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  1. Hello all, First off, I have no idea where this should be going, forum wise. That said, I have an issue, a very big issue with Windows 8. I seem to be getting some random error messages every 5-10 minutes or so that say this: http://i.imgur.com/BnZdSTZ.png Now I know what HMA is but I have never installed it, ever. It is a fresh copy of windows 8 too. I decided to seek out where that process was coming from and I found this: http://i.imgur.com/6OMzTnt.png Now, as highlighted, you can see the random named folder, which contains this: http://i.imgur.com/64g1Hut.png Every random named folder has a random named .exe as shown in the picture, what I did next was not very smart but I still did it; I tried to launch the dodge .exe: http://i.imgur.com/maoySQz.png I do not know what that is or why but it has been bugging me for a while now. I deleted and removed from recycle bin the random named folder and that stopped the error messages, however when I rebooted, a new batch of folders have been created. I decided to look up the issue and I have found one post that fitted my problem: http://forum.hidemyass.com/index.php/topic/12647-hma-pro-vpn-installer-has-stopped-working-message-every-5-10-mins/ However there was no answer and I immediately thought of the XKCD comic. So, my fellow Nexusians, does any of you tech geniuses know what's happening here and why and if not, could you point me toward a software support forum that could possibly help me from this irritating problem? Cheers and have good day everyone!
  2. Hello all I would like to know if anyone would possibly make a mask (prefferably to be able to displayed under hoods) named Dread master's Mask? It looks such as so: http://swtorista.com/uploads/outfitimages/h4a1889.jpg I can provide pics from any angles too. Cheers
  3. wtf dis new layout
    1. AliasTheory


      Oh, I guess you haven't been here in a while. Things happened. Yep. Everyone got confused for a while too.
    2. VesemirTheWitcher


      huge turn off, innit?
  4. I am seriously impressed how people are extremely biased toward the opposite game. I mean you like DOTA, fair, doesn't mean the other game is "low" or utter trash. You may like LoL but doesn't mean DOTA is utter trash. I personally can't comment on DOTA 2 simply because it's on Steam and thus I won't play it. Also OP, I'd have a game with you but I am on EU-W Server. If you decide to come EU-W, you can find me on Ilithius.
  5. Could be witcher's pants (from the witcher armor compilation)? I am not sure however.
  6. ♫ 。*H*A*P*P*Y* 。 *N*E*W* 。 *Y*E*A*R* 。♫
  7. There are always things to improve in this game... always a better armor.. always a better sword! This screenshot was taken in the Arah dungeon, where I spent countless hours in. I did manage to snag this awesome pic tho: http://i.imgur.com/xTEIQ.jpg Then there is a current version of my Character: (For anyone interested, the dyes are Abyss (dark) and Celestial (White). The armor is mostly Charr Cultural T3 with leggings being from Arah and boots from CoF.) http://i.imgur.com/Fr46i.jpg
  8. Just HM with some news! I have completed the whole world map (Little medal next to my name yay): http://i.imgur.com/u3ptA.jpg And crafted a epic weapon (worth about 22g)! http://i.imgur.com/8iJio.jpg
  9. Getting some epic gear! http://i.imgur.com/ux2U9.jpg
  10. Woot hit 80 in GW2!
  11. I have been loving GW2! Unfortunately I can't make it to the server where you guys play. But here is a pic of my level 80+2 Charr Warrior (Tanky-DPS Build). Edited due to me sucking with BBCode! http://i.imgur.com/H36R0.jpg
  12. Howdy all GW2 will be released soon so me and 2 guild mates are going to group up there. Anyone else getting GW2? HM
  13. Sorry bud but nope. AC isn't the best series, it's a fantasy version of call of duty. Assassins creed 1 was okay-ish. ACII was epic. AC: brotherhood was boring and not new. AC: Revelations: see brotherhood. Well, at least with Skyrim, bethesda is actually adding some stuff :) And Piracy should never be used an excuse to make sp game online. Just like skyrim in fact. Having to have online to play it is total *censored* but steam must have payed big bucks for beth to suck up to them.
  14. Hope this will teach a lesson to Blizzard. An SP game should not have online access needed to play it :) http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/diablo-iii/user-reviews
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