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  1. "A specific modder..." You think I'm the only modder who has ever locked their comment and/or bug threads? Boy are you in for a rude awakening. Lol. My comment policy is well explained here and here. I provide a grand total of 14 separate references in that article for a player with questions to use, none of which involve my forum. Note that I didn't have to explain the recent change to my comment policy. I chose to. I also made the change in policy only after providing continuous support to BackOff and my other mods for several years. If spending literally hundreds of hours of my time answering questions, providing technical support, and fielding (mostly bogus) bug reports is your definition of "petty," frankly, I don't care. Don't like my policies? Don't use my mods.
  2. When you choose to use multiple mods together, that means you need to spend ample time troubleshooting problems on your own. We're not here to troubleshoot for you. Disable all mods, then re-enable them individually and check for the issue each time. By doing this methodically, you'll be able to narrow it down to one mod or a combination of mods. From there, you should confirm that you've installed those mod(s) properly prior to posting in their dedicated threads. For more details, read the "Gameplay Issues" section of this webpage. In addition, prior to posting in my threads, please read and follow the rest of the information on that page.
  3. @Deadmeat -- What I'll likely do since you didn't technically release projects (which all have a distinct ID) is create a single spreadsheet entry for you (per game). It will link to your Nexusmods file profile for that game, and have a short note explaining you released your mods on the old forums and not via the Projects interface.
  4. Ah, okay, we did not port forum links, specifically. We only ported projects, so that explains why they aren't listed. Please toss up a list of Nexus links to your mods in a post and I'll get them added. Thanks!
  5. ....And did you originally release your mods for ME3 as Projects on the old BioWare Social Network (BSN)?
  6. Click the link in the OP to the BSNPI. Locate each of your old BSN mods on the sheet, and insert a comment for each one that contains the link to their new page on Nexus. The most logical place to insert the comment is in the column for download location.
  7. Thanks, DeadMeat! Please insert a comment associated with each of your mods in the inventory, when you have them up and available on Nexus :)
  8. FYI, website overhaul is complete and the OP has been updated.
  9. FYI, the OP has had another small refresh. Expect one more once I'm finished updating the website -- probably near the end of this month.
  10. FYI, BSN is officially gone. No announcement anywhere as far as we can tell. Expect an update to the website and this thread OP tomorrow.
  11. The website has been up for months and the inventory is close to finished. What do you mean by "launch"? Not sure what you're waiting for. The website is very, very clear about the goal of BCN. We're an information source. No more, no less.
  12. DLC mods have been around for almost three years. During that time we've seen an enthusiastic, immediate adoption by content modders, but a much more gradual transition by mesh/textures modders. This is a good thing, as DLC mods are primarily meant for content mods. ME3Explorer staff have recently seen a spike in questions from users here and on Nexusmods about mesh/texture mods -- typically armor/clothing mods -- from creators who plan to release (or already have released) their creations as DLC mods. In almost all cases, these new mod creators are inexperienced. They lack sufficient understanding of other options and don't realize that a DLC mod might not be the best way to distribute their mod. They know DLC mods are the new/easy/cool thing, and they don't properly evaluate the pros and cons of using them. As a result, more and more DLC mods are being released for game assets that don't really warrant this type of distribution. We encourage all new and veteran modders to read this new article on the ME3Explorer wiki that explains when DLC mods are necessary, and when they are not. The contents of this article are currently being discussed in this thread on the ME3Explorer forum. Thanks.
  13. The ME3Explorer wiki is written explicitly by the toolset development team. Mostly, myself. Everything on there is 100% correct and reliable. You can consider it the official "manual" for the toolset. As the wiki explains, if you don't build DLC mods into your tree, you cannot apply textures to them. Any DLC mod file will override the changes in any base game or BW DLC counterpart.
  14. "Soon" is a bit of an overstatement (depending on your definition), but this year, definitely :)
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