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  1. This dude rocks. If his first mods, models and textures look this good he's going to do great things! :D
  2. Same problem here, using firefox nightly. With Chrome everything looks fine.
  3. Painting them black in the alpha channel of the textures should make them invisible. I think so at least, try it :).
  4. You could make that .esp, and for that you need TESnip and a little bit of hex editing since there's not a CK yet. Or you could simply rename the DB robes .nif in meshes with the same name as the DB armor nifs, and put them in the DB armor folder :)
  5. That's because you need the TESnip inside FOMM (fallout mod manager). In TESnip you don't code, you change hex values :). You should check out Scriptdragon, search the forum for it, i don't know much about it.
  6. You'll need NifSkope and FOMM (for TESnip), read everything in this thread: http://www.thenexusforums.com/index.php?/topic/469935-modding-skyrim-with-tessnip-and-nifskope/ Happy modding :).
  7. You're trying to import an armor, armors have skin weights, which you need to set. Watch the last video in the first post of this thread: http://www.thenexusforums.com/index.php?/topic/485274-video-tutorial-how-to-get-custom-weapons-into-skyrim/
  8. Ah, thank you very much! It's all thanks to you if we can mod right now, i really appreciate what you do :).
  9. Can someone tell me what i need to change in the BSLightiningShaderProprierty to reduce the gloss? I'd like to reduce the light reflections. Here's a screenshot of the shader, thanks :) http://i.imgur.com/2130P.jpg
  10. The Skyrim folder is Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim
  11. That's actually a great idea, i think i'll start doing that. I was worried about overlapping ID too, never thought of a method to sort that out until the creation kit comes out.
  12. The more i read you replies, the more i realize how much of a newbie i am, and the more i'm grateful to you. I tried importing the model onto iron and daedric, the results are similar with a certain difference. Here's a screenshot of the normal map in photoshop: http://i.imgur.com/g75xs.jpg Import over daedric: http://i.imgur.com/juc23.jpg Import over iron: http://i.imgur.com/5QXdA.jpg There's something i can do?
  13. It's not a matter of brightness settings in game, it's only the sword which is too bright/over saturated. It's probably a problem with the settings in the photoshop plugin, i'm trying to fiddling around with it, but for now with no luck.
  14. I need a little help here. I'm trying to import a model from Oblivion to Skyrim, everything works fine until i set the normal maps. In NifSkope it looks perfect, then in game it's really bright and i don't know why. Here's an example: http://i.imgur.com/5QXdA.jpg I generated the normal maps with the photoshop plugin because i'm retexturing this sword, but it does the same with the textures that came with the Oblivion mod. Any ideas?
  15. Ah thank you, i didn't set the .bsa in File>Resource, i only did the Render>settings. Now it displays textures just fine.
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