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  1. Hello! First of all, I haven't been here for quite some time, so my apologies if this is wrong place to ask! I'm looking for a solution to fix dialogues and merchants not loading properly on first load after launching the game. When I load a game, all finished dialogues are included and merchant inventories are restored. I have to load second time for game to load everything as it was when I last saved. I remember there was a fix for this, but I've difficulties finding it. If you happen to know a fix, please share your knowledge!
  2. Nevermind. I found a solution, two great tools and both works around this annoying error. If anyone else is looking for a solution, download one of both tools and simply convert your wav to xwm and replace your game music files. MultiXwm Yakitori Audio Converter
  3. Hello! Maybe someone has experienced this and have a solution? Whenever I try to create an archive of my mod, I get error "File conversion failed, file will not be packed - errors:" And there's blank page, no info. I know this error is caused by of music files, because archiver always stops when trying to pack any of WAV files. Yet in game, music works just fine. For now my solution is to leave music files as loose files. Edit: Found one log file "FaceFXWrapper could not be started (2). LIP generation will be disabled." Finally got some log where is show the reason: "FAILED to encode 6073344 bytes of 11kPcm16BitStereo data to xWMA (bitrate 48000)". Can some please explain this to me? Converting Data\music\ModName\MusicName.wav to ExportArchiveRoot\Data\music\ModName\MusicName.xwm failed with error E_NOTIMPL (Not implemented) As I have read, I can pack only 16bit wav files but the problem is, my files already are "Bith Depth : 16 bits"
  4. Hello everyone! I'm trying to add a perk when some specific item is picked up or added via console but I just can't get it done. I know this can be done through Quest but my problem is, I've no idea how does the code must look for this kind of script. I believe, this can be done starting with "Event OnItemAdded" but I've tried random lines, compiled without problems but it just doesn't add the perk. Best would be if you could give me a link to some simple mod where could I see the script. That's how I'm learning, looking at others works 'cause I've never understood anything looking here: http://www.creationkit.com/.
  5. Since no one didn't want to help me, I don't need any help anymore.. As always I can do everything by my self.
  6. Hello! I'm trying to add a bow to Morrowind but I have problems with morph. Simply I don't even know how to create one. Is there someone who can help? Maybe some link where could I learn, how to make that miracle?
  7. Hello! Try to search for bebeface.dds in Textures folder. If you find it, place or better copy it where it should be. Also check this link http://www.gameskyrim.com/john-moonsugar-t19975.html there is some info.
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