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  1. I'm so sick and tired of hearing the same two or three cheesy medieval-esque soundtracks over and over again. A fantasy soundtrack similar to a certain Skyrim mod would be wonderful. Does anyone know if this is possible? Very much obliged. :ermm:
  2. Ahhh. No, in fact, I didn't. I assumed it would simply override the existing values in my save file, but if I have to create a new game... that would explain a lot. :P
  3. Got it, thanks. :) I've just created my first mod, which was an attempt to eliminate the damage bonus of Cuman Killer to effectively erase the perk. I changed the "wat" value from *2 to *1, but left "bad" at 0.5. However, nothing seems to have changed, and Cumans are just as easy to kill as before. If you'd care to maybe take a look and tell me where I went wrong, I'd very much appreciate it. :laugh: https://uploadfiles.io/ud5mh I edited the file in Notepad++. Also, instead of creating a new directory with Libs and Tables, I simply deleted everything but Libs and Tables in an existing directory after extracting Tables.pak. I also deleted everything but "buff.XML" and I also deleted "buff.tbl" and created an empty text file with the same name. It looks just like any other mod I've seen, so I have no idea why it's not working.
  4. I don't think I understand something. When packaging my file, I'm apparently supposed to place an empty text file and name it "rpg_param.tbl." However, the tutorial says that it should be placed in the same directory as "rpg_parama.xml." There is no such file -- there's rpg_param.xml, but there's no rpg_parama.xml. Furthermore, should I just replace the existing rpg_param.tbl file? I can't have two files of the exact same name, after all. :P
  5. Thanks! I was able to find the following line: params="bad+0.5,wat*2" is_persistent="True" Since Cuman Killer increases damage against Cuman opponents by 50% (lol), would I be able to change "0.5" to something lower, like 0.1, to achieve the desired result? Or would I have to modify something else? Edit: Modifying "wat" might work, since "wat" apparently stands for weapon attack damage. Hm... What if I used a value like 1.10 instead of 2? Or 1.05? Edit 2: I'm getting bogged down in the file packaging process. I'm not really quite sure how to edit and package my file in such a way that I don't break or override something important. I think I'm probably supposed to create a blank text file called "buff.tbl," but where do I go from there? Also, it seems like the only way to even access the "buff.xml" file is to unpackage a huge file that governs all kinds of things, which is the "tables" file. I don't want it to override every existing mod I have, but I have no clue how to "narrow down" my edits to perks so that only perks are affected. Edit 3: So I copied the huge file that "buff.xml" contains, which is basically the Tables folder (which contains the rpg folder and lots of other things). Then, I deleted everything but the "rpg" file, and in the rpg file, I deleted everything but "buff.tbl" and "buff.xml." I deleted "buff.tbl" and replaced it with a blank text file that has the same name. However, after packing the Tables so that it's a .PAK file and placing it into my Data directory, it still feels like Cumans die too quickly. It's as if nothing has changed! I edited "wat" from 2 to 1 in notepad++, which should theoretically eliminate the perk's damage bonus against Cumans. Would anyone care to take a look at my .PAK to see where I went wrong, by chance? I'd appreciate it, once again. :smile: Here's the file: https://ufile.io/ud5mh
  6. I'm trying to figure out exactly how to edit perks. Some perks, such as Cuman Killer and Heavy Swing, feel really overpowered and out of place -- so I'd like to try toning them down. Does anyone know which file or files to edit? Also, what's the best tool to use to edit them with? Notepad++, perhaps? Thanks for any help. :happy:
  7. So, I'm tinkering around with Zhu-Rong (the unique Chinese Pistol). With respect to its damage-over-time effect, does shooting it in rapid succession void its DoT ticks? More generally, does damage over time from any flame effect (be it from a flamer, Zhu-Rong, or whatever) work if the effect is being refreshed before one second elapses between applications? I've tried to do some testing, but my results are kind of inconclusive. Thanks for any answers.
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