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  1. anyone want to create this badass armor? http://pre00.deviantart.net/b984/th/pre/i/2014/274/2/d/witcher_3_armor_concept_by_dead_mime-d817u2p.jpg
  2. So, KNG found a way to add NEW monsters to the game, with custom textures and so on, so can some talented texturers start making some cool new monster textures? I would love a "snowy gryphon" for skellige for example... those textures are in: Uncooked\characters\models\monsters\gryphon\model\ and \fur for hairworks non hairworks was in: Uncooked\characters\models\common\textures\hair\ i think.. All i need to put it in the game is the edited .tga textures, nothing more. no meshes, no entities.... just the edited texture in .tga or .png and maybe a little note what its original path was... Also all the custom monster textures u can make, u can send to me, and i will put them in the game, or atleast my Random Encounters mod :smile: Thanks!
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