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  1. Tanks!, that isn't quit what I needed but it did adjust my thinking on the way the CK works, and did send me to the right place. I found 100 tutorials about "textures sets", but they either blocks the textures in the nif or messes up the texture chain(GND models messed up, armor is fine) but I did sort out the Royal set and think I can make my patch to fix the rest. Serana is fine because hers is the base Armor (just renaming the new NIF to vanilla is all that is required) Valerica uses a texture set (touching it messes up the GND model) , and an easier way of doing that would be to just rename the textures to the vanilla framework, no esp needed. I fixed her armor by just assigning it its own NIF ( you clued me in on that, I was missing the fact she does't have her own NIF ). Once I pointed the CK to the new NIF it auto filled in the textures.( I was trying to find the setting to force it to do that, turns out it naturally wants to do it). I think all I gotta do is repeat the process for the 3 vanilla lesser vampire armors and it will sort out all the different enchanted variations added by WACCF and ACE ( fingers crossed ).
  2. I am working on some conflicts between adding many new Armour's and making some replacers. I need to do some esp edit and/or patches........ xedit is a mystery to me because it mimic the creation kit, and I never really understood the CK.........but I have hit that wall. I am working on , what I thought was gonna be a mesh only female vampire armor replacer, but ran into a snag.... Got 5 different armor meshes renamed to vanilla paths, sifted thru the SE and LE mod community for textures to adapt, sorted out the texture paths in nifscope, created bodyslide files and loaded it all into the game........ A small tear formed in my eye when Serana(my current follower) stood beside me with a fully functioning modded vampire armor.......... In our travels to go find her mother we were attacked by (luckily) 3 female vampires. I looted their armor off them. The vanilla GND models color didn't match the colors of the armors(no biggie, just need to swap NIF/textures to match). The 3 lesser vampire armors had vanilla textures showing up on different parts, but the colors were matching set to set. When I equip them they all switch to the black lesser vampire Armour( so I can only benefit from one). When I get to Valerica she is all messed up, pieces of all the armors with different vanilla textures... So it turns out the game only uses 2 meshes, 1 royal, 1 lesser, and swaps 2 textures on one and 3 on the other, so I need an ESP to let the game know to use the texture paths built in the nifs..... I have no Idea what the setting is called or where it is in CK or Xedit???? I made a coulpe esps, changing one setting at a time, most didn't do anything a few just blocked the vanilla textures, and not using the ones in the nifs. I downloaded an esp from a similar mod, I got me half way there, Serana and Valerica share the same textures on different meshes.
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