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  1. The import process itself is not that difficult, since it's just a static model. A few minutes for someone with a bit knowledge. You need to 3D model it though, depending on your skills and how fast you learn it can be easy or very difficult - maybe you find a model on the web. That being said, the model itself is not that complex, so you don't need an expert 3D artist - raises the chances to find someone that might model it. On the other side, there are not many active modders left afaik. I guess you increase your chances if you supply hi-res reference images.
  2. No need to apologize, i created it 7 years ago. That was one of my first models so ofc it's crappy compared to stuff i do today. Tbh i can't do anything atm, quite busy with work - that's why i quit modding quite a while ago. Just meant that the chances might be better to ask the community for a retexture (all my assets are free to use). Even back then in prime time there were not that many people that took requests for weapon mods. So many years later, i guess the chances are much worse. A retexture is easier to do, expecially with the tools that are available today. Greetings
  3. Yeah, my texturing skills back then were...not the best :D Though, your chances might be better to ask for a retexture since it's less work than a whole new weapon. Greetings
  4. Scaling a weapon can be done with NifSkope, changing type with the creation kit ... not that hard, a google or board search should suffice. greetings
  5. ghosu

    I'll model for you

    Keep up the good work, awesome!
  6. My mod is now free to use, so you can adjust/overhaul/port it or add it to your project. greetings
  7. No need to supply the model any more...found a free mesh, just had to redo the texture. Haven't got much time atm, so it's a 5min job but it will suffice :D http://666kb.com/i/duh9xsas05xyb3qlv.jpg Will send it to you today or tomorrow. Greetings
  8. Send me a link to the free mesh + textures if it doesn't require a registration. If so, upload it via https://wetransfer.com and send me the generated DL link. You have to select LINK in the options before you upload it - not mail. MAYBE i find the time to do it. greetings
  9. Maybe this works for the face... https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/61336/?tab=description Haven't seen something similar for skeleton/body/equip etc, guess you have to search, extract and place the matching .nif files yourself. greetings
  10. ghosu

    I'll model for you

    So, how is it going? Greetings
  11. Hello Well, I'm a Skyrim modder, don't own FO4 so I've got no clue 'bout its modding pipeline...just downloaded your NifSkope version. Whatever, maybe there is a missunderstanding, but i just downloaded the frame .nif from a random mod and a random retexture .dds, set a direct path via BSLightingShaderProperty Textureset and it shows in NifSkope the UV coordinates of the exported .obj work in an external 3D editor. http://666kb.com/i/du73nf6rwm4u4mbyb.jpg greetings
  12. Hello "Did not reply YET" would be the correct term...i get plenty of messages, so i don't answer them all instantly. Just look at this fellow: http://666kb.com/i/du4lyxfa4raijv4ky.jpg ... normally i would give my permission but yeah :D I'll have a look at it as soon as i got some free time. This week i guess, but i won't promise anything. Greetings Ghosu
  13. Just my 2 cents: It doesn't matter if you create assets yourself,buy them or get 'em for free- what matters is, if you own them (eg. the provider owns and transfers the necessary rights to you). Bought 3D models normally come with a license, that precisely defines what it is allowed to be used for (personal use only, royality free ... ) What is forbidden for sure is content, that is ripped from other games or other media without the creators/owners permission - no matter if you ripped it yourself or bought it from a shady seller. Another thing: i would be careful with buying armor. It needs to be skinned for the game's skeleton and adjusted/ported correctly. Requires some skills and time, so if you can't do it yourself or someone does it for you you're pretty screwed. greetings
  14. Whatever, guess I'll release it as a free modders ressource once it's finished. WIP. http://666kb.com/i/dttzb5ljkqbrt3es1.jpg
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