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  1. Those aren't very effective when you have 10+ animal companions.
  2. Welp I asked elsewhere for someone to make a mod to help... and got a link in reply for a mod doing just what I wanted made back in 2019. So if I missed it then others must have. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/41866?tab=description Enjoy.
  3. I'm done. Nothing worked. I'm just disabling the dogs that wiill nott work right. Which is about 4 or 5 of my pack! Why? I have unlimited companions and somehow a fierce wolf spawned near the vault. I snagged him and while my Dogbots stayed at my feet that fierce pupper dashed on over and tore the distant npc apart.
  4. Argh. Everytime we get into battle. The dogbots could be halfway to the enemy from roaming. They will TURN AROUND and run towards me beforer turning and standing there growling.
  5. Well now, that AI page led to combat style page. Right now the csdogmeat style has 0.17 offense multiplier while Shie has 0.98. I hope this is right and it works.
  6. Dunno about the AI data but combat override packages are the same. However in the packages listing all 3 of the pups, found Pirate made by 7iger and he works the same as Shei and Shadow the Husky. They have custom Follow packages listed. I copied the packages, renamed of course, into the Dogbots. However it didn't work so I deleted the package from their respective mods... Promptly could not load into the game anymore. After a few hours it dawned on me. I went in and deleted the package from their npc records, *sigh* I do not know about AI data. Can you explain so I can look and try to get it to work. Also.. will their data refresh once I load into the game or do I need to start a save before I made them my companions?
  7. I've got alot of canine companions. Dog and Shei will tear off after a distant enemy while I snipe from afar. However the others I have just huddle at my side and only attack if I go close range. I've looked through them with FO4edit and tried changing things to match the two that actually properly attack and cannot seem to find the problem. Can anyone out there help me?
  8. Holy crap... I started fiddling with mods. Learning what I could in prep for dealing with stuff like this. I finally got to where I might understand what I find... so I opened up the Clip[ through followers... or tried to. The edit program didn't show it. There was no esp for it. So I checked the files and... it's an SKSE Dll file. That is completely out of my skillrange.
  9. That will conflict with several of my mods otherwise I would have already been using it. Also on Skyrim I have tried both the teleport and clip through. The most horrible thing is teleport triggers far less so you can't get through doorways to avoid a grenade and incoming gunfire.
  10. I use this mod on Skyrim, it's an absolute must. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/35925 However I can't find the same for Fallout 4, so could someone make it? The gratitude of countless hoards will be yours.
  11. Requesting a animation replacer for when you are unarmed. All basic, power, and finisher punches could be replaced with kicks. I'd love to do a kickboxer playthrough.
  12. Yea, I know. Anyhow. What if leveling didn't increase your stats a static 10 per level. Instead it increased 1% per level. What about the base stats? Skills. You use physical skills you gain stamina and some health. Getting hit and taking damage? Health. Doing magic? Magicka of course. Each skill would increase the base Health, Magicka, and Stamina. Then your level would increase all 3 by 1% per level. Got the idea seeing a mod that allows YOU to choose your starting values and not your race or having all 3 at 100 starting off. I know I would have less than 100 health and stamina, hopefully more magicka if it were the player in the chair. =P PS: Legendarying a skill would reduce the skill like usual but would not drop your stats gained. The new skill up wouldn't increase even more but the added levels would increase the % bonus.
  13. I've ran here. Zoomed there. Fast traveled when that was too slow. Never once took my time. I started a new game and decided.. just to walk. No jogging that takes 0 stamina (haha) or dashing for a mile before running out of stamina. Just walk. Following the main quest. Went to the barrows first of course. When I got the plate... it's been over a decade that doing something.. simple.. was so full of satisfaction. I just got finished climbing the stairs to the greybeards. From the first step to the top, took 28 minutes. That should tell you how long my game has been, yet. It's relaxing amidst sudden flurries of combat. Like a real adventure. If you're getting a bit burned out. Give it a try. It might not do anything for you, or you could be surprised.
  14. Yes there are some. They hold spells. I want a staff that will increase the effectiveness of spells. Linked to each school type. Not reduction but a % boost to damage, healing, or duration. Held in 1 hand, casting in the other. So you give up dual casting. Example Apprentice Staff of Destruction +5 Destruction Magic 10% Increased damage to Destruction spells or Grand Master Staff of Illusion +25 Illusion Magic 40% Increased duration of Illusion Magic 30% Increased Effect of Illusion Magic Spells cast are Silent
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