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  1. Here, just so you know, when I said I would be checking the internet for it's usage I meant it. Heres one link of several with your name on it. http://www.fallout3nexus.com/modules/comments/index2.php?tid=166386&fid=10193
  2. It goes all the way to the bottom, and it is not made for oblivion Either, Follow the rules, pay attention to the comment sections and the credits and permissions. Any thing typed on to the internet, finds its way to me. Thats the power of a PC. As far as you know now, it always goes to the bottom and it's not a mod, it's a tool. Understand?
  3. I have the GOTY aswell, and for me it includes all the 5 DLCs and the lastest patch ( Try reinstalling, and check the Vault Boy icon at the title screen for the current installed version.
  4. Strangely enough, one of these Orange checkbox turned the line pink (probably after a BOSS launch), and was tagged to be imported (Mart's Mutant Mod - Project Beauty.esp). Now, only one isn't disabled (Mart's Mutant Mod - Project Beauty + FWE.esp) and even if i move it to the end of the MMM load order, it still shows as orange.
  5. You are still missing some stuff, Remove both Tougher Traders and Natural Selection, as proconsul said, they are included with FWE. If you removed Project Beauty, then you only need one FWE Master Release for MMM, make sure to remove the other. As for the Step N.2, just make a copy of your FO3Edit.exe, place in the same folder (Fallout 3), rename it to FO3MasterRestore.exe and run it. Everything is automated. Once it's done, just close it and repeat the whole process again, including BOSS to sort your new mod list again. So resuming, disable these 3 esps i mentioned, run FO3MasterRestore.exe and rebuild the Bashed Patch. PS: After building the Patch, DON'T enable those mods disabled by Wrye Flash, they are merged in the Bashed Patch.
  6. Ops, my bad Mart's Mutant Mod - Project Beauty + FWE.esp is in the Compatibility patch from Project Baeuty in files area. http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=6341 My bad, re-read my previous post as I've edited it a bit.
  7. I may be able to help you with creating the Bashed File. proconsul helped me a lot with this, and since you have a similar list, i believe i can just explain it with every detail on. 1) Disable Mart's Mutant Mod - Master Menu Module.esp, FWE has the menu built-in. 2) Your Alternate Travel.esp is tagged as an esm by the lastest FWE hotfix, you can return the tag back to esp by executing FO3MasterRestore.exe (FO3Edit.exe, rename it to FO3MasterRestore.exe or make a copy, and run it). 3) You are missing an esp, Mart's Mutant Mod - Project Beauty + FWE.esp. You can find it within the Compatibility package from Project Beauty. 4) Download and install BOSS http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=10193 ; 5) Download Wrye Python 03a, http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=22368 and install it (basically it contains Python and a bunch of Python plugins required to run Wrye Bash/Flash). 6) Download Wrye Flash http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=11336 , and put the Mopy and Extras folders in the Fallout 3 directory (same directory as Fallout3.exe). 7) Make sure all your desired mods are activated and then run the file Mopy/Wrye Bash Launcher.pyw. 8 ) In the Mods tab, click with the right button in the row description (File/Load/Rating), sort by Load Order, disable (uncheck) Lock times and enable (check) "Always Update BOSS Masterlist prior to running BOSS". 9) At the bottom of Wrye Flash, click the BOSS icon (Launch BOSS). This will sort your load order and tag your mods for the Bashed Patch. Also make sure to check the generated HTML log for any errors/conflicts. 10) Now re-enable Lock times, select the Bashed Patch esp (Bashed Patch, 0.esp), right click, and then select Rebuild Patch. 11) A list of mergeable mods to be disabled will show (A import mod list might aswell show, however, the only two esps that were required for me to import are not being used by you), take note of these mods and accept Wrye Flash to automatically disable them. 12) Check the Merge Patches box (left panel), and select every mod that Wrye Flash has deemed mergeable and were disabled (right panel). 13*Optional*) If you have any mods to import, than check every Import table and only select the mods Wrye Flash told you to import. Otherwise just leave all the import tables unchecked. 14) Select both Formids and Leveled List (left panel), and leave as Automatic (right panel). 15) Click build patch and activate it after it's done. Don't forget to remove your previous Merged Patch from FO3Edit. While I'm not the most capable person here to help with mod issues, I've learned a lot thanks to proconsul, and i believe my little Wrye Flash tip will help you build the Bashed Patch. I also had a problem with EVE FOIP with all DLCs installed, and while i could run the game with a Merged Patch, i noticed that most effects weren't being played. PS: Don't run a MasterUpdate.
  8. I've rebuilt the patch several times and it's still orange. I guess i can't change it, no matter what i do.
  9. Alright then. Just one more question. In my Mod List (Wrye Flash), 3 esps from MMM (1 is mergeable) share a orange checkbox. By checking the Readme it says: * Orange: Some mods have changed order. Oblivion and TESCS will adjust for this when you load. However, if some of the mods that you depend made conflicting changes to the same item, a different mod may now dominate because of the reordering. So, should i be worried? The esps in loading order are: Mart's Mutant Mod - Project Beauty.esp Mart's Mutant Mod - Project Beauty + FWE.esp Mart's Mutant Mod - FWE Master Release + DLCs.esp
  10. So, are you saying that even if i have no problems like the ones you mentioned above, i can still leave Contents Checker checked without fearing Ghouls becoming Dragons, and so on? Because lastest build i left it checked just in case, but it wasn't listed in the Bashed Patch Readme, so i guess nothing is erroneous.
  11. After your help it seems to be working almost correct. Some effects from EVE which weren't present before, are now working. So far only one crash, which seems to be a common crash with FO3. When returning to Megaton (semi consistent, since reloading a save won't crash again, but it seems to occur a lot when returning to Megaton); And one freeze, occurs when I'm abusing the quickload function (which seems to be common for a modded game). Anyway, the problem now is, i can't use WMK for DLC and modded weapons, only vanilla weapons. Isn't this a problem caused by the lack of a merged patch? I tried to rebuild the Bashed Patch, now without the tweak settings for weapon codes (I thought it could be causing the problem for not recognizing the weapon's name), but alas, no luck. Any idea? UPDATE: I tried with FO3Edit's Merged Patch, and the problem was solved. So it's definitely the Bashed Patch. UPDATE2: Pftt, forget it man, my mistake. While i asked you about formids and leveled list, i actually managed to forget to check the box... twice. I rebuilt the Bashed Patch, and this time with calm i told myself "Wanna bet i forgot to check the boxes in the first place?", meh it's okay now. Anyway, could you check this and see if I'm not forgetting anything. Checked Boxes: [Merges] All selected [import] NPC Faces: Project Beauty BS + PL esps [Tweak Names] Ingestible codes Weapon codes Sort inventory [FormIDS] Automatic [Leveled lists] Automatic ************************************************************** Anything else i should check or is that all? There is a Contents Checker, should i check this box aswell? Race records at the bottom has a description saying it would merge race records, and it has Project Beauty.esm only. Since Project Beauty.esm wasn't deactivated, i left both boxes unchecked (Race Records and Project Beauty.esm). Is that correct?
  12. Man, i did every single step you post below yesterday, with the inclusion of importing some tags when building a bashed patch. Wrye says that PB - BS and PL, should be deactivated (BOSS puts a Deactivate tag) and imported. As for the Launcher, I've found it as soon as installed Wrye (experience with Python), i just didn't know it had to be in the same folder as Fallout3.exe, which i found out pretty quick once i ran it via the console and got the message. Anyway, do you mind entering steam so i could have a word with you? Thanks again, normal people should have stopped helping me by now, mostly after my rage post above.
  13. *Sigh* I spent the whole night trying to figure this thing out. Created several Bashed Patches, all causing the game to crash at the title screen. I've seen some games not so friendly to modding *cough*VtMB*cough*, but Bethesda takes the cake. Do you need to get nuts to pledge insanity in the court? No problem, try playing a modded Bethesda game. I'll wait for your answer, and if i can't find a solution after that, I'm uninstalling this game. I just ran out of patience.
  14. I don't drink, that's the problem. By the way, pythonw.exe won't open, i can open the console and the Windows GUI platform. If i can't open pythonw, then i can't open Wrye Bash Launcher.pyw, which is a problem. *sigh* Nevermind, i executed this script via the console, and it said it needed to be in the same folder as Fallout3.exe. /noobface
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