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  1. Nawen left the camp when most of her friends were still awake. She hated being in an area she was unfamiliar with thus she spent most of the time away from others, scouting. She had to be prepared in case something or someone might attack them. The drow returned to the camp only to see the newcommer. She looked at the man suspiciously but didn't say anything.
  2. Wonderful character sheet, Grue. :thumbsup: And welcome, spyro! Glad you're interested in joining. :happy:
  3. Great character sheets, josh and Flipout! :thumbsup:
  4. Nawen chuckled as everyone started adding most likely exaggerated tales about their adventures. She had never encountered anything like that in her own travels thus she had nothing to add. "Someone should write this down. It would make one glorious tale." She said as she sat down beside the fire. "Lamias, angels, demiliches, plane travels. Perhaps we should add some dragons too. Everyone likes dragons."
  5. There's no need for apologies, Raz. Real life always comes first. :) Best wishes for your friend and I hope she'll feel better soon.
  6. Nawen was busy repacking her things, checking what items she won't be needed and could throw away to safe some space. She heard that Bard mentioned slavers and some strongholds but paid little attention to his words. She hated slavery, the Drow thought that everyone expect for dangerous criminals should be free. She wondered how funny would it sound to hear that a dark elf is against slavery. Most of them can't imagine their lives without slaves. Tannin's laugh caused her to look at them. What was so amusing to him? She watched Bard's fit of anger as he left the camp and even spat on the half-drow. She simply shrugged and continued repacking her belongings. After some rummaging she found some spices which she thought would help the fish taste even better. She took the spices and approached Tannin and Amendale who were preparing the supper. "I found some spices in my bag. Thought you could use them for the dinner." She said.
  7. Welcome, Raz. :happy: It is great to hear that you are interesting in joining the RP. :dance: It is sad to see you go, Ithil. I as well liked reading your posts and characters. I am also very sorry for not posting anything lately. I am very busy at the moment with real life things. :wacko:
  8. Nawen returned to the camp after scouting the closest areas surrounding the camp. Other than the animals inhabiting the area she hadn't noticed anything alarming or unusual. Before going back to the camp she practiced her archery skills a bit more because there was always room for an improvement when it came to using a bow. Once she entered the camp, Nawen saw that most of her friends were settling in for the night. "I have to say that this is the best place for the camp. I haven't encountered anything hostile." She said and looked around searching for a fitting place to sleep. -------------------------------------------------------------------- It was eerily quiet inside the temple of Cyric. Not one priest or priestess were in sight. The two men exchanged suspicious looks before making their way forward. In the center of the temple they saw a raven haired woman wearing a plate armor. She and her two lackeys were surrounded by the dead priests. "Well, what do we have here?" The woman spoke as she noticed Aedan and the tiefling. Her face was scarred but still retained some of her fierce beauty. Her brown, almost black eyes focused on the Fallen. "I wasn't expecting to see you here, Rayna." Aedan said as he stared at the countless lifeless bodies littering the floor of the temple. "What's this about?!" Kevorin chimed in. "This was my job! What are you doing here?!" The tiefling's face was so red that it looked like it was on fire. "Relax." The woman, Rayna said calmly. "It appears that your client as well as mine double-crossed us both. This temple has no artifacts and the priests were prepared for combat and waiting for us. While Kevorin stared blankly at the woman, Aedan watched the statue of Cyric placed right above the altar in the niche. The statue made him very uncomfortable, more so than all the other statues of other deities he had seen before. "Coming with us Fallen?" Aedan looked at Rayna who was heading towards the exit. Her lackeys as well as the tiefling were already gone. He shook his head. "No. I have some things to do." The woman seemed somewhat disappointed by his decision. "Kill the tiefling" he quickly added, "for the good old days." Aedan turned his attention back to the statue. He couldn't see Ryana nodding or hear Kevorin cursing him to burn in Hells for what he told the ruthless woman to do.
  9. Nawen left the camp at the time when Bard bitterly spoke about worshiping Gods. She remembered her own faith crysis and thought whether her current path is the right one or will it lead somewhere... bad. She knew that the only reason she was so afraid to remain faithless is because of the Wall of Faithless and unfortunately she knew that the wall was real... She chased all the thought away and disappeared into the darkness.
  10. "He did what?" Nawen chuckled as she imagined what the indecent with a gnome should have looked liked. She knew that gnomes were talented craftsmen and how much they loved inventing new items but never anything like this. "Thank you for your tale and the hare. It was delicious." She said as she got up from her seat. Most of them had settled in and it seemed like a good idea to do some scouting to make sure that the area is safe. ------------------------------------------------------- Aedan and Kevorin left the small village the next morning. The villagers were sad to see their guest leave not yet aware how many of their valuables the two men had stolen from them. The two traveled mostly without any rest. The only stopped to let the horses rest for a bit before continuing their journey to the Hill's Edge. When they had finally reached the small town it was nighttime and the streets were nearly empty. They left their horses in the stables and walked to the Cyric's temple on foot. "So, why this temple?" Aedan asked as they made their way to the temple through the empty streets. The tiefling shrugged. "I know better than to ask, Fallen." "I only know that I have to steal some powerful artifact." Aedan looked at the tiefling. Kevorin never said anything about any powerful artifact. The wicked smile crossed his face. "We should hurry then." He said.
  11. Nawen listened to the Bard's tale. She was always interested to hear stories of the people she met and those who were willing to speak rather than throw stones at her. Nawen had little stories from her own life to share and she always was a better listener than talker. "Ah, wanderlust." She said and smiled lightly. "I've never met a real bard before. It sound so fascinating to travel the realms and collect new stories and songs." She nodded in thanks when the bard offered her one of the hare. She cut a small piece of it with her hunting knife and left the rest of it for the Bard or whoever else who wanted some. "Very nice to meet you" she said to Mireth, "my name is Nawen." Somehow traveling with so many different people made Nawen feel more confident. She almost never felt out of place amongst her new friends. The drow glanced back at the bard when he asked about how she got into this group. "Circus? You're not the first to call us that." She said as she cleaned her hunting knife before stuffing it back to its sheath. "I'm afraid it's not a very interesting tale." She started. "I was in Waterdeep when some thugs started following me around. I didn't want to start a fight in public because Drow are not welcomed in the City of Splendors more than in other cities I suspect." Nawen heard stories how Drow started pouring from the Undermountain one day and started killing people which led to Mephistopheles and his forces attacking the city. "To get rid off those thugs I went to the temple and as it so happened it was the temple of Kelemvor. That's where I met our leader, Rhaine." She paused for a moment as she remembered another of her friends who unfortunately was no longer with them. "There was also a dwarf, Norgold that followed me to the temple but he is... gone now."
  12. Nawen's eyes widened as she watched Bard's card trick. "How did you do that?!" She asked sounding really surprised. The drow then stared at the fire trying to remember what she wanted to ask before the elven woman showed up. "Where did you learn to play like that?" She finally spoke. "That music you played earlier was very beautiful."
  13. Nawen chuckled and sat down beside the Bard. "I know the feeling." She said. Her guardian taught her many things, hunting was one of them. She never had any chores to do because they never really had a home on their own. Always traveling, never settling down in one place for too long. She was about to ask the bard a question but then the scantily clad elf caught her attention. She was about to draw her blade but Rhaine told not to. It seems the two knew each other. The drow couldn't help but wonder why would anyone wear such a thing. It's not even practical and... too revealing. She herself liked practical clothing and armor that concealed as much as possible and actually provided some sort of protection.
  14. Nawen smiled lightly as she saw how the little girl, Sori shook Tak'we's claw and how the two talked with each other. She looked around wondering what should she do now, that's when she noticed their new companion, Bard preparing hares. "Hares are difficult to catch." She said as she approached the bard. "Very impressive." She added.
  15. Nawen wasn't in a good mood in the beginning of their journey. She had never been in a desert and had no idea what to expect. She had hoped that their journeys will take them only to the places she was familiar with and eastern part of Faerun was not familiar with. Their travel to Dalelands also provided an opportunity to see more of the world which might prove useful for her future adventures but at the moment Nawen wasn't concerning herself with such thoughts. Unfortunately the weather was too hot for her and she had to take her hood off, showing everyone that she's a Drow but strangely enough it didn't bother her now. As their caravan approached the fork Nawen noticed a man sitting on a rock. She noticed that he had a lute. "How strange to see a bard in the desert." The drow thought as she watched the man cautiously. She kept her eyes on him even when his icy blue eyes were focused on her.
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