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  1. I'll wager your game was stealth-updated by Steam to the newest version & your crash is caused by one or more incompatible SKSE plugins due to a game version mismatch @Colinpark. EIther use the Unofficial Downgrade Patcher to downgrade your game or figure out which SKSE plugins are incompatible with your game version. ff7legend
  2. @strawbqwerty: You do realize that each time the Steam Client receives an update, all user settings are reverted back to their defaults - right? Steam Client updates are inevitable. Anytime your system is rebooted, the Steam Client checks for any updates & applies the update if one is available. This in turn will apply any pending game updates in the queue. This is why setting "Only update this game when I launch it" is not enough to prevent those pesky stealth updates. Use my guide to perma-block any future Bethesda updates from breaking your modded Skyrim SE setup: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/11022483-how-to-permanently-block-ae-from-ever-deploying-onto-ones-system ff7legend
  3. Consoles are SOL & cannot block the "update" unless the console is unplugged from the Internet entirely. Ethernet cable must be disconnected & any WiFi settings disabled. Otherwise one is guaranteed to lose their setup since Bethesda "updates" are notorious for fixing some things while introducing more bugs in the long run. QA is spotty at best over there at bethesda/Micro$oft. ff7legend
  4. @EnrichedUr4nuim: Use this to downgrade the game to runtime 1.5.97: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/57618 There are quite a few great mods that will not work with AE under any circumstances - hence why I have the AE "update" blocked & provided my guide here on Nexus...
  5. You're welcome. Most of the content offered by the AE "update" can be had free of charge through other mods here on the Nexus/other websites & are vastly superior vs the watered down versions offered by BUGthesda.
  6. The AE "update" has nothing to do with the base games/the DLCs. AE is nothing more than a paid "update" that bundles all the Creation Club content into a single package. AE breaks many SKSE64-dependent mods & also breaks .NET Script Framework which is essential for certain mods to run. One example is Custom Skills Framework. Vicn created several mods that need Custom Skills Framework in order to run. These include Custom Skills - Hand to Hand, Custom Skills - Unarmored Defense, & Custom Skills - Vigilant of Stendarr. I believe there's a Custom Skills - Glenmoril mod too. It's for this reason Skyrim AE will remain forever blocked from ever deploying onto my system since meh321 has zero plans to rebuild .NET Script Framework for AE since doing so would require it to be completely rewritten & would take months to complete. Other mods that aren't compatible with AE include AddItemMenu by towawot & AreYouThere by beinz. This is why I typed up my guide to help others keep the AE "update" from breaking certain mods that may never receive an update to work with Skyrim AE. Besides that, most, if not all Creation Club content can be had free of charge in other mods across the Nexus/other websites & are oftentimes superior vs what paid Creation Club versions have to offer.
  7. Skyrim AE just received another update 46 mins ago...
  8. Then why are they continuing to update the AE version of the game? Bethesda has planned monthly updates for AE over the next year or so. Most of the new updates for SSE/SAE involve the addition of new Creation Club content which in turn breaks SKSE64/all SKSE64-dependent mods that contain a .dll. That is a FACT & has been ever since CC was unleashed back in August 2017 for Fallout 4. Said "update" destroyed my level 144 FO4 character & I haven't played it since then. Every update for FO4/SSE/SAE includes new CC content. Most of the updates don't even bother to fix bugs that have been reported to Bethesda over the past decade plus. Then Bethesda wonders why CC is so controversial/unpopular. CC is nothing more than MICROTRAN$ACTIONS in case you missed it... ff7legend
  9. No they aren't. You need to read the description for the AE update again. All previous CC content is included with the paid AE upgrade. 26 additional Creations are in the works & will be released in future updates to the Anniversary Edition over the next year or so. The past few updates have been of the bugfix variety since Bethesda has a knack for not testing their updates prior to deployment, resulting in issues like the black screen issue that resulted from the initial AE release. This is precisely why Acro has chosen not to support AE at present since he doesn't want to deal with the hassle of updating his .dll plugins for each AE update. ff7legend
  10. UIExtensions will work right out of the box for Skyrim AE. I just checked the BSA archive & there is no .dll present within the BSA. Only mods with a .dll will need to be updated to work with Skyrim AE. UIExtensions is a modder's resource & is only needed to extend certain mods. Extensible Floower Framework is one such mod & yes, it too works with Skyrim AE right out of the box. The only dependency for either mod is SKSE64 which should have been updated for the latest runtime long ago.
  11. This info comes directly from Bethesda via their Discord server/Bethesda.net. When AE launched, it became widely known that a whopping 26 additional Creations in addition to all previously-released Creation Club content would be unleashed over time. Of course these new Creations are bound to cause issues with what's already available since it's Bethesda we're talking about here... So yes, it wouldn't surprise me if additional bugfix updates are unleashed to address issues that should have been fixed prior to deployment. Most, if not all AE content can be found in other mods here on the Nexus/other websites free of charge. An example of this is The Tools of Kagranac mod which offers a long questline alongside vastly superior versions of Wraithguard & Sunder. I believe Keening from the base game is also improved by said mod. Campfire/Frostfall are vastly superior versions of Survival mode while D.E.R.P (Daedric Entity Restoration Project) is a vastly superior version of the Saints & Seducers Creation seeing as how it not only includes Dark Seducers/Golden Saints, but also includes scores of other Daedra, including several followers & of course, enemy Daedra which are populated via the game's Leveled Lists... Craftabe weapons/armor & spells are also included with D.E.R.P. ff7legend
  12. Try this after downgrading the game to 1.5.97: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/11022483-how-to-permanently-block-ae-from-ever-deploying-onto-ones-system/
  13. 1. Navigate to Steam\steamapps folder & find the appmanifest_489830.acf file. This is Skyrim SE's/AE's manifest file. 2. Right-click appmanifest_489830.acf & select Open with the text editor of one's choice (Notepad, etc) or Edit with Notepad++ if Notepad++ is installed. 3. Open a new tab in one's web browser & navigate to https://steamdb.info/app/489830/depots/?branch=public. 4. Look for the InstalledDepots line & directly underneath said line, there will be 3 sets of numbers (489831, 489832, & 489833). 5. Directly below these sets of numbers, there will be a "manifest" line followed by a series of numbers. These are the Manifest I.Ds which Steam uses to determine whether an update to the game is required & deploy said update onto one's system. 6. Using the info provided at https://steamdb.info/app/489830/depots/?branch=public, Copy/Paste the updated Manifest IDs into the appropriate line. 7. Once the updated Manifest IDs are copied/pasted into the appropriate lines, click File followed by Save. 8. Right-click the appmanifest_489830.acf file once more & select Properties. 9. Check the box next to Read Only & select Apply when finished. 10. (Optional) For an additional layer of protection, set Steam to Offline Mode after performing the above steps. If all the above steps are done properly, the Skyrim AE "update" will be forever blocked from being deployed onto one's system. It should be noted that whenever Bethesda deploys a new update for Skyrim AE, this process will need to be repeated in order to keep Bethesda's GREEDY PAWS off one's modded game setup.
  14. This is precisely why I will never allow the update to deploy onto my system. Hope you folks know Bethesda is planning monthly updates to AE for the next year or so. Better get used to the frequent updates.
  15. Definitely a DDR4 system since modern CPUs (Hazwell X-Series was the first Intel chip series to support DDR4 memory if I recall correctly) will not work with anything but DDR4 memory. However, be aware that the more mods that are added, the higher one's RAM/VRAM requirements will go. When playing a modded game, one simply cannot go off the minimum/recommended specs on the box/case. Limitations will vary from system to system since everyone's setup is different.
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