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  1. DarkDominion's post in Vortex 1.6.1 Beta white screen flash + auto restart Vortex was marked as the answer   
    Hey Picky, sorry for the late reply :smile:
    I did not get a warning that my .NET 6.0.0 version was outdated too old for this new Vortex release ( not sure if it's only the Beta btw ).
    But it's fixed with installing .NET 6.0.6
    And yes, I did submit a ticket to support for this issue, with the exact text as in my OP.
    I did not submit a ticket for the skse_64 2.1.5. version warning but I saw you already posted the issue on GitHub, thanks :wink:
    There was an update which fixed the "no message on .NET installation" issue and the "skse_64 2.1.5." issue :
  2. DarkDominion's post in Unnecessary warning skse_64 2.1.5 for Skyrim AE was marked as the answer   
    Fixed in Vortex 1.6.2 Beta
    Released on 7/12/2022
    Electron 19.0.7
    Node 16.14.2
    Chrome 102.0.5005.134
  3. DarkDominion's post in Crashing upon entering skyrim, and solstheim, dungeons was marked as the answer   
    For those seeking an answer to this :
    Your crash is caused by RaceMenu, specifically version 0.4.15
    Check the RaceMenu mod page to see a list of known locations and events that I have put together, that cause issues with that latest RaceMenu version.
    I'm sure Expired is working on a fix as we speak.
  4. DarkDominion's post in Fallout 4 issue was marked as the answer   
    Completely remove all remnants of f4se and close Vortex.
    Now start Vortex again, and it will prompt you with a message that f4se isn't installed.
    Follow the steps it offers.
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