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  1. It really is. And yes.... sometimes the mods are just as good or better than content the devs released. But the whole point I'm making is why play exactly what the devs intended if you don't have to? I paid for the game for my entertainment and I'll use/make whatever is legally permissible to get the most out of it if I feel like it.
  2. Then it's not my problem if their "mindset" is holding them back from fun. If they want to treat the games devs release as sacred, then they deserve what they get. The rest of us will mod the hell out of them.
  3. We're in the know. I guess we should be glad for it. Recently downloaded a mod that significantly changes leveling in Skyrim and I love it. I always hated how fast I leveled before. Suppose ppl have their reasons for not taking advantage of cool free content for their games. But damn if I understand it.
  4. Agreed. Was just using it as an example to show that people want different stuff in their games often enough. But they won't touch anything not "official" for various reasons.
  5. Think I get it. It's not that they like their vanilla games so much that they wouldn't like mods. They just won't use mods at all so they don't feel like they're cheating or be tempted to. Bragging rights and perhaps Steam achievements also considered. Plus I know that modding some game can be a real pain and possibly cause problems. But what about something simple like textures/reskins? In MMO's you sometimes have to either grind for weeks to get these or pay for them (from what I've heard/read). It seems stupid to me.
  6. I thought about this. Do you suppose they ever see modded games anywhere and wonder about them? I mean... who tells themselves that they are 100% satisfied with all of their vanilla gaming experiences? I just don't believe it.
  7. Since that question has been answered to my satisfaction. Yes. Actually it's sort of outlined in the OP.
  8. I'm thinking maybe there's a modding "bug" that bites some ppl, but not all. Like, I can't even imagine liking every vanilla game so much that I won't even consider looking at or using mods.
  9. Okay, okay. But one game. You mod others, yes? I mean... you're not opposed to/uninterested in modding your games if you like something? What I'm trying to find are people who don't mod anything, ever even though they could and there are very good mods available for their games. Know anyone like that? I wanna know why they don't/if they'd even consider it.
  10. Ergo, you mod your game. I was wondering what you'd be doing on a mod site if you didn't mod anything. Still, Oblivion has some really good mods available for it. Have you ever even looked at any others and thought about using them? Let me be clear here. I'm not trying to make fun of ppl for not modding their games. I am genuinely curious as to why they don't/won't. It's kind of blowing my mind.
  11. You can't like vanilla that much. I can practically guarantee it. I played Skyrim (for instance) thousands of hours vanilla and there are those moments in the game(s) where you think to yourself "Gee... I wish I could change that". Like with a vanilla bug that Beth never bothered to fix? Okay, okay. I want to see someone post that they 100% like everything about their vanilla Bethesda game of choice and have no desire ever to change anything about them.
  12. Okay, I admit that even I don't try to mod every game I own because some of them really don't need mods. They're that enjoyable on their own for me. But Bethesda games? Really? Like the difference between vanilla and modded is so significant enormous that I don't see why anyone wouldn't mod their Beth games. As far as ease goes, I can install a new copy of Skyrim right now, download a MM and literally just click a few buttons to mod my games. It doesn't get any easier than that.
  13. In 2024? When literally the company itself advertises it's own mods in the game menu screen? There are actually ppl that aren't even a little curious what the deal is with them and never even bother to check anything out? See the difference mods make in Bethesda games in Ytube video after video for the last twenty years? Are they human?
  14. So... a popular Ytuber I have been watching for a few months stated recently that he has never modded his games. Like ever. Not going to say a name, but this guy has been gaming for at least two decades playing a lot of MMOs. He also has played a lot of single player games as well in that time... and has never, not even once, thought about downloading some mods for his games (note that he has reviewed Beth games)? He said his reason was "it feels like cheating". Are there really people out there that think this? I mean... MG do these people even realize how much you can mod in games anymore (Beth games are insane)? Obviously they don't. You can download so many mods to improve the performance, aesthetics, weapons, enemies, etc. and not even touch the gameplay mechanics or difficulty settings at all. So is it just a simple case of people not bothering to even look at mods and don't understand the mind-blowing amount of stuff you can change in a vanilla game? Or is it some glitch in their programming that causes them to think "mods bad"? I am profoundly perplexed by this. Particularly from gamers. Anybody care to explain?
  15. Entitlement. Seems to be the new social disease. I deeply admire the people who make s#*! happen and don't crave excessive attention or praise. Thankfully there's still a lot of them and you just don't know it because they hardly ever say anything.
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