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  1. I am here to lend a hand to anyone who needs a voice actor. because I suck at almost everything else lol
  2. SkObiWanShinobi Actor Stats Age: 24 Gender: Male Race: Polynesian Last Updated: 3/7/2016 (7/3/2016 for American users) Active Member: New Playable Races: Breton, Redguard, Argonian Experience: 8years+ of musical recording also did a V/O for a trailer for my old music group. Sadly, the file has since been lost. Skills: " " About Me: I have been making music for just over 8 years now, experimenting with different accents, vocal range and dynamics. I speak with an Australian/New Zealand accent but rap American so adapting to different characters shouldn't be too difficult. Voice Samples: http://www.soundcloud.com/Skaa-Kru (i don't have any spoken samples, but my soundcloud is where most of my work is)
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