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  1. IMO tooltips are for learnability not for usability, and they are poor for accessibility. If I have to mouse over it to figure out what the information a visual element is telling me, why have it try to say the game name at all until moused over? I am not a fan of this change. This is a step backwards for usability.
  2. How am I supposed to know what game it is being filtered by if it shows only 9 characters of the game name?
  3. The X button seems pretty unnecessary on the game's bar. You could just click the NexusMods logo directly on the other side of the element to do the same thing. The only thing the X button seems to do is make it even harder to read what domain you are on. For games that are numbered sequentially this just means you don't even know at a glance. In this picture, you might as well not have a game name at all, really, since there are 5 games on your site that all start with this same name. And on a small-width window it's really difficult to see anything at all in the mods menu (as stated above)
  4. You won't find any modders on the Nexus Forums. You will find them in the modding discords. There's mine in the top of Mod Manager's help menu and it has links to others from there.
  5. This is a mod I'm actually testing in Mod Manager 7, for it's new merge format. It seems notably worse in LE2. Won't come out until I finish the build though, which will take some time.
  6. I've been a premium subscriber for years and over the past few months I've noticed the premium speeds I get are not very good. They seem to be worse than the free tier (with ads) according to your 2MB/s documentation. (Note MB = Megabyte and Mb= Megabit in this post. I know many users don't know the difference) Country: US (West) ISP: CenturyLink, speeds 80Mbps down / 40Mbps down Download tests Paris - Site took too long to respondAmsterdam - 365 KB/sPrague - 320KB/sLos Angeles - 1,250 KB/sChicago - 760KB/sMiami - 680KB/sSingapore - 215KB/s Large file: https://miami-premium.nexus-cdn.com/208/691/Project%20Variety%202.1.1-691-2-1-1-1588232554.7z?md5=Fnq55IjTH23T0hzpfF4x1A&expires=1589830829&user_id=2462864&rip= Small file: https://cf-files.nexusmods.com/cdn/208/833/Phantom%20Introduction%20Mod%20-%20Mod%20Manager-833-1-0-1589758961.7z?md5=Js9XAtJOeQy_zWCDyE0B7w&expires=1589830936&user_id=2462864&rip=
  7. This was fixed in MEM 224. MEM 222 had a change that we soak tested but we did not receive any crash reports until after the soak had completed. This was fixed around November 3. If you are having an issue with a mod, post it on the mod page. Posting it anywhere else doesn't really do you any favors as the authors likely don't check other areas. Additionally, this mod is not "incompatible" or "doesn't play nice" with other mods. It is a very complex process to replace textures in ME games, and it involves essentially recompiling the entire game's texture references in every single game file.
  8. There are several mods that can add the spitfire to SP. EGM for example does this.
  9. Looking at game files, there are several busted exports in MEHEM files. I don't understand how game does not crash loading these. I am able to reproduce the black screen issue, what is happening is it is attempting to teleport player into a cutscene trigger, but the cutscene is not starting. The black screen is not lifted in order to hide this teleportation, but what's happening instead is you are stuck in a black screen.
  10. Before I do this: How much/in what way will reversal to the extended cut version of this particular file affect the ending? I am not sure, I only deal with the front end, not the user support side of ALOT. However on the ALOT FAQ page, this is the current workaround. I am downloading MEHEM and will look at the listed items in the log to see if I can determine which export has the bad name index, which is what is causing the crash.
  11. This is a known issue with ALOT + MEHEM. When ALOT modifies the 500Choice file, the file is reconstructed in a way that seems to bring the original error in the file into execution path, not sure how. ME3Log - Logging started. BioSeqAct_PMCheckConditional BioD_Nor.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.Main_Sequence.Personal_Terminal.Give_Email_Rewards.BioSeqAct_PMCheckConditional_31: Serial size mismatch: Got 830, Expected 828 BioSeqAct_PMCheckConditional BioD_Nor.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.Main_Sequence.Personal_Terminal.Give_Email_Rewards.BioSeqAct_PMCheckConditional_32: Serial size mismatch: Got 830, Expected 828 SFXSeqAct_SetMusicID end002_anderson_end_m_D.SFXSeqAct_SetMusicID: Serial size mismatch: Got 382, Expected 15016 ULinkerLoad::operator<<, Bad name index 252416/1785, Archive ..\..\BIOGame\DLC\DLC_CON_MEHEM\CookedPCConsole\BioD_End002_500Choice.pcc This log however is useful, and may help us find a way to automatically repair this file before ALOT is installed. For now you can delete BIOGame\DLC\DLC_CON_MEHEM\CookedPCConsole\BioD_End002_500Choice.pcc and then run AutoTOC from Settings/Game Utilities/AutoTOC. Doing this will lock you out from installing more textures, but it will avoid this error as it is will revert to the extended cut version of the file.
  12. Installing things after ALOT is installed can cause the game to crash. That is why we painstakingly say to not install things after ALOT. Your diganostic shows multiple things wrong in the game, including multiple DLC that appear to have been repaired.
  13. Hi all, I've been working on ME3Explorer - ME3Tweaks Fork for a long while, I'm looking for some people to help test out and find bugs for me in this massive update that's been in the pipeline for months. I wrote an article about it on the mod page, which details some of the headlining features. https://www.nexusmods.com/masseffect3/articles/136 Appreciate it if you'd download a copy of the toolset and report any bugs, so we can iron them out before release. Thanks! Mgamerz
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