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  1. UPDATE: Site Launched You can visit our teams website at: http://globusinfinium.weebly.com/ We will house all of our current and future projects on this site. Look at it as the one stop project stop, for Team Infinium. Right now our current project is Veritas, which is a Skyrim Overhaul Project, that we aim to bring immersion and lore friendly content to Skyrim. The site will also contain a Developer Blog and we will have our own forums, that will coincide with our other thread on Nexus and Dark Creations. One other thing we would like to bring to your attention is that Alpha Build 1.25 has been uploaded and is ready for testing. You can get your download by going to Dark Creations: Veritas Playtest Download after you have downloaded the playtest, leave somew feedback here on the thread or head over to the testing thread on dark creations and leave us some info, as this helps us continue the project.
  2. Is someone picking up this project?
  3. Get on it Saurus lol... I think this would be a perfect mod for you to dip your toes in with.
  4. Heck Yeah!!! Hopefully you will be able to have a lot more fun with combat. I am also adding some new npc's that will be able to convert to followers. And I want to start changing some effects in the game to add more visual aesthetics. Please make sure to play responsibly lololololol I will play responsibly haha I am going to test out 3 of the races, which do you recommend? I recommend Argonian, Khajiit, and Orc.
  5. Actually I was unaware of a unused orc vampire voice.. that's awesome. I only made the Orc vamp because I didn't see any in the actor list. But I would like to request Vampires for all races please.
  6. Heck Yeah!!! Hopefully you will be able to have a lot more fun with combat. I am also adding some new npc's that will be able to convert to followers. And I want to start changing some effects in the game to add more visual aesthetics. Please make sure to play responsibly lololololol
  7. For all that have been eagerly waiting for Veritas Alpha 1.25 to be released, here it is: http://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/7346-veritas-skyrim-overhaul-project-playtest-alpha-build-125/ and then Let us know what you think!
  8. Hey Nexians!! Just wanted to say good afternoon. Work is running over so I may not be able to upload Alpha 1.25 until late tonight. But I will get it uploaded. How is everyone today? Hope all is well
  9. just wanted to drop by and say progress has slowed this week. I have been extremely sick with fever and all that crap that comes along with being sick. Today was my first time being able to stay awake long enough to type this out. I have been able to respond very shortly with my messages, so so people don't think I am ignoring them. Hopefully tomorrow will bring me back to a significant wellness so that I may pick up where I left off. Stick around for more updates, and the release of 1.25. That's right I have been sick but we will still release the next build look for it on Friday! I hope all of you are having a great week and talk to you soon!
  10. Glad you like it. There is much more to come. Once I iron out the bugs of 1.2 I will release 1.25 and it has all the new Content. Bandit Scouts will definitely make you play with tactics. The scouts stalk you and stay in the background like a scout should do. The poison issue is still baffling. I was able to replicate the same issue and after taking a cure poison still had the effects. Does anyone have any ideas?
  11. Hello All, I would like ask the team for an update on their progress for their respective sections. Just so I know how well we are doing for Build 1.25 this Friday? So you can message me or even post your update info in the thread. Thanks All! Is everybody happy with the mod so far?
  12. Update We have been hard at work, creating powers, refining the races, balancing the game, tinkering with archery and fixing bugs, its all really been a productive week. I am looking to release Alpha 1.25 since this will contain a bunch of bug fixes. The change log is also updated every release. I will post more updates here and on dark creations, as we make more progress. Alpha 1.2 was a great alpha build and had a few bugs as you can see on the bug report here:Alpha 1.2 Bug Report http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/saki/nuoveXT-2/128/Apps-screenshot-icon.png Skull Orc Vampire http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f37/SnippyChris/Skyrim%20Level%20Tinkering/2014-10-18_00012_zpsae89cbcc.jpg New Creature: Alpha Wolf http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f37/SnippyChris/Skyrim%20Level%20Tinkering/2014-10-18_00004_zps7a30004d.jpg So what do you think so far? What was your favorite race to play?
  13. i wouldn't want to play Skyrim on this. but it may be able to handle vanilla
  14. So I tested all 10 races today and these are my findings; I was unable to make any changes to the AI this build because I really wanted to focus on the races as this is super important for the project. == I. Wood Elf - Good all around race, Beast tongue is still under heavy development but basic functions work correctly. Native of Valenwood needs the menu visual changed -BUGII. Argonians - Lacking in unarmed combat but still a versatile race Power of the Hist does not drain the stamina at all during its use. - BUGIII. Bretons - Work great, very strong magic users. No Bugs to report IV. Dunmer - The Dunmer are still in need of balancing as they are not the best they can be Need to change Name to better suit lore Missing a Power -BUGV. Altmer - They are still the strongest caster race in the game, but I feel are lacking that special something. Change Menu name to better fit lore Power doesnt drain stamina as it should -BUGVI. Imperial - This seems to be the most generic race so far, needs some beefing Missing passive trait -BUG Red Diamond Area needs to be decreased Red Diamond also only pacified the enemy did not make enemy into follower -BUGVII. Khajiit - One of my more favored races, unarmed is great now Feline Athletics speed needs to be decreased(You will see what I mean) -BUGVIII. Nord - Not much to say other than still one of the baddest on the block when it comes to combat Warcry did not work at all, it actually made the enemies more hostile -BUGIX. Orismer - What a race!! With their carry weight and their smithing proficiency you could have a rolling tank in your first few levels. Orcish Fury was able to wipe out the entire 6 bandits including Bandit Hunters, Bandit Shamaan, and a Beserker. -Needs NurfingX. Redguard - I didnt really see a difference, really felt "Vanilla" Needs description changed Adrenaline Rush needs a new name and description along with the Menu UI changedXI. Reachmen - went untested, thinking about removing Reachmen from the core and having them as an expansion. Thoughts on this? == All bugs will be reported to the Veritas Alpha Build 1.2 Bug Reports in the Veritas Support Section, and will be addressed as soon as possible. Alpha build 1.2 is a good step in the right direction in my opinion. However with this many bugs we will only leave 1.2 up for as long as it takes us to fix the bugs and then we will move on to Alpha 1.3 as it will be a bug fixed build and We can move on to testing the other powers and game mechanics. *Side Note: I was unable to test any of the other plugins due to time winding down, I did have them enabled and I did not see anything detrimental but we definitely will need to test Lycanthropy and Artifacts more.
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