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  1. It would be great. Whip out that coding pencil and build a mod.
  2. It reminds me of the M1917 Browning machine gun.
  3. I am surprised I haven't seen anything about Kremvh's Tooth. Whatsup with that thing. Is there some history behind its existence? Besides all the skeletons and flashes, is there a story to be had here?
  4. one of my many gripes with the game (and the biggest reason i have issues with it) is that everything starts really cool like that... but nothing really comes from it. we don't get a lot of the good stuff like that we only get some minor surface stuff. in previous games you were able to piece these things together and find out the details through terminal entries and documents as well as how a room was laid out and deduce the events that filled the gaps. in this game though we get a bunch of computers with boring inventory lists and only surface stuff. most of it is either obvious or doesnt have any other information form else where. most places dont connect to each other unless it has a quest around it. i've seen several people state that large parts of the werent really visited after completing most of the main quests. really is quite annoying... Having played other Fallout games, I approached this game with a certain level of expectation. Because of those expectations, I have come away disappointed. And I suspect that I am not alone. However, someone who comes to the Fallout games for the first time does not have those expectations, so they will not be too disappointed. Their joy of discovery is fresh and new and they fall in love with the game. It's the next game that will disappoint them, just as this one has disappointed me. Nice aside.
  5. You have now followed me to a Second forum after calling me a " sociopath coward". Reference another post of mine with insulting comments, and I will report you for harassment. Like FriedGeoduck, I am fed up with your infantile insults and petty behavior. Go the Fauck away!
  6. 1. The food quest is off the books which is literally the first thing Teagan tells us about it and we know that the BoS usually trade for their goods with currency or tech they don't need 2. The BoS isn't authoritarian. 3. The Minutemen aren't para-military they are a volunteer army that works to protect people, not rule. 4. Railroad isn't even about ruling. They only care about taking out the institute and getting synths to a safe place so they can live normal lives. Whoops. Sorry @CinderMuffin. It seems I had forgotten what a rabid protector of the BoS you where. Had I known that you would read my post and take notice of my honest appraisal of the actions of the Bos I would have praised them just to please you. I would have proclaimed the BoS as the second coming of the Messiah and elevated Elder Maxson to the rank of omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent deity. NOT!!!! In response to number 1 on your list and for the sake of truthfulness, openness and honesty; we find the following in the Feeding The Troops Wiki Detailed walkthrough You are tasked with heading to a random settlement to secure a supply of crops for the Brotherhood. Go to the settlement and acquire the crops by paying for them (the cost is reduced with a successful speech check), charming them, or killing everyone. Return to Proctor Teagan to collect your reward.See. Sell, give or be killed; the BoS will have your food and are not scrupulous about how it is acquired. And there are no Off the Books assignments in the BoS. You have stated as much several times in the past. To paraphrase, "BoS personnel follow orders and do not go off on their own". Are you now disavowing those statements? Number 2 on you list is naive at best. Here is some scholarly treatises on the role of authoritarianism in military organizations. from the American Psychological Association - Authoritarianism and leadership choice in a military setting.from the Journal Of Personality - The Relation between Authoritarianism and Acceptance of Military Ideologyfrom the journal Sex Roles - Military and Civilian Undergraduates: Attitudes Toward Women, Masculinity, and AuthoritarianismThat last one is kind of tilted in its approach, but has some good data. Number 3 is not based on any known definition of paramilitary. Form the Merriam-Webster website we get following: Simple Definition of paramilitary: of or relating to a group that is not an official army but that operates and is organized like an armyAnd if you read any of the articles above, you now understand how military authoritarianism works. Number 4. Read the first paragraph of my post again. You may find we actually agree.
  7. I think the problem is one of perspective. How many governments are there on the planet? Too damned many. How many planets are inhabited by Human Beings? One. Just one. Human Beings are a single animal species, genetics prove it. But we carve up our planet and create governments. Then we complain about them. And we complain about those governments over there too. We carve our animal species into little groups. Then we complain about the other groups which aren't our group. Then we start destroying the little planet. Destroy that bit over there, nobody will notice and doing so doesn't hurt me. Destroy the air just a little today, nobody will notice and doing so doesn't hurt me. Dump that stuff into the river today, nobody will notice and doing so doesn't hurt me. You want to see the problem with governments. Look in the mirror. It is us. Our collective ignorance allows us to destroy ourselves, and allows us to blithely blame everyone and everything else. So adjust you perspective and look at the problems again. Maybe, just maybe ...
  8. JaYmZeE311074, you lost me at "The system is the problem - the role humans play within it is the miplaced believe that the system cannot be changed." The "system" is a nebulous none entity which does not really exist. Why, because the system is the people and the people are the system. So people are the problem and people are the solution. The challenge is to figure how to convince people to self modify their behavior to affect the overall behavior of the rest of humanity, in some sort of ripple effect. Some kind of "Changing the World Starts With Me" campaign, based on the "I can only change me" philosophy. (Where have I heard that before?) :D
  9. Actually, any list of proscribed verbiage is unrealistic. The list here is primarily based on British and American English with a bit of "strine" thrown in for good measure. But this is a multilingual forum. I have seen and participated in several Spanish based language discussions and some of them were quite ... ah ... colorful. And what is worse, words that are fine in one language can be a proscribed word in another language when typed phonetically on a 101-keyboard. So realistically, any list of proscribed words is really a fools dream. The list is simply too big and grows too rapidly.
  10. I have mentioned it before, and I will do so here. The Gunners are mercenaries and they are hostile to the PC on first meeting. Why? Who is paying them? I am also curious about Pickman. Is he just a deranged psychopath, or did something drive him to paint with Raider blood. And what is with these weirdos in the WRVR Radio station. What the hell are these folks up too. Sure you rescue a member of their cast from Trinity Tower, but then what. Nothing. What is the deal with the small group of people living in the ruins north of Fort Hagen. Why are they clinging to these ruins when there are regular settlements closer?
  11. Commune-ism (shortened to communism) is an economic model, not a political model. It is; in fact, the oldest known economic model. First in Clans, then Tribal groups, then Small Communities. The Chinese (and Soviet) model is communal economics enforced externally by a Central Government for the benefit of the Central Government. It is a form of indentured service to the government.
  12. The Railroad is just too narrowly focused to have any long term plans for dealing with the issues of the wider Commonwealth. So not the Railroad. The Institute has humanities best interests at heart. But according to the basic broadcast, their implementation is one of "Cooperate or Die". Not very leader like. The Brotherhood Of Steel is the "Savior of the Commonwealth". Just give use all your food and technology and we won't kill you and take it anyway. Way to dictatorial for my tastes. The Minute Men are a para-military organization and are ill fit to govern the Commonwealth. Military governments tend to be rather authoritarian (see BoS). So my answer is "None Really". That said, I would rather see the MM backing a civilian government than the BoS or the Institute.
  13. Actually, weapons almost always eject to the "open" or "handed" side. So left handed weapons normally eject to the left. Exceptions are weapons like the Colt 1911 .45 ACP. It ejects straight up and back. I always thought is was cool watching the spent cases flying over my head and occasionally into my collar. Some weapons have "swappable" ejection ports. Actually these weapons have a port on either side and a plate with ejector pin to cover the port you do not wish to use. But I think is a poor implementation to force the PC to be a right hand shooter and then give the PC only left handed weapons.
  14. Does anyone enjoy the do-si-do with Power Armor when you insert the Power Core. Stand behind the suit just to the left of center to put in the Power Core and you will dance all the way around the suit to put the Core in. "Allemande left" is next, I'm sure of it.
  15. This had me LOL-ing. I want to add it to the game as a new food item. Salisbury Steaks with Presto Gravy and Tato mash, YUM! :smile: And the "yuks" just keep on coming. Can I get some Curie Curry Sauce for that steak?
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