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  1. I will make a ranger class and neutral option
  2. On the bloodmoon quest "race against the clock", my game keeps quitting for no reason.
  3. I fell through the floor in a cave and landed in an endless stretch of water. the map was above me and i couldnt get back up so i swam down and someone (somehow) killed me. and now whenever i reload my save the screen is red around the edge (like when your near death) and i dont know how to get rid of it. please help!!!
  4. This quest kept glithing on me because the wife kept starting a riot and getting killed lol
  5. I think all 0f the new areas in skyrim look amazing but volcanic tundrawould really be a sight. my second choice would be the canyon. This is where Markarrth Side is located.
  6. Leave comments on why you voted for certain things. Also, I know some of these enemies have been in older elder scrolls games, but I just mean they werent in oblivion and I also know that trolls are in oblivion but not frost trolls. I would say that volcanic tundra is the best area, its just a mix of ice and fire. And for the second question i will have to go for the Frostbite spider becuase it can actually tie people up in its web! This list will change when more new enemies are revealed.
  7. Im not sure if it was a glitch but i left my ninroots in my private quarters of the priory of the nine and i later discovered that the Knights were stealing my nirnroots.
  8. Im glad that so far nobody has voted for the Khajiit because I hate them, I cant explain why i hate them i just do. Who agrees?
  9. Nice idea that links in with the start of Skyrim... thanks for posting!
  10. Comments? Who will you want to see in the next round. please leave suggestions for new participants! In round 1-part 3, our final four will go into a free-for-all match in the arena and only your vote can give your favourite the chance to win. please check this page regulary for updates!!!
  11. I liked ambush but i always try and let my guys live in quests where you have teammates and for some reason every time i did this quest my guys started fighting each other which was annoying
  12. Please leave comments. I will take the winners of round 1-part 1 and pit the against eachother in round 2. Check out round 1-part 2 here! Please give suggestions on who you would like to see fight the winner of this round in round 2.
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