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  1. I've reached out to several people - but missed a lot of you. If you are making a module.. or working on any project and would be interested in joining a community of NWN2 developers that you can talk shop with and showcase your work to.. and see other stuff people are making. Please Get on Discord and Contact me.. in this thread or private message. We have a smaller community.. but there is tons of talent here. Thanks <3
  2. Hello ~~ I was talking to a few custom content creators more in the PW scene of NWN2. They had floated the idea of creating a Discord that focused on Content Creation for just NWN2. I know the vault currently has a discord channel for general NWN2 discussion and asking for help but generally the focus of that discord is around serving NWN1 / NWN2 / NWN:EE ect… My goal is more around creating a NWN2 focused discord with a large emphasis on Custom Content creation - asking for help, showing progress and floating ideas. (NOTE: Discord is NOT Voice Chat, 99% of all users only talk in text format, this channel will be text only) This could be anything including Texturing / 3D Modelling / VFX creation / Animating or even just script libraries / modules. Anything focused on the creation of content for our community and sharing that with everyone. I have really pushed this idea of sharing everything people make instead of hoarding them for a specific module or PW server. I would also love to see more users from this forum get on Discord. So much talent hanging around here that is missing social engagement with probably the largest part of the community! Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks! (I’ve already been sending messages to people asking for interest in the idea - sorry if I missed you, I don’t know who is already on discord and who isn’t.)
  3. In response to post #48112800. #53427068 is also a reply to the same post. This just saved me a bunch of time.. Ty ~~
  4. Great start! I would love to see a little more detail passes on those areas but they look very accurate to IWD2 and are great so far!
  5. Does this free up any bones on the HHM / HHF skeletons? Or are we at max there without dipping into cloaktail skeleton? I'd really really like to have like an additional 2 - 4 bones .. *sigh*
  6. I think I'll implement the following: Get rid of the cmd files.Drag&drop directly to nw2fbx.exe and fbx2nw.exe.If the tool is executed from command line, print messages to console.If the tool is executed directly (double-click, drag&drop, ...), print messages to log.txt. The lag time of outputting to the console slows things down. so piping to a log by default would be great. Thanks.
  7. Damn Freshlook.. Looking great. I've sent out the latest link / update history to all the 3D Modellers I know. <3
  8. I agree, the bug is very trivial, not worth a release on it's own. Good change going forward though as many users may have trouble with it. Thanks, will keep playing with it and post back again. Edit: SUCCESS! By Exporting the Animation / Skeleton separately in two FBX files and using the trick you showed in blender.. I was able to get it working! Now I just need to figure out how to do animation / rigging from scratch in blender and make sure that works.. then I can kiss 3DS goodbye.
  9. Double Post - Still working away on getting animations working the way I want, found a slight bug though. When clicking and dragging files onto the console shortcut, the path apparently is not quoted so if any directories leading to my workspace have spaces in them, the program bails out treating the directory as a parameter. Example: I have a FBX File Located at: C:\Users\SomeDir WithSpace\Workspace\Animation Error In Log: 'C:\Users\SomeDir' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
  10. Is there something going on there that I should know about? I'm sure that people know where I am if they want to ask or tell me something. It's just nice to have our community in one place. Your choice.
  11. I think I can simplify working with animated placeables in a way that would solve the issue at the same time. I need to analyze it, not sure if it'll be complex to implement. Have you been able to modify an existing animation? I don't know if you finally did what you wanted. I was about to try and do it today using your trick in Blender. Was working on a huge project with some other artists to remove Neck Seams from Head + Body pairings. But I have some free time now to go back to my animations. Will let you know.
  12. I would definitely use it a lot. The two major things I want to use your tool for are importing existing animations / and creating animated placeables. Sounds like the work around isn't too bad.. Maybe it just takes some growing pain / tutorials. ^-^
  13. They could but I believe they have an Irenicus head already. Also the creators of that mod would need to release their assets.
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