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  1. hmm - can it be used in TW3? Because he still needs one there and I thought that used .w2meshes? Yes, Witcher 3 uses .w2mesh files for the characters models, can't it work with it? It'd be awesome, the poor guy still hasn't his male member. What kind of womanizer Witcher is he? And I don't know how I stumbled upon this topic but I'm reviving it. It's a really pertinent matter.
  2. Our mod is out \o/ So happy! http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/744/? We thank you too, Neyjour. Let's keep our noob force united, haha. Btw, if you'd like, we can add any texture of yours too. And don't you worry about credits :D
  3. I tried editing them as a text, but most of its characters were null. I was able to link it to other files though, like that white/grey/normal xbm files, but they were only 1KB. And the LOD distances are defined in the meshes own XML files, right at the top. You can tweak all three of them there, plus the auto-hide one.
  4. So... changing the LOD distance works, I've done that already, even tried to keep only the LOD0 to all distances and increase auto-hide distance. I do not recommend doing this to big meshes, like the horse body, but it may work well for only the mane and tail. I don't know if I'm using a clean save or not. I use an old save from before I had any mods, and I never save over it after testing. I don't think I had any of those glitches so far. My detailshift_hair_01.xbm is 44 KB and detailshift_hair_01.tga, 257 KB, also. And I was asking about the .w2mg file exactly because I have no idea what to do with it, and apparently neither does Google. They are mentioned on almost every single xml file I'm working on. Seems important but inaccessible to us, mere mortals.
  5. And were any of you able to open/export/convert/view/edit the .w2mg files?
  6. Are any of you able to export the files black.xbm, grey.xbm, normal.xbm or white.xbm from .../uncooked/engine/textures/editor? Mine only have 1kb.
  7. I've just leveled up. So happy! http://imgur.com/a/o8qgC You guys made a pretty good progress too, I see. Shame we still haven't figured out about the Hairworks graphs. I really like it.
  8. Updates before I fall asleep on the keyboard: Neyjour, theoretically your batch files from posts ago are fine - at least their logic is correct. I confess I got a little lost in the middle, too many lines of specific commands to keep on, and I only tried doing it using a .bat like 3 times before completely losing my patience. And... it is RGBa. The Alpha value can be given by 0-255 values, percentage (0-1) or even hexadecimals, It's just a matter of program preference. And try not to mess too much with the SpecularColor, it is just the light reflection on the object, its "shine". It may end up looking weird. And... I just uncooked and extracted the files from the Official ModKit Sample. The only thing useful there is the Unicorn mesh, if so. The final Unicorn looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/gXUbABS.jpg No purple mane :( Are you sure you saw such miracle? Good nite you all
  9. Hello Neyjour. I'm gonna take a better look, but I personally didn't like using batch files for such. I did however liked ModKitchen, it worked like 70% better, have you tried? Anyway, I'll see if I find any missteps there. And Fera, I don't think you are supposed to see the transparency when you're editing the file on Photoshop. As long as the alpha channel is there and is fine, I think that's how it works, no? And thanks for the thread suggestion, I'm gonna check it out.
  10. Hi, folks. First off, I'm Triskle, new here, nice to meet you. I love horses so much that I've been trying to aid Fera with this frustrating quest that is modding TW3 with the - ugh - ModKit (nothing personal CDPR, but it sucks). I'm interested in the horses in general, not Roach only. After all, she's only one of the horses and we can use KNG's mod to swap her model with any other available from the game. I think. So far, I haven't been successful on the mane and tail matters either, but I did managed to add a completely new texture to the game to be used by the black horses, that until now were using the same texture of the white ones. I was only able to accomplish that by editing the uncooked files AND the exported ones, and using ModKitchen. After I figured it all out, it was a rather easy task. However, there's still much to do. About the XML files, usually the color codes are given by 3 main values (RGB) and a fourth one for the Alpha (opacity). I think that may be the case. Most of them controls only slight details on the horse's final texture. It also depends on the material you're editing. There are many parameters, I don't know what half of them are for (don't know much about the graphics part) but I do know a bit about their programming logic. Body, mane and tail appearance are not defined within the same files, that's for sure. Sorry I can't say much for now, I have to test things a little more. It may be easier now I have more info on the matter. Anything you wanna know, just ask. Noobs united! PS: TGA definitely takes more storage space than PNG. Unless we all uncook the game using the same formats, we won't be able to figure that out. My uncooked folder, for example, has 47.4 GB. I use TGA, works fine here. Nothing corrupted yet.
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