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  1. I'm thinking of playing the game in New Journey+ without replaying the whole game twice. Does anyone have any completed save file that you're willing to share? That would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. With the new Legendary Explorer tool being released. Is it possible to have this outfit modded into the game now?
  3. Hi all, I've been seeing quite a number of new apparel mods being posted for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. And I was wondering if I could request someone to be able to create a Dress mod for Shepard to use and possibly for NPCs as well. For use for Shepard as casual clothing in Mass Effect 2 LE (Attached ): ME3 Miranda Cerberus Official Skirt (XPS) by SonYume on DeviantArt .MESH and .TGA files available here For use for Shepard as casual clothing in Mass Effect 3 LE (Attached .MOD and .TPF files): this is just where I put mods I wanna get — giantmudcrab: Day 2 Alliance Smexy Dress... (tumblr.com) .MOD and .TPF files available here For use for Jack in Mass Effect 3 LE: ME3 Jack Grissom Official Skirt (XPS) by SonYume on DeviantArt .MESH and .TGA files available here I've provided the link that can be used to download the files that was available. I wonder if someone could make a usable apparel mod for the Legendary Editions using these files. Thank you in advance.
  4. In the end censorship is wrong. Especially if they keep stuff in for the guys thats not right for the girls I think it depends on the context. Censoring someone for speaking out criticism to the government is wrong. But reworking a camera angle that the creators feel should be changed seems like a harmless level of change. I don't think we should see in black and white, that Freedom of expression is always right, and Censorship is always wrong. There's a lot of gray in between. There are some levels of changes that are deemed acceptable for the greater good, and there are lines that should not be crossed. Similarly, too much of a freedom is bad too, so there has to be some level of freedom that can be accepted, and some line of freedom that shouldn't be crossed. To me, a change in a camera angle of Miranda's butt can be categorised as a harmless change. Especially since it doesn't affect the entire scene or dialog altogether. If they cut an entire scene out, then yes that would be going too far and unacceptable. But this.... this is just a minor thing. Besides, it's probably bad for them to market this change. If I were them I wouldn't change anything, but If I feel like changing the ass camera angle, I would do it quietly. Don't publicise the change, and no gamers would have noticed it. Even if someone noticed it, it would have to be playing side by side with the old game at the same time, and it would be too late, everyone's already bought the product and playing halfway through the trilogy already instead of going through these arguments.
  5. Something like this would be nice... ME3 Miranda Cerberus Official Skirt (XPS) by SonYume on DeviantArt I believe that web page has provided the TGA files ready... I just don't know how to package that as a usable mod.
  6. I'm not going to open the debate here considering it's been had everywhere else. Some are for it and some aren't. I'm simply asking if someone who wasn't for it, and with the skills and time to donate, is planning on a mod. Mods are optional, after all, so I feel the reasoning isn't worth in depth discussion here. I know.. it just feels like a 2-weeks worth of work to do for a 2-second scene. A scene that gets jumbled up into the game itself as if it's finding a needle in a haystack. It just doesn't seem to be worth doing it and even more silly to refuse to play or even being upset with the hundreds of hours worth of gameplay and engaging story, just because you're unhappy with a 2-second camera placement that's even difficult to find in the first place, unless you're planning to rework the entire scene camera work so that 100% of dialog scenes with Miranda, the camera is fixated on her ass at all times. Then I guess it would be worth the work.
  7. Into something like this? ME3 Miranda Cerberus Official Skirt (XPS) by SonYume on DeviantArt
  8. I guess it's possible to slow down the elevator ride if you install the game onto a WD Blue 5400 rpm HDD into a SATA I interface.
  9. I know that if you use the console command, using the GiveItem Self .... command will make your Shepard to wear whatever armor that you have given them. So it's technically "wear any armor class" Works for your squadmates too using GiveItem Target while targeting your squadmate. The only drawback here is, don't remove or change their armors, once you unequip them, you can't equip them anymore. This method is how I give my Sentinel Shepard to wear the Heavy Onyx N7 armor in ME1, while she's technically unable to wear anything other than Light Armor.
  10. Why is a 2 second ass shot that important compared to the hundreds of hours that the game has? I honestly don't even remember there was this scene with this camera angle in the original ME2.
  11. I'm just hoping for the JohnP's Alternate Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod (MEHEM) to be applied to the ME3 Legendary Edition. That's the only mod I need. Everything else, I can live with stock remastered content.
  12. I agree with this, I love the JohnP's Alternate MEHEM that edits just small enough to have a significant impact in the ending without changing too much of the story going into the ending like the original MEHEM does. But that doesn't mean we have to hold off from buying it. There's 3 games to go through, so if it takes a month or two for the mod to be developed/ported into the legendary edition, so be it. There's still time, since I'm starting the entire trilogy from ME1, then ME2, and even then there might still be time while I play through ME3 and just stops right before the cutover before the mod to trigger. It'll take me hundreds of hours to complete the entire trilogy, and with me playing no more than 2-3 hours a day. There's plenty of time to get the mod ready while I play through.
  13. Yea, the amount of mods I have is what prevents me from identifying the correct culprit. I could just remove all my mods completely, but even if it does work solving the problem. I still wouldn't know which mod caused the problems. Maybe it was the Rules fixpack mod, but then again I never had a problem with that texture thing when I play using it last time. Even during Leliana's song never had the same problem. But maybe it's because Leliana is flagged as the "main character" for that campaign and in Origins, she's just flagged as a "companion" and NPC since my Warden never had the boots problem ever even when leliana's boots are whiten that way. I'll have to try to remove one by one from the hundreds of mods I have and see if they make a difference. That'll take a while though, and given the minority of the problem to even affect gameplay. I'm simply inclined to just bear with it and temporary fixing it by unequipping and reequipping the boots. Thanks for the advice, I'll see if I can find what caused it.
  14. I'm not sure what's going on with you.. but I assume you were trying to open ERF files. ERF is by default an Adobe Photoshop file. But ERF in Dragon Age case, is similar to a Zip compression format that combines multiple files that the game reads into one file for easy management. By default (at least in my computer) ERF is always depicted as having a Photoshop icon and double clicking it will open the file in Photoshop with an error message. So, ERF can just simply dumped into your override folder which is contained in Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override If you want to open it just open the Dragon Age toolset / PyGFF editor and simply drag and drop the ERF file there and you'll be able to see the contents inside the ERF.
  15. Hmm... interesting... I thought you haven't installed Dracomie's textures yet.. But I see you already did.
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