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  1. Hello guys, I've been modding Skyrim for about 8-9 years and I've never seen this problem before till recently after the last update. I already changed in my Prefs.ini file the difficulty to '4' ( Master ) but still in the settings/gameplay, is not changing and stays in 'novice'. Is there any mod, procedure or anything that you know how to fix this issue ? Thank you so much in advance for any help you may provide.
  2. Perhaps I did not explain myself very well, but before modding Skyrim, we should start a new game ( without mods ) and play Helgen. Once out of Helgen, save it. Then modify the Pref.ini file for modding. Then start modding the game and once all mods are installed, continue playing the game. Also, adding mods to an existing game is not dangerous but the opposite. Deleting mods ( entirely ) from an existing modded game is problematic. However, I do have one mod in my current game now that I had to disable it in Vortex and since I did that, I've never had any problem with my game but I will never try to entirely delete it ( from archive ) cause that action could potentially mess up with my game. That is another beauty of Vortex by the way. NOTE : Just out of curiosity, one day I decided ( on purpose ) to start a new game with mods installed, just to find out what would happen and it was messy. The carriage wheels were on the top of my head and I was attacked by bandits and creatures when I got to Helgen .. lol ... so definitely it is not recommended.
  3. This new version was done ( I believe ) thinking about the new generation of players, those who are starting to play this game and not about those whom have been playing this game since it did start. The question here is : will coders continue updating this game in the future ? New coders from the new generation of players will take over. The old coders, will stop very soon cause the new game Starfield, which should be released in November 11, 2022 will allow modding, then I do believe that all of those old coders from Skyrim ( those who made this game to what it is now ) will stop updating their mods for Skyrim and start coding Starfield. The new Engine 2 will allow modding according to Starfield developers so for those like me whom have been playing this game since it did start, will stop playing Skyrim and will start playing Starfield, which according to Bethesda, it will have the same Skyrim game structure ( exploration ) and it will be like playing Skyrim in the open Universe. For the old players, Skyrim is about to die or death already. For the new generation of players, Skyrim is a game they will love to play so Bethesda is not betting on the old players, but the new ones.
  4. Vortex is a charm but I do not think that you can download/install mods in a stack .. you have to do it one by one and if you are new to modding your game, I would recommend the below steps : 1 - Decide what is it that you want in your game or in what way you want to play your game 2 - Read, read and read each mod : description, posts, logs and not less important : Requirements ... some mods must have other mods installed to work 3 - Play your game without mods ( vanilla ) and when you get out of Helgen, save it and modify your .ini file for modding your game ( look in YouTube ) 4 - In Vortex settings, set it up accordingly. Read the tutorials, read forums and ask questions before starting downloading your mods 5 - Once you have it setup correctly, start downloading / installing / deploying your mods 6 - Forget about LOOT and let Vortex to sort out your plugins automatically. 7 - Launch your game via SKSE and enjoy it !! ​Now, in relation to your video card, I would say that it is an old card. You would need at least 8 gb of RAM and at least 4 - 8 gb of video to play this game, especially if you are modding it. The best graphic mods are Skyrim 2020 Parallax. Read the description of this mod and follow them step by step. There are several mods that you need to install before installing this one but let me tell you that it is the best in the graphic department. Happy gaming !
  5. Excellent !!! Then I was on point of what I said in my last entry. We just had to wait a couple of days and I was prepared to wait a bit longer. Tonight, I will update everything and continue playing. Bethesda will update again probably one or twice before they finish polishing this version so the "game" ( waiting for SKSE to update and all the mods that depend on it ) will continue ... so let it be written, so let it be done !!!
  6. All new games or updated games ( like Skyrim AE ) will require some updates after being released and this is the case for the AE version. I do not see what is all the fuss about. We knew this will come and we know that more are coming in the near future and yes, now we need to wait for SKSE to update again and all the mods that depends on it and I agree it is a pain to be off the game for a few days but if Bethesda believes it is necessary to update the AE version, they will do it regardless if we either agree or not. I am not on their side, simply I am trying to be positive and understand their approach. What is better ? To leave the game with the bugs related to the AE version or to fix those bugs so we can have a better game experience ? I do not believe that they are fussing or trying to destroy anything cause it would not make any sense to come up with the AE version and destroy what have been in place for a very long time, so patience is something that we need to embrace or playing the game offline. I would prefer to wait 3-4 days rather than not. But again, this is my personal opinion and for those who are complaining about this update and the upcoming, I do have a question : are you playing Skyrim the entire 24 hours x 7 days ?
  7. Just check what game version you have and match it against SKSE and download / install the correct one.
  8. ... or why to create something that has been created already by probably much better programmers ? Assuming they would have created their own, probably not one would be so confident to trust what they did but to continue trusting in something that has been working pretty well since it was created.
  9. Well, I am running 146 mods using the AE version of the game and I have been playing more than 20 hours so far and I have not had any CTD at all. I am very surprised with the performance of the game to be honest. There are some hiccups though ... when you sleep, the character stand up on the bed; if you fast travel to Winterhold, you may get a CTD or your loading screen will take a lot of time or never to get to the game; some players have been reporting that when you loot, you do not get everything and other details but I can testify that I have not had any CTD even using magic against a lot of spawns in a same cell. So, if you upgrade or not it is kind of a personal call. Because I do not loot and I do not care about sleeping at all, those hiccups do not bother me at all.
  10. Wow ... you have more than 300 mods I believe ( did not count them though ) ... your list is huge and you are complaining about FPS drops ? I do have the 2080Ti, 64 Gb RAM, Z490-E motherboard, i7-10700 Intel and 1Tb SSD drive and my load order has at the most 110 mods and still I am getting sometimes and in some areas, less FPS and stuttering .... so I do not believe that you should be free of FPS loss / stuttering specially with the amount of mods that you are running in your game. Just do the math = let say that you have 2 followers, and in that cell another 5 enemies spawn + in that cell 6 mods activate at the same time and that cell is full of objects that are part of the game ..... you will have probably less FPS than if you are in a cell where you are only walking with your followers or alone. That is the way the game handles. The more mods that are triggering in that cell, the more chances you will have issues with FPS and you have a lot of mods in your load order that I have never played with. I know that Sexlab mods cause FPS loss for example and I do not use it at all. You should review your load order and eliminate some cause honestly you do not need that many to play this game, but that is my personal opinion. I am very selective and I get a lot of things, via Console Commands.
  11. Well, the game is running for me and I am pretty sure for everybody else who updated the most important mods like : SKSE, Unofficial Skyrim Patch, Address Library, SSE Engine Fixes, PapyrusUtil, Powerofthree Papyrus Extender, Spell Perk Item Distributor, ConsoleUtil and Powerofthree Tweaks ..... there are probably a lot of mods that are not working properly but if you update the mods listed here, you should be fine running your game with the hiccup that probably other mods ( even with dependencies or not ) might not run as intended but basically the game is playable. For example, the Frozen Electrocuted Combustion ( FEC ) mod depends on : Address Library, Powerofthree Papyrus Extender and File Access Interface mods, but it is not working as intended, at least not yet till the author update it. This mod ( FEC ) should be update soon since the author is the same that created Powerofthree Papyrus Extender. In the meantime, ( I do have this mod - FEC - ) I have to wait. Again, my game is running perfectly well. I have not had any CTD at all since all this happened ( I have been playing it more than 13 hours ) but I do understand that if you have 200 mods, probably a lot of them won't run as intended but still the game is playable. There is always a way around this. For example, if you rely on looting, you may not get all the loot that you want but if you use the Console Commands, you should be able to cheat the way out of it and get all the items that you are looking for without looting a single corpse. Some players do not want to do that but it is an alternative valid option.
  12. Well, you have 600 mods, Skyrim has limitations and it is buggy and I do not know how many foes are spawning in your game on each cell and I do not know either, how many followers you have ... so all of that together + Parallax 8k will never give you the same amount of FPS in all areas of the game.
  13. I would recommend to install DLL Plugin Loader and follow the instructions exactly as they are in the description of the mod. The mod that requires Part 1 and Part 2 is SSE Engine Fix which is a plugin for SKSE and required for the SKSE to properly work. You can install the Part 1 automatically via Vortex and the Part 2 must be installed manually. I do believe there are 3 files with dll extension that must be place in the same place where skyrim.exe is located ( C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition ) With those mods you should be fine I believe. Let me know please.
  14. Racemenu has not been update but it is working for me perfectly fine, however, I have not touched the Presets ... I am able to modify whatever I want, face, lips, eyes, hair, etc, etc .... again, I have not tried the presets.
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