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  1. I just had that happen to me. SSEEdit and Creation Kit both said I was female. Load any save and I became a male. The only way I knew how to change back, was to use showracemenu and then go through the whole creation process. I tried player.sexchange and it changed me right back. Thanks! That suggestion saved me a lot of time.
  2. I just had that happen to me. SSEEdit and Creation Kit both said I was female. Load any save and I became a male. The only way I knew how to change back, was to use showracemenu and then go through the whole creation process. I tried player.sexchange and it changed me right back. Thanks! That suggestion saved me a lot of time.
  3. Which versions were those? I have the latest versions which are RaceMenu Special Edition v0-4-16 and XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended-1988-4-80 as of 01-14-2021. I was told that the newer versions of XMPSSE would cause the crash and to go back to v4.20. I had to upgrade from v4.20 because it would make all my characters look like zombies, their arms down at 45 degree angles and they would float around without moving anything. After I read that, I tried going back but they still become Zombies. I tried versions 4.67, 4.72 and now 4.80 and they are working great for the animations, but I can't make it to the Greybeards. I am getting confused and would appreciate some help! Thanks! NOTE: I think I found my problem. I had added and removed several mods, so I started a new game. I Crashed To Desktop right after leaving the cave at Helgen. I found an article online about another player who was having the same problem and gave his load order. Another browser mentioned something about there being a lot of speech at the beginning and that Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (RDO) may be related somehow. I had no other option so I uninstalled RDO and three of it's patches. I made it past that spot with no more problems. I was worried about seeing the Greybeards and kept saving my game every 30 seconds or so going up the mountain, until I was past the area where I had problems before. I am getting Jurgen Windcaller's Horn now, still without any more crashes. If this helps anyone else, you're welcome!
  4. This just happened to my player. This is an old thread, but it is still happening. SSEEdit says she is a female. So does Creation Kit. Creation Kit shows a female body too. Racemenu seems to be the problem. It seems every old save I load, my player turns into a man. I even went to the beginning save I had right after I created my player and she was a man there too! I used showracemenu on the console and changed her back to a woman. I created a save and I can load that and she is still a she. But you have to go through the whole creation process again. If I load a newer save, even though I just changed back to a woman, it will turn me to a man again. I have never seen this before. I have been changing files trying to eliminate some CTDs I am having. When I am done changing files, if I start over will I still have this problem?
  5. Running the game without Mod Manager fixed the issue for me. Edit : I found the actual fix, you need to run FNIS and click "de-install creature pack", my problem was I removed FNIS Creature Pack without de-installing it on the FNIS.exe Thanks! I misunderstood the directions about uninstalling the Creature Pack and uninstalled it in NMM first. I was wondering when I opened FNIS why it was no longer an option to remove. So after starting a new game, that was the last thing I thought about when the wagon wasn't moving. I found this article and you described the fix perfectly! I went ahead and installed it with NMM again, then uninstalled it with FNIS, and then uninstalled it another time in NMM. I then re-enabled all of the mods that I disabled trying to get this to work. I started the new game I had just saved and it worked great! Thanks again!
  6. Thanks for the tip! I have had a terrible time creating my character. I'm a 69 year old man, who decided a couple of years ago, that I would be much happier watching a naked woman running in front of me than a armored man. Since I played as a man since the game came out, every time I start a new game it thinks my character is a man. When I switch it to a woman, I get this nasty looking Nord female that I have not been able to do anything with. Getting the presets working correctly is so much better. I was so disappointed the the preset screen was empty. Thanks for telling me about loading the presets! Can I save my new preset too, after I finish editing her?
  7. I summoned my companion and when i did the game crashed. I opened SSEdit, found the problem and corrected it. I had a bad bug in my last game where some of my companions would lose their heads. I remembered how I fixed it and I reversed what I had done. I then was able to walk through the doors. I had no more problems inside the Bee and Barb, except my companion had no head.
  8. I have just re-installed Skyrim SE so I could get rid of multiple crashes. I do have select group of mods, and in at least two of those, which are companion mods, have something to do with the Bee and Barb. My situation is a little different. I am in the habit of saving my game before I go through any door and its a good thing. When I try to open either ground floor door , there is a blank screen, music plays for a while, then it stops and the game quits responding. I have waited over five minutes for each of the doors before ending task. I have a marker on my companion just to make it easier to find them, so I know they are there. I haven't tried to summon them yet, but I will. There is nothing else for now, that needs my attention in there. I just verified my game files and they are OK. I have played this game, probably at least ten times and have never had this problem before. I hope there are no more new bugs!
  9. I watched your video, but you said that you would leave a copy in the Description below. When you loaded Notepad++, you placed your edit at the bottom of the page. Your MORE VIDEOS pops up and blocks what you just edited, so I was looking forward to reading your description and to be able to copy the lines correctly. You don't have a description below! I was able to close the more videos line, pause the video and scroll back to where I could read it. Then I had to memorize the lines, which is asking a lot. Anyway, Thanks for the Video! I didn't have the line in Fallout4Prefs.ini, so I added it. I already had the lines in Fallout4Custom. Nexus Mod Manager Community Edition includes ArchiveInvalidation, so I'm not sure what you are referring to. What is "The Configuration Tool" you mentioned? I play a lot of games, but I can't remember the names for all of their tools. Thanks Again!
  10. In the third paragraph, I mentioned already installing the mod "High Res DLC Black Face Fix". This did not help for Nick! Thanks anyway!
  11. I have been having crashing issues for a while now and I heard the DLC Ultra High Resolution may be to blame. I moved the DLC Texture files to a new separate folder, so I could move them back for verification if needed. Lacking the DLC caused me many more problems that I did not have before. The first major one is that bridges changed colors and when you walked on them you would fall below it. Building were not there at all. Saving and reloading usually helped. I now know that loose files can be a problem, but I didn't at the time. I extracted all the Fallout4 - Textures1.ba2 ( 1 through 9 ) to see if that would help. I downloaded a lot of texture files and that helped a lot. I crashed almost every time I went through a door or fast traveled. Saving then reloading before go through the doors usually worked. I have about ten companions and I started getting the Black Face bug with about half of them. Each companion has separate meshes and textures, so I used FO4Edit on my esp file "Aces Companions" which keeps track of them. I keep the esp as low in the load order as possible. In this esp, I have a Non-Player Character (Actor) folder for each of them. There is a head texture row in the mod columns listed by load order, each mod column has the name of the head texture, if used. Fallout 4 is in the 1st column and it has the original head texture. Fallout 4 has a few default head textures that cover most actors, such as SkinHeadMayor, SkinHeadHeroFemale and Male, etc. By using a combination of the files or not using any at all, I was able to get rid of the Black Faces. I found that the DLC Ultra High Resolution was not causing any problems I could tell. I still had many more problems than I had before, so I went ahead and put the DLC textures back. Now Nick and Sturges have the Black Face issue that they didn't have before. I installed the mod "High Res DLC Black Face Fix" but it did not help. I am running the mod "Generation 3 Nick Valentine" which had no problems initially, but the author has closed the mod temporarily so I can not ask him about it. Nick's original texture is SkinHeadValentine from when he was a Gen 2 synth (prototype). If I use that the black face goes away, but his face get all messed up. The mod "Generation 3 Nick Valentine" has no texture for his head. Trying the other Fallout default textures didn't work either. If anyone has an idea how to fix this, I would appreciate it! Thanks for your time!
  12. I found out what I was doing wrong. I went into Sol system a dozen times and there was no Land button. I finally scanned the Sol Galaxy and scanned Earth. It now had a Land button. I landed and extracted the N7 Operatives. I started trying at the beginning and finally succeeded at the very end of the game with this quest being the last one. So it is not necessary to do this right away after you receive the email or a holo from Admiral Hackett. I hope this will help you if you're having the same problem!
  13. I went back to a previous save right after Priority Mars when I received the email "alliance cmd - earth n7 extractions". I acknowledged it and then went to Earth. On Earth there was no Land button. On the Galaxy map, Earth had a flag: "Extract N7 Troops". So I cannot extract anybody! Is it possible I am doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated! Picture Links: Email: https://www.nexusmods.com/masseffect3/images/1823 Sol Galaxy: https://www.nexusmods.com/masseffect3/images/1824 Earth: https://www.nexusmods.com/masseffect3/images/1825 P.S. I tried to add pictures, but I after uploading my pictures, they don't show in My Media (Your Media Library). So I added links instead!
  14. I went to the Citadel for the second time after rescuing Primarch Victus. When I leave and go to Earth, the mission, "alliance cmd - earth n7 extractions" is not showing in the journal and there is no way to land on earth. Does this mission need to take place before Priority Palaven? I have read most of the posts for EGM and I can't find any answers. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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