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  1. Abortion laws and advocation of these laws necessarily equate to misogyny, because legally, it is impossible for two separate rightsholders to occupy the same physical body. Civil rights absurdly bestowed separately on one blob of cells in a woman's body necessarily entail compromised, ignored and otherwise violated constitutional rights for the rest of her body. There's no way around this reality regardless of what our courts or religions might claim.
  2. Yours is a popular opinion among religious groups, and according to your explanation you fall into the one-third of humanity who base their abortion rights position on emotion. Those poor helpless little "persons" etc. The problem is, if you replace the word fetus with sperm in your paragraph it makes as much sense. So what's next, civil laws against masturbation? Such laws would be required in addition to abortion laws for any possibility of moral consistency to exist. It's primarily men who are making the arbitrary decision that 200,000,000 murdered sperm during masturbation are morally A-ok, but one fertilized egg inside a woman is somehow different, and somehow no longer her own cells to choose what to do with. Abortion laws are thus inherently misogynistic and violative of our Constitution. Government has neither the ability nor right to dictate any woman's pregnancy decision, let alone dictate the decisions of all women.
  3. Congrats to Ivanka Trump for landing five recognized trademarks from the PRC, and to Donald for landing $500 million from this same group to finance his new "theme park", which happens to include a private residence. I present the latest examples of Trump's swamp draining: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/ivanka-gets-5-china-trademarks-as-president-works-zte-deal_us_5b0a07eee4b0568a880c0a0d https://www.nationalreview.com/news/china-contributing-500-million-trump-linked-project-indonesia/ IMO it's a riot how this same PRC just refused to buy $200B worth of U.S. goods and services, while they didn't flinch at giving $500 million to Trump for his "theme park" development in Indonesia. Even more disgusting is Trump's acceptance of this money. Oh the joys of handpicked "winners". He matters. We don't. He gets a new private mansion in Indonesia financed by the PRC, our country gets shown the trade door by 1.5 billion totalitarian Communists. It literally makes me want to vomit, apparently our country no longer has any conflict of interest laws whatsoever.
  4. I was born and raised in the RCC and that's moreless their position too. But the truth is, if they honestly admitted their limited understanding of it, they'd refrain from taking any final position on abortion or gay rights. It's specifically why I walked away from them in my teen years, imo they amount to a political organization with financial interests, not a religion. A substantial portion of the money plopped into baskets every day goes to pay legal settlements for convicted child abusers. That's not to deride their charitable efforts which stand as the greatest in human history. Still imo it's innate hypocrisy to both claim limited understanding of something, and then to presume final judgment based on the same limited understanding. I firmly believe that everything ever written by humans was written by humans, and the claim that some of it was written by some entity other than humans is the start of all religious delusion. And it's how people justify the replacement of God's will with their own biases, bigotries and other cultural conditioning. With that in mind, I believe the authors of all religious texts were no less prone to ingrained cultural homophobia and misogyny than anybody else. I don't believe God wishes any created being to be aborted, I also admit complete ignorance of the larger plan, and have stopped even trying to classify most anything as objectively good or evil. The answer to almost all questions in the universe is it depends. And I refuse to believe God wishes our primarily male civil governments and almost exclusively male religious leaders to stick their noses inside women's uteruses. They're almost exclusively male noses for a reason. Civil laws against murder are necessary to protect the established and existing civil rights of a country's citizens. Exactly as they just did with same-sex marriage, the Vatican and others are attempting to turn our constitutions and civil laws into weapons of rights repression, with forcibly compromised and even in a few cases ignored constitutional rights of large segments of our population. In the case of the RCC they've been doing it for two millenia, the same political interference got them tossed out of Western Europe during the first third of last century. And now they're primarily responsible for permanently mucked up constitutions clear across our country. When the "defense of marriage" camp was finally sued into releasing their sponsor list (during the Prop 8 lawsuits in CA), it was discoverd the RCC, LDS and their myriad affiliated businesses accounted for just under 70% of the total campaign funding. Thanks to their tax exempt status they amount to tax-free PACs who are free to organize to introduce and pass civil laws and even propose constitutional amendments that affect everybody, regardless of religious denomination. Their current PC term for this fascism is "religious freedom", as our courts, case by case, explain to them that their right to religious freedom ends at everybody else's right to not subscribe to their own chosen set of religious beliefs.
  5. I meant to include the article link from my earlier quote, it gives details about "Max Thunder": https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/25/asia/us-south-korea-max-thunder-drills-intl/index.html In this case the drill is an annual waste of U.S. taxpayer money.
  6. IMO the congratulations are in order for Ireland seeing through the emotional side of the abortion issue and opting instead for the intelligent and practical approach to it. 80% of self-identified conservatives in our country say they favor laws limiting abortion in some or all cases, over 80% of the same people also say they would prefer government not intrude if their own daughter had an unwanted pregnancy. In other words, it is one thing to say you favor abortion laws, it is an entirely different matter to look your own pregnant daughter in the eye and tell her her pregnancy decision is no longer her own to make, but Donald Trump's. Or your state's governor's. Or Mike Pence's. Or even the Vatican's. At least in our country, any self-respecting woman would tell you where to put your laws and those who make them. It's proper to respond that way since Mike Pence, the pope etc are not the ones who must bear the pains and sacrifices of pregnancy and childbirth. Women must do so. My post was informational and I was going to append it to a past thread on abortion, but it's locked (correctly imo), and imo it's inevitable that any discussion on abortion will be eventually closed due to religious debate. As a kid I was taught and I still believe our Creator is perfectly aware of the entire fate of every single living being, from its start to its end. The concept is called predestination and it's common among most of the world's major religions. IMO no woman should ever be made to feel badly about an unwanted pregnancy or her chosen response to it, for the exact same reason no man should ever be made to feel badly about masturbation. Egg or sperm, or even fertilized egg, the material is definitely human and definitely alive, this does not magically enable any of these cells to hold a birth certificates in its hands -- and thus it most certainly does not entitle these cells to any civil rights including and especially equal protection. I wish I was a judge on this one, just so I could tell the right-to-lifers to please call me if they ever hear of a single human fetus that has ever exercised any constitutional rights. Until it's born and independent of the mother physically (this "viability" nonsense was just a first foot in the door for the Vatican in our country and nothing else) the government has and can have no interest in what's occurring inside women's bodies. No potential state interest trumps that of a woman's right to control her own bodily functions including her reproductive systems. IMO abortion is the ultimate hot button issue. Regardless of country about 1/3 of people speak from emotion instead of logic, and the gut instinct is to rush to the defense of poor helpless fetuses inside women's bodies. But according to predestination the protection is entirely unnecessary. Our Creator already and perfectly knows which eggs and sperm and fetuses make it to birth, and which ones don't. Thus moral outrage about abortion (and homosexuality, masturbation etc) is necessarily concurrent with ignorance (intentional or not) of predestination. And once it is ignored, history has proven that no bottom exists to the human stupidity pit. In Iran they amputate the hands of convicted masturbators, gangs of clergy-police hunt down gay people, castrate them on the spot and leave them to bleed to death etc, all justified as protection of the "order of nature". Welcome to God's will as interpreted by abject human ignorance and stupidity.
  7. Oh please. Even our military admits they were provocative: "Col. David Shoemaker, the commander of the US 8th Fighter Wing who was overseeing this year's drills, said he was aware of the heightened tensions around the drills, but argued they were necessary. "This is training that we need regardless of the political situation," he said. "It's training that has gone on for decades." And there it is: our military dictating to our civil politicians when and where their training takes place and is necessary. It's been the root problem with our military since the mid-1960's. The truth is, it is not up to our armed forces to dictate to the American people (you know, the ones who pay their salaries) when and where their services and operations are required. This is entirely beside the blaringly obvious and simple point that it would have been a show of good faith to cancel the drills, even if they were planned.
  8. They struck down their Vatican-sponsored constitutional amendment that outrageously (imo) gave equal protection rights to blobs of cells inside women's bodies. The vote was almost exactly 2/3 to 1/3 to overturn it. If only Kansas was as honest. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-44256152
  9. Can you explain the purpose of organizing military drills during peace settlement negotiations? Are we Germany yet?
  10. Can someone please explain what Kim did, specifically, to cause Trump to suddenly back out of our advanced settlement talks in Korea? They removed the propaganda loudspeakers at their artificial and ridiculous border for crying out loud. More importantly, considering Bolton, and for the sake of our children's lives, please ask WHO STANDS TO FINANCIALLY BENEFIT FROM NOT SETTLING THE KOREAN CONFLICT? It's close to the very same group of companies and people who were the sole financial benefactors of Iraq. Trillions spent to convert a stable totalitarian craphole into a permanent stronghold of chaos and global terrorism. It's simply hard for me to fathom the national stupidity. Contrary to the prior opinion, imo this is about what the Korean people wish for themselves, and nothing else. If the prevailing opinion is that Kim holds majority support in his country, we're stuck in Cubaland, and simply wishing his regime out of power won't accomplish anything. If he's willing to agree to a monitored election from all Koreans, and to abide by its decision, imo somebody has to explain why he'd refuse it, unless he really is just a thug pretending to have majority support in his country. The truth is either all or almost all the Koreans I've known over the years have claimed Kim was popularly supported in Korea, these people were from both north and south. If it's true, imo our moral and practical options are very limited. As mentioned in another discussion I don't see why the same settlement model that was used for Vietnam can't be used for Korea. A few market reforms later and we've been doing business with Vietnam without issue since 1995. Let the Korean people rule themselves. Period.
  11. It's why I had you on ignore for months on this site. Utterly pointless indeed. I simply thanked you for conceding that you're godless, I wasn't agreeing with atheism. As for extreme sounding words, I use the ones that are most accurate for my intended meaning, like everyone else does. It's been how many months and we're still waiting to hear our first claim from anyone that the Trump/Pai action doesn't qualify precisely as orchestrated treason and imposed fascism. There's not even been a proposal to move this topic to Debates. Everyone is onboard about what happened and what the R's are trying to get away with, because everyone has known this day was coming for internet traffic for the last 30+ years. My parting shot is that your lack of coherency claim is most absurd of all. On most issues my opinions haven't changed in a half century or longer, because nobody has ever disproven them in my view, and btw I'm still waiting for my first incorrect prediction in that same half century. So please review your own posting history before you even start judging mine.
  12. Thanks for the concession. Now explain why you wouldn't be much happier living in China. Wait on second thought never mind. I really don't wish to steer this OT and frankly I already know what you're about to type anyway. Try replacing "God" with "Creator" and see if you disagree with it as strongly. There may or may not be a God, but you most certainly had a Creator. It's the word used in our Declaration of Independence.
  13. I present the above post as definitive evidence that stupidity is infinite punishment. You could read a billion pages explaining the fundamental difference between human rights (endowed by God) and recognition of rights (endowed by government), it will never register inside your head. Simply not enough cells inside that cavity and more cannot be added via surgery. If you sincerely believe there is no such thing as God-given rights you most definitely belong in China, Iran, North Korea or another country where it's practically true, and I refuse to even qualify that with an imo. As for your other point, it's why the effort is happening now and not after control of our internet traffic is usurped by private industry and the current runaway national security monster in our federal government. And thanks to Google our view of the world is now somewhere between pathetically and obscenely tiny. You won't believe what you've been missing when this nonsense is over. All of these things are symptoms of the same problem, we have to grow up and properly recognize and protect the internet for what it is: the world's primary common carrier of private, two-way communication. It is not an "information service" regardless of how badly our federal government wishes it was. You know the true irony imo is that the beginning of this problem was not the FCC's actions in 2014 and 2015, which were correct and necessary, it was the previous carving, by this same government and out of literal nothingness, of the legal entity still referred to as an "information service". If you're wondering why this new creation came about, it was the easiest way to delay inevitable recognition of internet traffic as a private common carrier communications utility, which in turn necessitates some minimum level of legal regulation and protection. Again what was done in 2015 was to simply and properly recognize the internet as a private communications network, and (exactly as with our phone and mail networks) require fair and equal end user control of and access to the medium. It's the exact same development progression as all other introduced technologies in our 240 year history.
  14. Just in the past week Trump has intentionally shut down all negotiations and existing peace plans with both North Korea and Iran. John Bolton strikes again. He's never been elected to a public office in his entire life yet has absolutely no problem sending countless thousands of other people's kids to their deaths, to fight for Halliburton and ExxonMobil. The sky won't be falling for most Americans until it actually does. It's what happened in Ger... oh forget it. ;)
  15. I wanted to add one post of explanation about the motivations of Obama and the FCC in 2014 and 2015. Trump, Pai, the R's and even our media establishment (the same list also comprises not only the primary but exclusive beneficiaries from Pai's decision) are trying to frame Title II protection for internet traffic as evil and unnecessary government interference. The truth is that our FCC acted in 2015, not to intrude government where it wasn't necessary, but to protect internet traffic from the then-presumed-inevitable and now-proven concerted attacks and power plays on our privacy, free speech and other constitutional rights for this traffic, by both private industry AND other agencies (NSA etc) of this same federal government. Congress had been working on establishing Title II protection and net neutrality for three years prior to the FCC's 2015 decision, and history has already proven this protection was and still is essential. Our recognized privacy and other constitutional rights for internet traffic will be destroyed the instant our government stops "intruding" to protect these rights. That's no longer even a claim, it's history and it's where we are today.
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