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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KICszQNDUOA&feature=player_embedded Looks like the Mojave might be getting that Nuclear Winter after all! Awesome! Cant wait!
  2. Geez, didnt know being argumentative was a big problem for you guys. Its part of the creative process for the design teams I usually work with in RL. If one team member says some idea might work better, we take that into account, analyze it and make a conclusion then explain it to the team member. If they ask again, we remind them that we are going in a direction that might not mix well with that idea. We dont batter him/her with a sermon and ask for their resignation just for having ideas. That would be counter to what a creative industry is. We know he/she is working really hard towards the goal by giving out those ideas. Whats happening is miscommunication. As Ive said on the private boards, there is just too much ideas going around and that we have to focus. We dont have a concrete plan or @dev might have a concrete plan but I am a little hazy on what that is. There so much story content, small ideas, and miscellaneous tidbits about the mod that I am frankly confused or just misinterpreting what needs to go where and what happens where and whatever. Can we organize it a bit? I tried doing it when I started here with the flowcharts and the collated entries, but ended up still misinformed of story, character and location changes. Can we have a bulleted blow by blow of the story trees, dev? or enumeration of the characters and locations? maybe on a google doc so that it would be easier to format and this thread doesnt get flooded again. Anyway, in regards to my part of the mod. Ive been busy with RL since last week and will be busy till next week but before that I was able to do short capture of what Ive accomplished so far. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOD2SrKD_Ek The hotel, clinic, bank(brick), gen store(blue) and a random building(brown) are working in game. Just need to fix some textures and some scaling since some of the vanilla doors arent fitting. Pardon the clutter, I was merely finding vanilla assets that would fit the theme. The hotel is a customized Tippy building, dev. Added another floor, a small 2nd floor balcony and a roof railing, so that the roof can be used for something like a restaurant or an event area. It also has 2nd floor access through a back door with stairs as is from the original model. Dont mind the goodsprings gen store model and the zion canyon gen store model, theyre just stand-ins till I get the rest of the models up and running. If you see the Zion Canyon Shack/Ranger Station, I might customize those to serve as a ticket booth by removing the windows from 1 side and replacing them with bars. The coaster is already there. Problem is, it isnt a tiled set(only 4 pieces) not sure how to make those go around main street as you envisioned. Lastly found some more mods, that might be useful. One is Old Western Energy Pistol, might look good on the park security. Lore wise, the park is heavy on play acting, so the guards could have been armed these. Another is an F3 mod, Animated Shooting Target, These would be fantastic for any of the small games/attractions. Thats mostly it, Thanks. See you in a week!
  3. Thanks Ave! Were hoping it comes out to! :biggrin: @dev Here are some pictures of the clinic in-game. http://newvegasnexus.com/imageshare/images/2797923-1315029328.jpg http://newvegasnexus.com/imageshare/images/2797923-1315029519.jpg Might have to go into more texturing since there a big difference in doors/windows versus the walls. Windows and doors are banged up shot and dirty and the building itself is clean as a whistle. Also here are some WIP on the other buildings Ive been modeling/texturing Bank http://newvegasnexus.com/imageshare/images/2797923-1315029787.jpeg Random Buildings I dont have a use for yet http://newvegasnexus.com/imageshare/images/2797923-1315029932.jpeg If you look at the Clinic images, you can see some clutter in the background. Im going thru most of static in game. Checking to see what items might belong in the world. The Nipton town hall looks really good. The roller coaster though cant go around Main Street because there are only three big pieces.
  4. The fence is temporary so no worries there. Its easy enough to create a opening anywhere outside of the main entrance. I just thought that SS wouldnt want people getting into the park without paying. Tribal Home Base Loc: Its near the power plant to justify the tribals being able to find the PC and bring him/her to the village. The mainframe wouldnt worry about the tribals getting into the power plant, assuming he is godlike to them(taboo) and he has enough firepower there(security bots and whatnot). Makes the messiah/chosen kid more of a legendary figure, breaking taboos, avoiding detection by bots, disabling the plant and going against their god. Re the bulldozer. Its easy enough to justify another point away from the tribal village nearer the road to the park. A gathering point for their rituals or a scout position or a small stopover or even a small construction site with the bulldozer in it. We could have them praising a dead god, The Bulldozer. Who was prophecized to clear the way to their freedom. Ive done about 3-4 more models for MainStreet. I am having problems with texturing. Everything looks sterile. As if they the buildings are brand new. It might make take some more time to develop these textures. All I can say is. Bethesda and Obsidian Texturers are damn Good.
  5. Nice, that junkyard wall is one of my favorites!
  6. Looks cool! Cant wait! Are you guys using the interplay concept images as a guide for the place? http://images.wikia.com/fallout/images/4/4a/Boulder_Dome_1.jpg http://images.wikia.com/fallout/images/d/d8/Boulder_Dome_3.jpg http://images.wikia.com/fallout/images/d/de/Boulder_chicks.jpg http://images.wikia.com/fallout/images/b/bd/Dome_suit.jpg http://images.wikia.com/fallout/images/a/a0/Reservation.jpg http://images.wikia.com/fallout/images/4/43/Gasbot.jpg
  7. I get the same problem. I just reset the water levels and reload geck. But most of the time the problem just goes back.
  8. Found this over at FO3Nexus. Not sure if youve seen them before. WWII Weapons Part 1 and Part 2 They take care of half your list. Although they still need porting over, putting up iron sights and maybe some work with the textures(too clean and shiny for me). Found the mosin and p38 to, although they need more polish. The Bren you found looks good. The BAR and the M1 Garand should be easy enough, they are already in game as That Gun and in Dead Money DLC Also found some WWII costumes, some of them looks funky though. Maybe someone could try to port these over to NV?
  9. I'd like something like this to! I can model some of the weapons but getting them to work in game is another thing. Do you have links to the WW2 weapons that already exists on the nexus?
  10. We could actually just leave the park attractions all over the park. I was planning to disable fast travel and in its place have a covered wagon system. Just tell the android riding it where you want to go and spawn there like the fast travel system. Wanted it this way so when for example you go up to northern town, which passes by the outlaw town. You get a random encounter with some outlaws, robbing the covered wagons. Same goes for when youre going to the resort. Only banditos or indians attack. It was supposed to be playacting when the park was running but since then it has turned into a real thing. There is a looooooooooot of space dont worry, the valley to the south east, the lake/mountain north west and the mesas(still messing with this) up north. The spanish villa on a lake is a good idea. Buts lets hold that until we could find a riverboat model. Put up a temporary fence using Tranquility Lane White fences scaled up. You cant jump over it. easy enough to remove. I like where the tribal village is at right now which is NEAR the power plant. They could get the cars easily. and theyre somewhat protected by a valley of sorts from weather problems. I'll be putting up another road down there. Maybe a dirt road. Im working on the parking lot at the moment. Maybe we could put them there if you want them to use cars as houses. Its the big yellow box near the entrance of the park. Its an esp right now. I could also upload the files for the Grand Saloon and its neon signs which is in cell 0,0
  11. http://www.newvegasnexus.com/imageshare/images/2797923-1314514398.jpg Here it is so far. This is the actual height map Red line is Train Track. Dark Grey is Fencing Black is the dirt road The line beside the train track outside the fence is the asphalt road. The pink circle is the powerplant. Yellow box near that is the tribal village Yellow circle surrounded by water is the indian village orange box by the lake is the Villa light blue box that is smack dab in the middle is MAIN STREET. The yellow box in the far right north corner is northern town. Where your jacobstown hotels would go. Hopefully we could get snowy weather up there. The yellow boxes in between the villa/mainstreet and northerntown/mainstreet are old spanish mission and outlaw town respectively. Do you want me to upload the esp for this? So that we could gradually populate it?
  12. Good Stuff Dev! Just "finished" the prototype worldspace. 30x30. 10x10 was a bit too small so I went ahead with a 30x30 world space. Takes a bit to get around. Calling it a prototype at the moment because its basically just deformed land, mountains/hills, "mesas" and rivers/lakes. No ground textures or static stuff yet except for the park fencing by the entrance and an asphalt road/train tracks coming from a tunnel. Its gonna take a while to get this thing populated! Also LOD hasnt been done. Im wondering if I should do that first before populating it with statics. I'll post a picture of the height map that im using as reference as to where stuff would go in a moment.
  13. Thanks! Kudos for you! Still having problems now and then though! The default water height is now 4000 units higher than the default land height. In game thats about right, but when Im in geck, the water sometimes appears above the land. I just switch the water height back to something below the land height, save then switch it back up to the original. EDIT: Ugh, kudos system 404'ing on me, I'll try again later
  14. Doing a 30x30 Worldspace and just finished the height map after a couple of grueling hours and 3 geck crashes. When I go into the game the freaking water is invisible! Did some searches and found that somehow the minimum default land height is supposed to be 10500! Is this still accurate? Just asking because the Wasteland NV default land height is somewhere around -2000! If I have to redo the height map than so be it! But just in case, is there anyway to increase the default land and water height while preserving my height map?
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