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    I need Help

    i need help making an animated UV and then i need to make a glow map, really im not even sure how i would unwrap a mesh like that im not sure if linking the mesh i have uploaded would help or not, but here it is: http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15976
  2. boozhah

    I need Help

    I have a model set up with animation, i just need help with the texture, and making the weapon glow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7c8jFnVv3g if you can help, pls message me
  3. the combat in oblivion maybe better, but the leveling style of morrowind is a lot cooler because it allows you to train a character in each separate style, you can train you taijutsu via the athletics skill (jumping running so and so), weapon skills by fighting people using weapons, (get some experience per hit), chakraa control through magic style combat, specific skill just by using them in battle. theaviator26 he hates you also
  4. i guess thats oppinion on which would be better, i think dragonball and fallout would be a better conversion mod, it will be like right after boo appears and starts turning everyone to chocolate
  5. is that an official term? Sorry i had to, lol
  6. im not entirely cleared on uvmapping but it just seam, unwrap and go strait for the texture pain option and paint it on myself, so far ive been thinking about using it just for guide lines and the saving the painted map for touch-ups, im not sure if any of this is making sense but i hope it somehow does help
  7. sorry to intrude on your questions but i thought since this was relevant to the title and it seems as u know what you are doing, hopefully some one can help me. i am making an armor model for the female rude body and i keep running into the issue after shrink wrapping where the meat caps show through, if i try and fix those by editing the mesh some, parts of the female body start to stick out so my question is do i need to cover the meat caps with the armor? what exactly do the meat caps do?
  8. i have started making the models for these items and some animations but how do i get it to read as weapons or armor and move accordingly?
  9. probably just be easier to wait for someone to come along that knows about naruto, or who feels like watching through the whole anime for the research here is a link just in case http://www.anivide.com/search.html the one labeled naruto or naruto dub is the first season, the one labeled naruto shippuuden is season 2
  10. i did do a search for anime, naruto, and rasengan all separate. rasengan turned up no results, naruto only turned up eyes and a double post for the akatsuki coat, and anime was too broad a search to look through. i thought this thread would be a lot easier to find naruto requests for those searching, and those modding.
  11. I would love to see a Rasengan, Chidorri, Ninja Scrolls, Shurican, ninja needles, smoke bombs, exploding tags, Kunai, the Akatsuki weapons, the Hebi weapons, ninja combat animations, Akatsuki coat, Hebi coat, Konaha outfits, ninja headbands, and character models
  12. yea. i would deffinately do the screenies if i could get the mod
  13. nope not close enough i want justin beiber put into fo3 and shot with a mini nuke no exceptions, heck id do it myself if i could get the NPC model
  14. anyone know where i can find a picture of some shooting justin beiber in the face with a mini nuke?
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