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  1. Hey I noticed you pulled your files, are they available anywhere still?

  2. Well, thanks to Irfeir's help at the Skyrim CK public chat in Steam I figured it out. The solution to the quest adding it every time the save is loaded was to nest every formlist.addform(form) inside an if !formlist.hasform(form), to check if the formlist didn't contain the form, if it didn't, add it, if it did, do nothing. Then to uninstall it, to prevent the forms from staying inside the formlist after the plugin/master is disabled, I created a spell to stop the quest, check if the forms are there with formlist.hasform(form), remove every added form from every formlist with formlist.removeaddedform(form), and show a dialog saying it's safe to remove now. I hope this helps people adding stuff to formlists dinamically in the future. If it works with voice types, it should work with mostly everything else. Good luck.
  3. Hey there. First than nothing, I actually did it already, and it does work with no apparent trouble. I'm doing this to prevent modifying the formlists in the load order, effectively avoiding conflicts between plugins that modify their contents. This is how I'm doing it: First, I create a quest just how it gets created when you use RacialCompatibility (I just disable "run once"). Then, I create a new script, add my properties and edit, and this is the script: Scriptname AddBerserkVoicesScript extends Quest VoiceType Property MaleGuts Auto VoiceType Property FemaleCasca Auto VoiceType Property FemaleSchierke Auto FormList Property VoicePowerVoicesListNoDraugr Auto FormList Property VoicePowerVoicesListwithTsun Auto FormList Property VoicePowerVoicesList Auto FormList Property VoicesFollowerRough Auto FormList Property VoicesCommonCombatant Auto FormList Property VoicesPlayer Auto FormList Property VoicesCommonAdult Auto FormList Property DefaultNPCVoiceTypes Auto FormList Property VoicesNPCs Auto FormList Property VoicesFollowerNeutral Auto function addvoicetypesberserk() VoicePowerVoicesListNoDraugr.AddForm(MaleGuts) VoicePowerVoicesListNoDraugr.AddForm(FemaleCasca) VoicePowerVoicesListNoDraugr.AddForm(FemaleSchierke) VoicePowerVoicesListWithTsun.AddForm(MaleGuts) VoicePowerVoicesListWithTsun.AddForm(FemaleCasca) VoicePowerVoicesList.AddForm(MaleGuts) VoicePowerVoicesList.AddForm(FemaleCasca) VoicePowerVoicesList.AddForm(FemaleSchierke) VoicesFollowerRough.AddForm(MaleGuts) VoicesFollowerRough.AddForm(FemaleCasca) VoicesFollowerNeutral.AddForm(FemaleSchierke) VoicesCommonCombatant.AddForm(MaleGuts) VoicesCommonCombatant.AddForm(FemaleCasca) VoicesCommonCombatant.AddForm(FemaleSchierke) VoicesPlayer.AddForm(MaleGuts) VoicesPlayer.AddForm(FemaleCasca) VoicesPlayer.AddForm(FemaleSchierke) VoicesCommonAdult.AddForm(MaleGuts) VoicesCommonAdult.AddForm(FemaleCasca) VoicesCommonAdult.AddForm(FemaleSchierke) DefaultNPCVoiceTypes.AddForm(MaleGuts) DefaultNPCVoiceTypes.AddForm(FemaleCasca) DefaultNPCVoiceTypes.AddForm(FemaleSchierke) VoicesNPCs.AddForm(MaleGuts) VoicesNPCs.AddForm(FemaleCasca) VoicesNPCs.AddForm(FemaleSchierke) endfunction Event OnInit() addvoicetypesberserk() EndEvent I only know it is indeed adding them dynamically in-game, because I activated the plugin using this script with a similar plugin containing a script to add the female khajiit voice to the followervoicesneutral formlist, and they work nicely together. What I don't know is -how- it's doing it. These are my questions: 1- Will this happen only once? 2- Will this happen every time the savegame gets loaded? 3- Do the voice types get "unloaded" from the formlists ingame whenever you exit the game? 4- Do the voice types disappear whenever you deactivate the plugin? 5- Will it keep on adding the voice type forms even if they're already there? 6- Should I make it check for the voice types being in these formlists before adding them? 6.a- If so, how? Or rather, should I make it unload the voice types from the formlists on exit, or with some function attached to some NPC with dialog? Thanks.
  4. Hey. I can see Enhanced Character Edit adds available nose and mouth morphs. My question is, how is it done? It seems just editing the chargen tri and adding the morphs in Blender isn't enough (I know how to edit tris so skip that). I can't see any option to do it in the CK, is it only possible with some tool? Nevermind I found how it's done. I had to increase these global settings: iBrowMorphCount iEyeMorphCount iLipMorphCount iNoseMorphCount
  5. Hey there. I've been trying to add new voice types to the game, and so far I've been succesful by adding them to the necessary formlists, but I have a problem. It seems that any mod containing the same formlist but with different content will cause the formlists to overwrite each other For example, I have one plugin adding FemaleVoiceA (modA), and another one adding MaleVoiceB(modB), both to the vanilla FormList called VoicesPlayer. The plugin adding FemaleVoiceA (modA) is after the one adding MaleVoiceB (modB). However, it seems that instead of modA adding the FemaleVoiceA to the VoicesPlayer FormList, it's overwriting modB's VoicesPlayer FormList, which contains MaleVoiceB. This is pretty bad, because it means I only have two solutions: A) I merge them both, but then any other mod adding stuff to this VoicesPlayer FormList will overwrite these anyways. B) I create new conditions for each line of dialogue. But that's ridiculous. So, what I want to ask is: Is there any better way to do this?
  6. So, I've been playing around with an armor, mainly converting it to CBBE, and it's almost done. I had a few problems with the vertex order getting screwed on the armor itself, but that's fixed already. However I'm still having that problem with the skin. Even though my skin has the same amount of vertices and faces, it still gets screwed when I use the weight slider. I tested to see if the vertex order was wrong from one mesh to the other, and it's not, each mesh works as a shape key without problems in Blender (using the "Deformed mesh to RvK" script I can make one of them a shape key for the another one). In resume, is there any special treatment for the skin? Here's the .blend in case anyone has any idea on what's going on. http://www.mediafire.com/?y7b7tgc14t1f6m7 Also something I tried already is reimporting the skin nifs generated by blender to see if the exporter was doing something wrong, but they're alright and they still have the same vertex count and order. They're alright if I set the slider completely to the left/right too.
  7. Looking good. Also, how would you go on doing the cannon animations? We can't add new animations AFAIK.
  8. Here: http://www.mediafire.com/?3vmugvjwucg2a3c I don't know the author. It was uploaded in an anonymous site. Tris contain morphs for the meshes. So theorically you should be able to edit these now. It works with shapekeys. I tried to create a new tri for a custom headmesh, but it didn't work quite right (scrambled stuff in editor). Maybe it had to do with the tri mesh not being in the right position. Dunno. I'll just leave this here in case someone has a better idea of how it works. It imports Skyrim tris in Blender (including expression ones) and can export them too. It can import Oblivion ones, but it seems to miss some stuff for these.
  9. There's already one by SK, but for Oblivion. Just needs someone to convert it. I already converted cuirass, plate and boots, but the gauntlets are nearly impossible for me. I really can't wait for this, I see you made a head mesh. Will you try to give it morphs too? That would be tremendous.
  10. Neither do I. I frankly don't know where these black patches are coming from. I'll just leave it for now.
  11. Well, I pulled the Blade to make it look bigger, however it still looks pretty bad. I think it has more to do with the texture not fiting. http://i.imgur.com/gE7ZSs.jpg
  12. There is, however, I don't think extruding is the actual answer, since it ends up looking weird (like a bunch of blocks pasted together), or is it supposed to be this way with the edgeblood? Push/Pull seems to be what I'm looking for since it retains the shape of the blade...
  13. There's Extruding, and there's a Push/Pull option that seems like it does what you're describing.
  14. I'm sorry, but what do you mean with a bit of a push modifier? Mine is indeed flickering, it looks pretty bad. Do you mean scaling it?
  15. I read in the thread it's supossed to be some kind of stripped version of the actual weapon. My weapon has 3 separate parts though.
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