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  1. In response to post #81853368. #81855753, #81868913 are all replies on the same post. Alright, here's the problem with Friendly HUD. When I want to change my key bindings in game menu I can only see Quick Save option. I also can't change my vanilla key bindings from original game (Picture). I also have another problem with Community Patch. I installed it manually and it worked as it should. But then I installed mod called Complete Animations and after installation I can't see Downloadable content tab in the main menu. I've got GOTY version and that version doesn't have this tab, but one of the main feature of Community Patch is that it brings that tab from non-GOTY version back to the GOTY version. Before that mod I saw that tab in the main menu. But I'm not sure if exactly this mod cause this. One last thing. Lots of mods with DLC folders aren't installed properly. DLC folder with that mod isn't copied to the game's DLC folder (All NPC Scabbards for example). The Witcher 3 Mod Manager installed all of that mods properly and it didn't have any problems with key bindings. Installation is also more comfortable in W3MM for me, because there is no tab for deploy mods after every installation of some mod. I really like Vortex, but this really irritated me. But I understand, that mods must be packed correctly for Vortex, but why W3MM doesn't have this kind of problems?
  2. In response to post #81853368. #81855753 is also a reply to the same post. Thanks, I will write here more details later. I don't have time for now. And yes, W3MM install this mod correctly.
  3. As much asi I like Vortex for Skyrim I don't like it for The Witcher 3. Lots of mods aren't installed correctly (All NPC Scabbards 1.22 including DLC) and Community Patch doesn't work properly for me. All hotkeys from Friedly HUD are completely messed up. The Witcher 3 Mod Manager is much better alternative for me. Atleast for now. But I appreciate the work to make Vortex better for Witcher 3.
  4. In response to post #81825108. #81825328, #81838723, #81841878 are all replies on the same post. It doesn't work with Friendly HUD mod. When I want to change my key bindings in game menu I can only see Quick Save option:
  5. Hi guys, will someone be releable to create a mod when you can only quick save like in Kingdom Come: Deliverance (drinking some alcohol). The game experience would be completely more immersive a it would makes sense to visit taverns from time to time to buy one on these (only merchants in taverns would sell them). Or Geralt can create them if he finds recipe. Again it would make sense with modes like Friendly Meditation and Preparations. And game would be much more Hardcore. Have a nice day. :)
  6. Hello All, Could anyone here create a Night to Remember trailer as a opening video? I willl be grateful. Thanks :), Mazii http://www.iamag.co/features/itsart/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/A-Night-to-Remember-The-Witcher-3-Wild-Hunt-3.jpg
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