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  1. I am specifically talking about using AI to mimic the voice actor. I have used xVASynth and i have seen mods using something called Elvenlabs (name?). If you need your mod to have voiced dialogue, then just do it. How is that unethical? Like if I want MaleEvenToned to say something in my mod, it's kinda lame if half the guys lines are subtitle only. If someone has subtitles disabled, will they even know he is talking? Definitely not going to be my voice lol. Why is that unethical? Do they own the sound of their voice? I am genuinely curious about that. Does everyone have a copyright claim on anyone who sounds like them?? It's all ridiculous. OP JUST MAKE THE MOD, DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE BILLIONAIRES AND THEIR GAMES!! If they remove your mod, just shrug your shoulders and move on. The worst that can happen is your mod gets removed and that's fine. You aren't hurting the livelihood of these voice actors, you are just making a free mod for people to enjoy.
  2. don't be afraid to live your life don't let billionaires intimidate you
  3. The point I was trying to make is some people don't worry about little insignificant things and they enjoy their life and there are people who have little notepads in their pocket and they make sure to check everything off and if it isn't in the book they don't do it. Choose your own adventure I guess?? LOL
  4. Look friend, just don't be rude in the future. I can say the same right back to you. Take care and have a wonderful Sunday. Go enjoy some fresh air!
  5. all im saying is no need to get negative, you have a lot of passive aggressiveness in your comment and this reply. I don't deserve it and really no one does. It is a copyright issue I agree but there are battles people will and will not fight and making a mod for free that gives people enjoyment is not a battle people fight. You have no idea how the original voice actors feel about Skyrim mods. Maybe it would be best to hear their input. If OP wants to make a mod that makes people happy, he should do it and not worry about the corporate world of nonsense.
  6. youtube tutorials are the worst... text based tutorial FTW (do people still say FTW?)
  7. You would only need one spell. You can use If statements in the spell's magic effect script
  8. Making a mod that integrates into a game that gives people enjoyment is not unethical. Going around making money off it is a different story. It is more unethical that Nexus allowed someone to steal my mod and uploaded to steam without giving me credit as my mod download permissions I setup on Nexus said that is what they had to do. The person who stole my mod is a Nexus member to this day. I know some people will be so angry at this comment, if you are angry just go outside or spend time with your friends and ignore me. Tired of the namecalling on this website people constantly resort to I am already anticipating being called a troll or something. I have mods that use xVASynth to mimic character voices (free software with terrible results lol). If a lawyer wants me to take it down then so be it but if not, it will be on Nexus for people to enjoy for free. People want immersion. A character with two voices is not very immersive.
  9. Please keep it civil. No need to name call if you don't like a joke. And Bethesda has better stuff to do than worry about my mod 2 people downloaded. You are correct but I am realistic. What is real is what matters no? IF OP wants character voices he should be like all the mod authors on Nexus and use AI And Nexus is the one distributing all this content, maybe they should have rules against it?? Or maybe rules against theft?? My mods have been stolen and uploaded to Steam with no credit given. Reported to Nexus and they did nothing. That is reality buddy.
  10. you are talking about the game made by bethesda, the whole point of modding is to improve the game. You do know in real life you can't just walk up to a tree stump and chop unlimited wood. You have to leave the town and go find a tree. You can chop trees down in town but eventually you chop them down faster than they grow back. If you are looking for specific wood like oak, you have to find an oak tree. Etc.
  11. nice try bethesda lawyer... actually wait, i don't care. Send me my cease and desist!! I use Skyrim character voices. It would be silly if they spoke their vanilla dialogue and then said a line from my mod in a totally different voice lol.
  12. You want your mod made, throw money at the author... have no money? Then wait and pray.
  13. You can use AI voice generated content in your mod, you aren't selling it. I do it in my publicly offered mod on Nexus and so do a bunch of other mods. I would lmao if Bethesda sent me a cease and desist for my mod!! I made it to the big time MA!
  14. Just used this code to set-up a quest for the Interesting NPC follower Among The Hist and it worked perfect. Finally got that damn lizard riding a horse. Great answer. I use Follower Live Package and Among-The-Hist was my 2nd follower (didn't plan to have a 2nd follower but I couldn't say no to the lizard) so I thought maybe he was bugged or something since I didn't have AFT or similar mod installed. But this essentially solved the one thing that was bugged about him. The one thing I don't understand is why the animation event "MTState" works for this. Not complaining but on this page it mentioned something about when the player was exiting water triggers this event. Oh well, I guess this documentation is not 100% accurate as it worked fine for player mounting. Animation Events - the CreationKit Wiki (uesp.net) By the way, there is no need to teleport the horse as your follower will walk to the horse no problem. (more immersive ;P)
  15. Why did these guys ban you?
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