLoad to 5 . Well that works for the moment, but it doesn't look pretty based on your post .
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